Best FarmVille 2 Craft Profit Analysis Calculator

In FarmVille 2, you make the majority of your money through farming, feeding, and recreating those products back into crafted items. With some many building options and ways to go about your farm, it can be hard to find the optimal way to perfect your FarmVille 2 farm. If you have found this FarmVille 2 crafting analysis calculator useful, please share them with your friends! Remember to check out the rest of our FarmVille 2 guides too.

In this analysis, we will go through some basic FarmVille 2 factors and how you can take advantage and learn from our analysis. The main purpose of this calculator and FarmVille 2 crafting analysis is to help you determine the best course of action based on the level and amount of resources that you have. To make the most coins in FarmVille 2, you must be able to craft the items optimally.

The basis of these analysis is based on the following FarmVille 2 theories:
1. Water is valuable.
2. Power is valuable.
3. It is all about the profit.
4. Speed of harvest.
5. XP does matter.
6. In general, crafted recipes will always give better return than its parts, only if you get to the last stage of the FarmVille 2 craft.

The best craft process that you should take should use components that require the least water, take the least power steps, make more coins, and be easy to grow and harvest.

In the first part of this FarmVille 2 spreadsheet, we list out the basis of these crafting recipes, the individual components, their growth rate and their individual profit.

In the latter part, we will go over each of the FarmVille 2 crafting recipes in detail. We will analysis the profit margin, the overall water usage. For your own purpose, you should see which one of these FarmVille 2 recipes will fit your game play, your crops growing patter, and your real life schedule. We sincerely hope that you can use this FarmVille 2 crafting recipe calculator to truly maximize your FarmVille 2 experience.

Please note that this list is incomplete and we are working hard to complete the list. We have prepared and calculated a few key metrics for you to decide the best FarmVille 2 recipe for you.

Overall Profit: This is calculated by selling price minus the cost of all materials. This determines and compares the different recipes to see which one is the most profitable.
Net Profit: This FarmVille 2 crafting metric is calculated by selling price minus the selling price of all materials. The purpose is to determine whether the steps will make you more coins.
Cumulative Profit per Power: You will find this FarmVille 2 spec useful if you find yourself constantly running out of power. The higher number the better.
XP per Power: If you are using crafting to boost the leveling speed, XP per power gained will be important for you.
Water Use: This includes the water use of all materials in the crafting process. Because FarmVille 2 water is a limited resource. The lower the water usage the better overall quality the recipe is.