CoasterVille Beginner’s Handbook

Basic CoasterVille Currency and Points
CoasterVille Building Types
Leveling Up in CoasterVille Faster
CoasterVille Expansion Strategy and Tips


It’s always fun to start a new game and learn different aspect about it. Zynga has just recently released their latest game CoasterVille. We have written a beginner’s guide for Zynga’s CoasterVille on Facebook to help you learn the game fast. Please share this guide with your friends if you have found it helpful! Please remember to always link back to us if you do choose to share our guides.

Basic CoasterVille Currency and Points

Below is a list and a simple explanation of all the points associated with the game. By planning your builds along with all the resources, you will be able to advance, level up, and make more money in the game faster. We will list out some of the factors that come into your coin generation.

The coins are your basic in game soft currency.

Coins = Decorations
Coins & Goods = Attractions
Coins & Thrill Points = Businesses
Popularity = Unlock more buildings
Coins = Goods

You make your coins from your businesses. However, every business will generate different amount of coins. Make sure that you connect pathways between your businesses. However, each “collection” will always cost one energy. Thus, you can make the most coins by collecting from your best business possible. It seems an easy conclusion but not many players can stick to this principal and make more money in the game. In addition to that simple concept, there are more items that you should consider:

Business Serving Rate and Attraction Type
When you build the same type businesses next to their matching attractions, the businesses appear to attract customer faster. This is essential especially if your play time is limited, you do not have to sit next to your computer forever. Plan your business and attractions positions and place them next to each other. The effects appear to stack, it means that the more attractions next to a specific business type, the faster people get served and the faster you can collect CoasterVille coins.

Upgrade CoasterVille Business for Better Coin Collection
When you upgrade the businesses, you will be able to collect more coins with each collection. Thus, upgrade your best business to be earn more coins per energy gain. However, you should take into consideration the items needed to upgrade business as well. Sometimes it may be worthwhile to get a new level and new businesses instead of upgrade.

Gift Shops Versus Restaurant
Based on our initial testing, CoasterVille restaurants tend to serve customers faster. Which means that you should focus on building out the restaurants first for better coin gain. Again, this is about optimizing your coin generation speed and less on the “look and feel” of your CoasterVille theme park.

Avoid Business Competition
When you build similar businesses next to each other, they will compete for businesses and serve the customers evenly. This means that you will actually lower your coin collection speed by building the same type of CoasterVille businesses. The best way to build your business (assuming you are actively waiting and collecting) – is by only building 1 restaurant right next to a bunch of collections. This way the restaurant can be ready for collection by being the only business in the area. One way to do it is when you are actively playing, store all of your businesses. And when you are AFK, put them back onto your theme park.

The goods are needed as you complete the various buildings in the game. You can request the goods from the Goods emporium in CoasterVille. Do not spend your cash to purchase the goods because it is really a waste of your money.

50 Goods- 5 minutes delivery time for 100 coins
100 goods – 2 hours delivery time for 150 coins
150 goods – 6 hours delivery time
200 goods – 10 hours delivery time
300 goods – 22 hours delivery time

As you can see from this, you can get the most out of your money from purchase higher time frame goods. However, if you are short on goods amount, you want to go for 5 minutes orders. However, you should take your energy consumption into consideration. When you collect goods from the Goods truck from goods emporium, one CoasterVille energy point is used.

Thrill Points:
Another currency similar to coins. As you complete businesses or buildings, you will spend thrill points complete them. We will go through several ways to increase your thrill points.

Select Your Attractions to Boost
Like businesses, when you boost CoasterVille attractions you will use 1 energy point. Thus it is important for you to select the best attraction to boost that give you the most thrill points. You do not want to waste your precious energy on an attraction that give you little thrill points. In addition, you should even consider upgrading those attractions to give you an even bigger boost.

Rollercoaster Expansion vs Attraction Upgrade
You will need to have thrill points if you want to build businesses. However, you may debate between upgrading your attractions or expand your customized rollercoaster. In short, at the beginning and mid game, your attractions and their upgrades will provide you with the best thrill points gain. However, towards end game where you will put your resources and items into building a monster customized rollercoaster. This is when your huge CoasterVille customized coaster will shine.

Power of Boosting and its downfall
Early on in the game you will learn to use boost to instantly obtain thrill points from your attractions. However, doing too many boost too fast will break your attraction. In general you should not be able to break the attraction if you boost every 5 minute or so. Avoid boosting your attractions so much that they break! Breaking them and fixing them will end up costing you more coins and goods to fix.

Getting the Most Out of CoasterVille Goods Emporium
The lack of goods will be your main limiting factor especially at the beginning of the game. If you want the most goods possible, you will have to select the 5 minute goods delivery. Although it is pretty wasteful on your energy count, however there is no way around that. If you do have the real life cash though, purchasing goods may help boosting your progress. But if you intend to play the game casually and take your time, simply go for the highest goods delivery time for the best goods to coins ratio.

Popularity is earned via building attractions. Many of the higher level attractions will need certain amount of popularity points to unlock.

Both attractions and decorations will give you points toward popularity. Our thought on the popularity is that you should only focus on that when you are short. Do all the quests first that ask you for different things. Some of the quests will reward you with decorations which equate to popularity points for free. So do not stress over your popularity points too much.

