Become Stronger and Win More Fights in Call of Gods

Use the Right Race
Call of Gods Basic Hero Matters and Selection
Learn and Master Hero Skills
Obtain Stronger Call of Gods Gears
Optimize Battle Formations to win more battle
Boosting Battle Research (Magic)
Raid Dungeons Frequently


There are many areas in Call of Gods where you can buff up your troops further. This guide is intended for beginner and intermediate players who want to take their troops to the advanced level of playing both in PvE and PvP. By following these tips and guides listed, you will for sure increase the power of your Heroes and the troops that they are commanding, which will lead to stronger castle and your team. You will be able to win more battles versus both NPC’s and other players. Lastly, you will also level faster in the game.

If you have found this guide helpful, please check out my other Call of Gods guides under Koramgames section. Do share this guide with your fellow players and remember to link back to us. Please note that there are a few versions to this game, the exact details may not apply to your server and version depending on the update. I will list all everything clearly so that you can have a clear battle plan on how to boost your Call of Gods character.

Use the Right Race

There are three races that you can select in the Call of Gods. These races are Human, Elf, and Undead. Below are some descriptions of the races from the game: There are no difference between the male and female characters at this point in Call of Gods

Male: Human Warrior
Female: Human Wizard

Bonus: +5% Attack

Male: Elf Ranger
Female: Elf Druid

Bonus: +5% Agility

Male: Undead Warlock
Female: Undead Priest

Bonus: +5% HP

Call of Gods Basic Hero Matters and Selection

Heroes are extremely factors in winning or losing the game in Call of Gods. Below are everything you need about hiring and using your heroes. You can recruit heroes in the Tavern in the capitals of each race. All races have a tavern in their capital such as Call of Gods Human, Elf, or the Undead.

CoG Hero Potential and Color
You’ll notice inside the CoG tavern that the hero names come in different colors. The Cog Heroes are ranked into different tiers based on their potential points. These tiers are labeled by the name of their colors: This ranking is White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, and Red. You want to have the highest ranking hero possible through consistently using the Tavern refresh at your beginner town. Higher ranking hero = higher stats = more powerful army.

A Hero’s color determines the Potential of a hero which affects starting attributes as well as hero’s growth rate. Higher potential means higher stats gains at level up. This further means that high level heroes will have vast stats differences if their potential ranking is far from each other. For example, a orange high level can outrank and kill white heroes easily.

White Hero: 8-15 Potential
Green Hero: 16-25 Potential
Blue Hero: 26-35 Potential
Purple Hero: 36-50 Potential
Orange Hero: 51-75 Potential

You can increase the potential listing of heroes by using summoning Horn or Book of Astrology to refresh the heroes list. In addition, you will obtain higher chance of higher potential heroes when refresh the list while having at least a green name hero on your Tavern list.

You will deal more damage when your CoG heroes have higher attack.

Your CoG units will suffer less damage taken when your hero has higher defense.

The hit points of your units are dependent on the Hero’s vitality stats.

The higher a hero’s Agility, the more likely his units will be able to dodge attacks and avoid taking losses. Agility also has an effect on movement order during combat.

The dodge stats is determined by the Hero’s Agility, it affects the ability of the hero’s units to dodge enemy attacks.

Affects the chance that this hero’s units perform Critical Strikes, dealing extra damage to the enemy.

Affects the Accuracy of this hero’s units. The higher your hero’s Accuracy, the less likely enemy units will be able to dodge your attacks.

Max. Units
This is the maximum number of units your hero can command, the more units that you have, the more damage that your CoG units can deal to the enemies.

Your heroes receive Exp by fighting monsters, training and using Exp Cards.

Specialty in Call of Gods Hero
Heroes have several specialties that tag along them. You want to complement the type of troops that your hero is holding with the specialty that they have. This way will make the strengths of your troops stronger and powerful. For example:

Pair up your tanking units such as Infantry and Cavalry units with Defense specialty hero.
Pair up Archers and Spell Casters with Attack specialty hero.
And lastly pair up Flying Units with either Defense or Agility to further boost their speed.

I personally do not like balanced specialty Hero because they do not really bring out the strongest out of your armies. However, by using the hero specialty correctly with their units, you can have a stronger army each with powerful attack and defenses in Call of Gods.

