Basic Chrono Tales Class Stats Build Guide

When you are first starting in the game of Chrono Tales, your first task is to select the type of characters that you would like to play. Although the class system in Chrono Tales is very similar to other MMO’s that you may have played, this guide may still act as a good introduction to help any new beginners into the game of Chrono Tales. Please feel free to leave any comments if you have any questions about the introductory information that we have posted. We will do some in depth guides in regard to all of these classes at a later time.

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Chrono Tales Warrior

Official Introduction:
Warriors are able to deal the greatest melee damage. In the face of a single target or a group of enemies, they can give overwhelming blows with their powerful weapons.

Potential Warrior Stats Builds
Pure melee DPS: All stats in Strength
In this build you will have to hunt for items with stamina to fix the lack of HP and defense.

Pure Tanker: All stats in Stamina
This build will have very low damage output, but however with the amount of defense and HP, it makes Chrono Tales warriors very effective tanks in the game.

Hybrid builds: (Recommended Build)
Considering mix and match your Strength and stamina points. The more strength you have in the hybrid build, the more damage output that you can do at the expense of lowering defense and HP. By mixing the hybrids, you will have easier time hunting by yourself and with a group.

Chrono Tales Assassin

The asssassin is yet another damage dealer. However, the assassin is a pure melee DPS which cannot really be used as a melee tanker. Official introduction: Assassins always frighten their opponents with swift attacks. In the meantime, they can hardly be hit with their high dodge.

Pure Melee DPS (Recommended): Pure Strength
Although this is the recommended build for your assassin, you can still find yourself pretty weak at the beginning stages of the game due to the lack of defense. Make sure you invest enough time and efforts to boost your defenses in terms of HP and dodge.

Pure Critical: Pure Agility
This build let you to deal additional critical attacks throughout the game. However, the lack of damage output in strength makes pure agility builds less attractive.

1. 3 Strength , 1 Agility – High Damage, Balance Hit & Critical
2. 3 Agility , 1 Strength – High Critical & Hit, Balance Damage

Agility and Luck Hybrids:
You can also build your Chrono Tales assassin using agility and luck. However this kind of build can result in higher critical and dodge. Yet the lack of damage output makes these hybrids relatively weaker compared to the Strength hybrids.


Official introduction in game: Mages master ranged AoE magical attacks, and take perfect control of ice spells.

Pure DPS: Pure intelligence.
Ideally the pure intelligence is a good build to have, however only if you have strong enough equipment to survive in PvP fights and in dungeons. You may want to consider adding some points in stamina at later levels to improve your ability to last longer during fights.

Mage Tanker: Pure Stamina
This is a bad build to have in general for your mage. Pure stamina will seriously hurt your damage output.

Hybrid Mage build:
3 Intelligence , 1 Stamina
This is the recommended character build for the game. Consider going full int at earlier stages to improve your killing speed. And gradually add points into stamina if you have found yourself dying too much during instances or pvp play.


The use of priest is very similar to the use of mages. Pure intelligence build makes priest very effective through various stages of the game. However, without proper equipment pure int builds priest are easy to kill. Official introduction: Priests have a good command of unusual spells, which can place people in various states. Moreover, they are capable of reviving and curing people.

Power Priest: Pure Intelligence
You will be able to deal more damage and cast spells more easily. Go for this build earlier on in the game.

Priest Tank: Pure Stamina
Do not use this build. As a priest you are supposed to support your team and not tank. If you have to tank during instance or PvP fights your team may not be suitable for you.

Hybrid: 3 Intelligence , 1 Stamina
This is a good build only if you find yourself dying in the battle. Ideally you still want to go intelligence heavy to improve your support capability.


Official intro: Learned and humorous scholars specialize in ranged physical attacks, and may cast a variety of self-developed devices to damage their foes.

The scholar’s stats build is very similar to that of assassins. You will mainly focus on strength and agility.

Pure damage: Pure strength.

Or you can consider doing a hybrid of strength and agility to balance between the damage output and defense.

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Basic Chrono Tales Class Stats Build Guide — 3 Comments

  1. balls on said:

    no other class gets bonuses. in my opinion the assasin is the best class just because of this difference cause u get hit/crit/dps off of 1 stat theres no other stat that does that on any other class.

  2. balls on said:

    a pure agility assasin gets 3.8 atk per lvl plus 8 crit and 4 hit therefore being a better build then str cause u get hit/crit/dps as compaired to str u get 4 atk per lvl and thats it making you very stupid if u do pure str as a assasin. the only difference with the str build is they get .2 extra dps per lvl which idk if thats alot but in my opinion thats very lil and will make no difference cept if u do str u dont have hit or crit. ive also checked all other classes to see if they get different stat bonuses depending on were u put the points and some do but its nothing compaired to the assasing getting dps off of agility. the mage gets 4.8 atk per lvl with pure end and the warrior gets 4.8 atk per lvl off of str other than that

  3. Anonymous on said:


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