Beginner Walkthrough of KoC: Battle for the North

Starting in a new game can be tough without proper guidance. In this beginner’s walkthrough, we will do just that. We will guide you through the game so that you can conquer all of land more easily. This guide is geared more towards beginner’s and intermediate players who want to take their game to the next level. Thus this may not be that helpful for more advanced players. If you have found this beginner’s Battle of the North guide helpful, please share this guide with your friends and check out the rest of our Kingdom of Camelot: Battle for the North guides filed under Kabam Guides.

Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for The North Walkthrough

The value of “Might” is a good indicator at how far along the game you are. In this strategy walkthrough, we will guide you through what to do throughout your might stages.

0-50k Might
This is your beginning stage of the game. The tutorial quests is actually awesome at guiding you through while rewarding you with necessary resources. Follow the quest and max your resource buildings, research, and capture resource field along the way. You should have 4~5 of each type of resources at this stage.

Before finishing your Bftn beginner protection, build at least a level 2 embassy, level 3 wall, and a level 3 watch tower. Build tier 1 troops (Militiamen, Archers, and Light Cavs).

50k-150k Might
Focus on resources at this stage. Upgrade all of your Bftn resource buildings to the max that you can. At this stage upgrade buildings such as blacksmith, workshop, and stables. Continue research so that you can unlock Tier 2 troops (Swordsmen, Cavalry, and Balistas).

150k+ Might
Keep upgrading your castle, wall, resource buildings, and cottages. At this stage upgrade your barracks’ to improve troop production speed. You want to have at least 8 barracks to speed up your troops building speed. You can gradually lower your resource buildings to save the spaces. At this stage, you should build up your army to farm the Crests for the second City or more.

Advanced Build
3~6 cottages with the rest barracks for maximum troops training speed. Your goal is to have the fastest troops training speed possible to create your mighty army.

General BftN Guidelines

Hide Your Troops
No matter what stage of the game that you are in, if you are unsure whether or not your defense can withstand enemy attacks, always keep your troops hidden. Hidden troops can live to see another day and attack your enemies. Select your castle -> Overview -> Hide all troops

Upgrade Storehouses and House All Resources
Never have spare resources hanging for other people to attack. Upgrade your storehouses enough to safekeep all of your resources. By doing so you minimize the chances of being plundered in the first place.

Use All of your Gold
Always keep your research running and use all the gold. Your storehouse cannot save your gold so you might well spend them all. This way no one can steal the gold from your City.

Be unpredictable with Your Attacks
When you start to attack your enemies, be unpredictable with your attacks. When your attacks amount and timing is predictable, your offensive waves will easily be defended and destroyed.

Defense and Bait
When you are defending, be careful not to use all of your defensive forces. The small attacks can be a bait to draw your troops out of hiding for instant attack.

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