How to Get CoG Orange or Red Hero
To obtain Orange or Red Hero in Call of Gods require patience, below are the steps that you need to do to increase your chance of obtaining one.
1. Check the tavern every hour to use your free refreshes
2. Use coupons for summoning horns
3. Sell items on the auction house then buy Orange Hero pack I.
4. Level to 60 and start farming dungeons for a chance of getting high level Hero cards. Below are the drop rate of hero cards at various CoG dungeons.
Level 60-100: Nightmare drops Orange Hero Card I.
Level 60-100: Hell drops orange hero card II.
Level 80-100: Hell drops drop Red Card.

Dismiss a CoG Hero
You can dismiss hero in Call of Gods by first removing all of his or her gears and troops. Then you can click on dismiss under teh “Deploy Hero” screen.

Learn and Master Hero Skills

Your Call of Gods hero can learn multitudes of skills that can better their power in fights. Collect all the skills and upgrade them accordingly, remember to match the type of skills along with their CoG hero specialty to get the most out of skills.

Obtain Stronger Call of Gods Gears

Upgrade and equip all of your Call of Gods heroes with the strongest gears that you can find in dungeons, and other places such as roulette and auction house. Remember to socket your gears too with the best gems that you can afford.

Stronger and better gears are key to winning more battles and making your Call of Gods army the strongest in game.

Your hero can equip the following gear types.
Shoulder Armor
Torso Armor
Neck Armor

There are various gears with sets available in game, by equipping gears in full sets, you will gain additional stats boosts to your Hero.

Gear Ranking Based on Colors
Normal White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, and Red

Call of Gods Gear Prefix
Blue and purple items and sets may come with a prefix, adding a certain bonus stat:

+agility: Aqualine
+accuracy: Ardent
+critical: Berserk
+counter: Deceitful
+doublestrike: Dominating
+vitality: Giant
+defence: Valiant
+attack: Wicked

Gem Socket
You can add additional sockets into the gears so that you can insert gems inside the gears to boost its stats power. Below is how the process of socket gems work in Call of Gods.

To embed gems into your Call of Gods gears, you will have to visit the Gem Socketer in the starting town of your race. These are: Gem Socketeer at Sanctaria at Ironforge, Arthlan at Ironbark Forge, and Necrolis at Ironbone Forge and Regia Deorum at Hall of the Fearless.

The gems are also ranked by color like other items in Call of Gods: The ranks are White, Green, Blue, Purple, and lastly Orange. You can obtain White and Green gems by fighting monsters on the world map. You can get White, Green, Blue, and Purple gems by fighting in dungeons. And lastly you can purchase gems with gold in the item shop. You can also obtain gems through the wheel of fortune.

Depending on the level of the gem, there are level requirements for the gears that the gems can be slotted into.

Blue equipment can only have 1 socket
Purple equipment can have 1-3 sockets
Orange equipment can have 2-4 sockets
Usually gears will come with sockets already made, however, you will have the chance to create additional sockets if they are not made yet.

Optimize Battle Formations to win more battle

There are multiple formations available for you to collect in game. The list can be found in the Call of Gods formation guide. You want to use a formation that best suit you and strategize your CoG battle unit placement based on the formations that you use. Some formations will also give you attack bonuses.

By clicking on Heroes, under the Deploy Heroes tab, you can change how your CoG battle formations.

If you would like to obtain and unlock more formations in Call of Gods, you will need to find the Formation Tome Chapters. There are 6 chapter pages in each of the Formation Tome. Once you have obtained all the chapters, you can transmutate the tome pages through the Transmutation master.

Formation Tome Chapters can only be obtained by exploring Dungeons.
Formation Tome Chapters 1 to 3 can be obtained by killing dungeon monsters or by opening Bronze Treasure Chests.
Formation Tome Chapters 4 and 5 can be obtained by killing Dungeon Guardians or by opening Silver Treasure Chests.
Formation Tome Chapter 6 can be obtained by killing Dungeon Bosses and opening Golden Treasure Chests.

Your active fights are used by your attack formation. If you plan on going away from computer, you should switch your heroes into the defense formation to protect you from being plundered.

