Basic Wartune Currency and Points Guide

When you are starting a new game such as Wartune, the hardest part is getting to know all the different currencies and point system. In this Wartune guide for points and currencies, we will go over some basic Wartune money to help you get started fast in the game. If you have found this beginner Wartune guide helpful, please be sure to take a look at the rest of our Wartune guides written to help you in the game.

Wartune Gold

Gold in Wartune is the most basic and common currency money in Wartune. You can spend gold to do various upgrades in Wartune such as building construction and upgrade, research and study technology, enhance Wartune equipment, recruit army, and more. You can get more Wartune gold from Town hall, dungeon, quests, and quarries.

Wartune Balen

The Balen in Wartune is the real money currency of the game. You can buy many items with Balens. Some Wartune quests reward you with Balens however not many do. You can use Balens to trade in the marketplace and email. The easiest way to get Wartune balen is through real money recharge.

Wartune Coupons

For those of who have experience with chinese style rpg’s, you are familiar with the coupon system. Coupons are mainly rewarded through daily log in and quest rewards. You can use coupons in place of Balens for majority of the items in the game. You can also purchase a handful of useful items via coupons inside the shop.

Wartune Medallion or Insignia

The arena in Wartune has a special currency called Insignia, you can use the Wartune Insignia to purchase items through the arena shop. You will be able to earn Insignia through quests and arena battles or other PvP activities in the game.

Crypt Tokens

The crypt tokens of wartun is used to exchange different rare items or set equipment. You can obtain crypt tokens in Wartune when you complete crypt challenges.

Wartune Daru

Daru is gained when troops die in battle. You will use it to upgrade your troops to make them stronger. Higher level troops will require more daro to upgrade.

Wartune Kyanite

Kyanite is required to research and upgrade various skills at the academy.

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