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Village Life on Facebook is a new game created by Playdemic games. After creating and written up a basic beginner’s guide for Village Life, we have written another more advanced guide that gives specific tips. You can use these tips and strategies to help you advance faster in the game of Village Life. Please share this guide with your friends on Facebook if you have found it helpful! Let us know if you have any questions about the game too by leaving comments.

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Village Life Villager Needs and Happiness

The first and foremost, you need to setup priority in fulfilling your village’s needs. If you do not, you will find yourself stuck on certain levels for a long time. In a nutshell, some of the villager’s needs rotate through the different ones such as food and water. This means that if you do not have a particular item yet, your village will still generate happiness for your Village Life Facebook village. However, the rate of shrine happiness will be significantly lowered.

Thus, your goal is always fulfill the basic needs first. This include Food Type, Water, Shelter. Once you have provided all of those for your Village Life villagers, you can then give them fun buildings and items to play with. What will happen is once you fulfill all the needs, you will find yourself breezing through the particular levels.

Level Up Shrine As Fast As Possible

Your Village Life Shrine continuously “gather” the happiness points generated by your villagers. However, the Shrine will no longer accrue any happiness. However, at this stage, your villagers will still continue to eat your food, drink your water, and wear down your fun buildings. This means that as long as your Shrine finishes gathering happiness, click on level up right away to avoid any wasted resources.

Gems, Keys, and Special Requests

The use of Village Life gems and keys are so important that they are worth discussing in this guide. You will gain free gems, keys, and some coins every time you level up. Treat those free gems like real cash, the best way to use those gems is to purchase keys. By this time you should know that you have to unlock various item tiers through the use of keys.

Never use your free gems on speed up or purchase special friend neighbor request items. Gems are hard to come by unless you decide to put some real world cash money into Village Life. In addition, be careful not to accidently click on villager’s work to waste your gems on speed ups.

Villager’s Energy Use Considerations

When you assign your villager to do Village Life tasks, each of the task will use different amount of energy. In general, higher level tasks such as buildings will require use of energy. Always keep a tab on how much energy will cost. Sometimes if you know that you will be AFK for an extend amount of time, use up all of your Village Life villager’s energy points.

Stockpile on Resources

Depending on the size of your storage building and where you are in the game. You can stock pile different types of resources. In general, the beginning level resources are always good to stockpile and save. Even if you do not need them later, you can always sell them. The bottom line is that your Village Life villagers should never run out of Food and Water. Stockpile and save as much of them as possible while you are playing.

Other than stock piling the food and water consumables, you can also reserve resources such as wood and mined materials. By saving them ahead of time, you can make the best use of your villager’s energy points. And when you do need to start constructing or crafting certain items, you already have the materials to help you quickly get them done in Village Life on Facebook.

Create Resource “Queues”

Although your storage buildings in Village Life can only hold so many items, you can indeed create a virtue resource “queue” by not collecting readied resources. This means that you can effectively boost your resource holding amount by assigning your villager to work, but not collecting them. This helps so that you can plan out your Village Life resources more easily by creating more storage room cushion.

Upgrade Village Life Storage Buildings

Storage buildings determine how much items that you can hold. They become more essential if you want to move on to the next level in game. If you find yourself stuck with any of the Village Life food or water items, always look in the other direction to upgrade some of your buildings. By upgrading them, you will have more room to expand your resources and even stockpile more on some of them.

Fully Build Out Your Fun Items

Your villagers will use and spread out on using your fun items through time. This means that you can lower the wear and tear on your individual fun items when you build all of them. Always keep one of each fun item in your village for them to use. Again this may lead back to the resource stockpiling tip, always keep enough inventory of all the materials – so that when you need to rebuild Village Life fun item, you have the material resource to build fast.

Thoughts About Dating, Marriage, and Your Villager Count

The only way to increase your villagers is through letting them date and marry. Like we mentioned in our Beginner’s Village Life FAQ, although you may lose your villagers when they marry, the potential Village Life population gain is well worth the risk. When you start the game right away, add enough neighbors and marry them. Get your villagers to start making babies. More villagers mean more energy, and they also mean faster happiness gain for your Village Life leveling up progress.

Create Specialized Villagers Through Pre-Arranged Marriage

You cannot tell whom your village is ready to date when you request your friends. However, once you have advanced by maybe 8~9 villagers, considering prearrange their marriage. Message your Facebook ahead of time to check on their villager’s skills. Only start dating them after you have confirmed their abilities. This way you will be able to mate and create powerful specialized villagers for your Village Life baby. You want to have a few specialized workers. High level tasks can sometimes take a long time to complete, the working skill ability specialization will definitely help lower the amount of time needed. This will also mean that you will be able to advance faster in the game.

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