Formation List
Offensive Wedge:
+5% damage to Defensive Form Formation
+10% damage against Blitz Attack formation

Defensive Form
+5% damage against Reinforced Flanks formation
Cancels the efforts of Blitz Attack formation

Reinforced Flanks
+5% damage against Left Feint formation
+5% damage against Right Feint formation
+10% damage against Offensive Wedge formation

Blitz Attack
+5% damage against Left Feint formation
+5% damage against Right Feint formation
+10% damage against Reinforced Flanks formation

Left Hammerhead
+10% damage against Right Guard formation
Cancels the effects of Right Feint formation

Right Hammerhead
+10% damage against Left Guard formation
Cancels the effects of Left Feint formation

Left Feint
+10% damage against Left Hammerhead formation
Cancels the effects of Left Guard formation

Right Feint
+10% damage against Right Hammerhead formation
Cancels the effects of Right Guard formation

Left Guard
Cancels the effects of Left Hammerhead formation
Cancels the effects of Right Feint formation

Right Guard
Cancels the effects of Right Hammerhead formation
Cancels the effects of Left Feint formation

Boosting Battle Research (Magic)

Increase and upgrade the research that you have in castle. By having more research points, you can boost all of your units combat power. Always research something so that you can reap the benefits of research battle bonuses. With all the technology magic research in place, you can become stronger in Call of Gods.

Royal DecreeCall of the WildReanimationIncrease recruitable Hero by 1 per level
Klaxon CallSummonEnslavementIncrease maximum units hero can command by 15 per level
SalvationHerbal HealingNecromancyIncrease recovery rate of unit loss by 3% per level
ConscriptionGerminationIncantationIncrease refresh time of recruit units by 3% per level
DominionGeomancyNecrosisIncrease warehouse storage by 5% per level
Imperial ExpansionPropagationPestilenceIncrease population limit by 5% per level
HeraldrySpirit SentinelOccultismIncrease recruitable units by 30 per level
LogisticsNature's BountyPutrifactionIncrease temporary storage unit by 5% per level
Honed SteelForest GuardianBloodlustIncrease attack by 2% per level
Shield WallThorny ThicketHardened SkinIncrease defense by 2% per level
Boots of HasteEtherealismEnragementIncrease Agility by 2% per level
Divine ProtectionInner StrengthRigor MortisIncrease Vitality by 2% per level

Upgrade Buildings

Always make sure that your buildings are fully upgraded to the maximum allowed capped by your level. Below is a list of the buildings based on the race chosen.

Produce and Store Temporary LumberLumbermillEleven ForestHaunted Woods
Produce and Store Temporarily StoneQuarryPetrified ForestQuartz Crypt
Produce and Store Temporarily IronIron MineIrontree WoodsIron Pit
Produce and Store Temporarily CopperCopper MineCopper CraterCopper Cavern
Recruit and Unlock UnitsBarracksHunter's HallNecroden
Research TechnologyTower of TruthWisdom SpringDoom Tower
Reduce refresh time of recruitable unitsSmithyWizened OakBloodboil Forge
Build and unlock cavalry and flying units.
Reduce refresh time of recruitable units
Royal StableRainbow CroveMonolith
Increase storage capacity of all resourcesWarehouseVerdant CacheDark Cellar
Increase Castle's Population limitDwellingsLog CabinGraveyard

Understanding Units

Understanding the strengths and weakness of your battle units. Call of Gods is essentially a strategy rpg game that you need to plan out your attacks. The basic idea is to place tank class before your damage dealers so they take less damage.

Combine different kinds of units together to optimize your damage dealing potential. By losing less troops and kill more armies, you will be able to have a stronger army and win more battles consecutively. Combine different units to see how they work with each other, experiment with your current hero levels, gears, and units available to find out the best match.

Unit Name by Race

Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 1
Tier 2
Flying Units
Templar Knight
ElfDwarf Warrior
Dwarf Champion
Elven Ranger
Viridian Dragon
Aurelian Dragon
UndeadSkeleton Warrior
Skeleton Archer
Phantom Archer
Dark Knight
Stygian Knight
Undead Mage
Bone Dragon
Spectral Dragon

Unit Class
Infantry – Speed 3
The infantry units in Call of Gods are cheap to recruit with more health than ranged units. In addition, they take reduced damage from archers. However, they make good cheap tank to cover your ranged battle units, however because their low speed and lower attributes than cavalry units, it is better to switch to Cavalry units later on in game.