You can get one energy every 5 minutes in the game. As you level up, you can increase your maximum amount of energy. Like most of the Zynga games, energy is your most important currency in the game. Always try to use your energy on the items that generate the most coins or thrills for you.

Power of Operation Buildings
Operation buildings such as restroom and first aid office are great ways to boost your leveling speed. When you collect from those buildings, they have chances of giving you additional energy upon collection. This means that you can receive free XP at no energy cost roughly 50% of the time. So, build a couple more operation buildings so that you can collect them at all times.

Visit CoasterVille Friends Often for Energy Bonus
Energy is essential for you to level up fast in CoasterVille. Visiting your friends and use up all of your visit energy. You will earn free energy and the much needed inspiration point. Visit your friends on a daily basis and use up all of those visit energy fast. You want as many energy as possible for you to level up fast yourself.

Energy Gifts and Requests
You can gift and receive energy gifts from your friends in Zynga. Use up all of your energy continuously. Gift the energy to your friends in the game so that you can receive more energy yourself.

Comb Through CoasterVille Feeds
We have mentioned this CoasterVille feed link in our Beginner’s Guide. However, you can use to access the different CoasterVille specific Facebook feeds. These feeds offer you with great rewards such as energy, goods, and decoration. Use them often to maximize your leveling rate in the game.

The Cash is the premium currency. You pretty much get this from spending real money in the game. However, you do get a few Cash from leveling up. So make the best of your Cash and not waste them on purchasing goods or speed up.

Upgrade Items:
You will find that some items can be earned via the “search” function from the buildings and businesses. These items are typically needed as upgrade items for other business. We will be working to create a reference table to help you note the different items needed, and what you need to get them.

CoasterVille Building Types

Coasterville offers an array of building options, each with their own benefits for you in the game. These building categories are:

Attractions: Basic building that gives thrill points and popularity.
Custom Rides: Special buildings that require more energy to build, you can customize these attractions with your personal touch. You can expand these to make them generate more thrill points for you.
Business: The building that generates coins income for you.
Decorations: Decorations will grant you some popularity points. The good thing about them is that they are relatively cheap and require no energy or other points to be built.
Landmarks: Special story line buildings that help you progress in the game. Usually high in popularity count.
Paths: For appearance purpose only.
Operations: Special buildings that are usually required to unlock new attractions.

Leveling Up in CoasterVille Faster

You will earn CoasterVill XP for leveling up for the majority of the actions in the game. This include click or collect from buildings. In addition, like most of the other Zynga Facebook games, you will earn XP for completing various quests too. When you level up, you will earn back your CoasterVille energy as well as some minor rewards.

Ask Friends to Visit You
Out of all the ways to get XP points in CoasterVille, one of the most effective method is for your friends to visit you. The friends actions will generally result in a free XP without energy use to yourself. Thus, always accept and let your friends work your CoasterVille theme park for some free and fast XP.

CoasterVille Expansion Strategy and Tips

Gamelytic categorizes the expansions in CoasterVille into three main areas: theme chapter, attraction limit, and land area. We will discuss the best strategy for these game progression in detail.

Theme Chapter Expansions
Themed quests are your top priority to complete. Theme businesses generate some of the top coin gains for your theme park. In addition, you will get free popularity decorations as you complete them most of the time. The themed chapters typically center around specific themes and their businesses / attractions. As you are building them out, plan an area where you can place the buildings close to one another to gain theme bonuses.

Attraction Limit Expansions
The numbers of attractions that you can house in your theme park is limited by Gate upgrade level. This means that one of your top priority in the game is to invite friends, ask them to be your gate staff, and upgrade the building. CoasterVille offers plenty of attractions and you are bound to hit your limit fairly fast in the game. So upgrade your theme park gate early to take advantage of all the awesome attraction features CoasterVille offers.

CoasterVille Land Area Expansion
Because of the attraction number limit imposed by the upgrade level of theme park gate, having the biggiest land area is not critical until the end of the game. In fact, you will find yourself consistently storing and replacing your attractions to satisfy various quest requirements. However, some of the land expansions lets you open “treasure” boxes where you will get tons of goodies. You should focus on unlocking and expanding into those areas first. Other than that, do not sweat over land expansions until you receive quests for them.

A little note on “Annual Pass”. You will receive and build an annual pass early on in the game. You will have to wait for your customer to request annual pass and give it to them. You can receive CoasterVille recommendation by doing so. So as you are playing, keep an eye out for those visitors. In addition, you should “harvest” and collect those annual passes every 8 hours as soon as they are available.

Gamelytic’s Final Thoughts
Like Zynga’s most social games, you are expected to request different items and “staff” requests from your friends. However, this game is pretty playable without having friend requests shoved in your face all the time. However, if you really want to advance in the game, getting a ton of friends who play CoasterVille is essential.

You need friends to send you various items for your building upgrades, you need them to staff your gate, and you can get bonus energy by visiting your friends. So, play CoasterVille like a social game and get busy clicking requests to and for your social game friends! Gamelytic hopes that this guide can help you master the game. Please do share this guide with your Zynga and Facebook game friends and link back to us!

Links to See CoasterVille Only Feed
This link will direct you to a feed only page for CoasterVille only stories generated by your friends.


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