Archer – Speed 2
Archers are great units to use because they can attack the enemy from any range. They do increased damage against cavalry. They have the highest accuracy than other units in addition to the Call of Gods spellcasters. However, CoG archer’s cons are that they can only do full damage for units between 2-6 squares in front. It will do significantly reduced damage for targets outside of the range. Lastly, the archers have poor Vitality and Defense

Cavalry – Speed 4
Call of Gods Cavalry units have strong Attack, Defense and Vitality. Will hit harder and withstand attacks better than Infantry units. They are also faster than Infantry unit which will move 4 squares in a single turn. They deal increased damage against Flying Units.

However, the major downfall of Cavalry units is that they have a Population size of 2. Therefore the same hero will only be able to command half the number of Cavalry units as Infantry or Archer units. They have less Agility than Infantry units and therefore less likely to dodge attacks. Lastly, they are more expensive to produce than the infantry units so they can get expensive to use.

Spellcaster – Speed 1
The spell caster class in Call of God has the the most powerful ranged attack of any ranged unit Class.
Attack rating is only slightly reduced against very close enemies. In addition, they have increased damage against Infantry units.

However, the units do have plenty of con to it such that they cost significantly more than Archers. And they have poor defense, vitality, and agility makes them highly weak to attacks. They have lower Accuracy than Archers

Flying Units – Speed 6
Possesses by far the most powerful Attack and Defense ratings of any unit Class in Call of Gods. They have very high Vitality, agility, and accuracy. These CoG flying units can deal great damage and counter against enemy attacks. These units have the highest speed of all units so they can move faster and always get the first attacks. They deal increased damage against spellcaster.

Unit Stats
Population: Each of the Hero can only command a certain population points of troops. For example, if a hero has a population commanding size of 100, he can either lead 100 infantry or 50 Calvary.
Attack: Unit with higher attack rating will deal more enemy damage.
Defense: Unit types with higher Defense stats will be better at resisting enemy attacks.
Vitality: Affects the health of this unit type. Units with higher vitality will die less easily.
Agility: Agility is mainly used for dodging enemy attacks.
Accuracy: When unit types with higher Accuracy ratings attack, the enemy is likely to be able to dodge the attack.

Recruit Often
Lastly, remember to recruit and assign often for the battle units. You can win more battles easily by having a full strength army instead of half dead one. Go into battle with the strongest fighting potential and defeat your opponents easy in Call of Gods.

Raid Dungeons Frequently

After you have reached level 10 in Call of Gods, you will be allowed to start participating in dungeons. Dungeons are great place for your heroes to gain battle experience points as well as obtain valuable loots. You are given 3 free dungeon keys per day, after which if you would like, you can do 3 additional dungeon runs with gold by purchasing the dungeon keys.

The dungeon in Call of Gods are ranked in three different difficulty rankings. These rankings are normal, nightmare, and hell. You will start all of the dungeons at normal levels, and by beating the levels, you can unlock the next difficulty.

You can pick the entry points when you first start the dungeon, however it does not make any difference for the entry points that you select because you will cycle through all areas of the CoG dungeon.

During your dungeon runs, you can either quit the dungeon completely or exit the dungeon to come back later. Note that quitting will still use your daily dungeon running chance, however if you Save and Exit, you can come back to the dungeon at a later time. It is useful if you want to build your castle or have to be afk while exploring the Call of Gods dungeons.

List of Dungeons
Below is a complete list of all the dungeons currently available in game:

Level 10: Cimmerian
Level 20: City of 1000
Level 30: Boltrift Valley
Level 40: Spellbreaker’s Roost
Level 50: Dragoncliff
Level 60: The Burning Path
Level 70:
Level 80:
Level 90:

Dungeon Run
While exploring the dungeon inside the Call of Gods, you will encounter the following tiles:

Blank: Nothing
?: Similar to Chance, you will either encounter enemy, receive resource or treasure box.
Skull: The dungeon guardian with a boss that has more hp and attack than other units.
Treasure Box: You will receive either Bronze, Silver, or Gold Treasure box.
Fountain: The resource tile in game that randomly gives you Copper, Stone, Iron, or Lumber.

While exploring the dungeon, you will notice that there is a counter to the left side of the dungeon map. This is a helpful counter to let you know if you have explored all the areas inside the Call of Gods dungeons.

Make sure that all your battle units are refilled at the end of the battle. Some fights are tough and you need to have all the units to be ready for them.