Avenger Assemble Uniform Guide for Marvel Avengers Alliance

The game had been updated with a range of Avenger themed uniforms that come together with the movie. This alternative avengers uniform guide will help you through the game and analyze which ones are the best alternate uniform character to get, as well as some nice avengers team setup that you can use as reference. If you have found this guide helpful, please be sure to check out our list of Marvel Avengers Alliance guides for more helpful walkthrough and tips.

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Avenger Team Assemble Abilities – Attack and Defense

This is probably the most game changing feature that comes with this limited time uniform offer. Below is a quick run down of how this special team assemble ability works for the Avenger themed uniform heroes. It should be noted that these special Marvel Avenger Alliance avenger coordinated abilities does not trigger all the time. We estimate the triggering chance to be roughly 10% of the time or less. Lastly, it should be noted that this ability counts as a passive skill, meaning it cannot be stopped or debuffed.

First Avenger Uniform Hero triggers Coordinated Attack
Second Avenger Uniform Hero triggers coordinated Defense

Coordinated attack grants one additional follow attack.
Coordinated defense grants one counter-attack when the avenger hero gets attacked.

Triggered Attack List

Below is a list of the attacks that your avengers uniformed theme heroes and agent will do for the follow up attack:

Thor will use Empowering Strike
Captain America will use Leading Strike
Iron man will use Repulsor Ray
Black Widow will use Martial Arts Combo
Hulk will use Rage Punch
Hawkeye will use Sure Shot
Agent will use Brawl (two hit, unarmed melee)
Human Torch will use Flame Stream

Available Avenger Uniforms and Alternate Class

In this section of the Marvel Avengers Alliance – special avenger uniform edition guide, we will go through the different alternative uniforms. We will include the official uniform descriptions as well as a quick list of these classes (so you do not have to read).

Bruiser Captain America:

His super-serum strength allows players to purchase and equip a new uniform that sets him as a Bruiser or go with the classic and set him up as a Tactician.

Blaster Thor

: Bring down the lightning and set up Thor’s movie persona as a Blaster, or stick with the Bruiser to deliver some massive hammer damage.

Tactician Black Widow:

Exploit vulnerable weaknesses by tapping into her inner-Tactician, or concentrate on speed as her original Infiltrator class.

Scrapper Hulk:

Tap into Hulk’s rage by setting him up as a Scrapper or stick to his incredible strength and equip the Bruiser version of his movie uniform.

Infiltrator Hawkeye:

Set up the master marksman with an Infiltrator class or stick to his original Tactician roots.

Tactician Iron Man:

As a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, you’d expect Iron Man to make a great Tactician; players can also lean on the power of his Mark V armor and keep him as a Blaster.

Summary of Alternative Avenger Uniform Classes

With this special uniform update, each of the class gets an additional hero, except Tactician has one additional hero uniform. Some of the heroes appear to be stronger after reclassing them. However, it still really depends on your playing strategy as well as the avenger members used in game.

Best Avengers Hero Uniform to Get

It is noted that these three Marvel Avengers Alliance heroes get the most upgrades from this uniform bonus.

Bruiser Captain America
Although the captain will lose additional attack on blasters, but the additional power up when attacks greatly boost captain’s combat power.

Scrapper Hulk
The hulk gets a free follow up when attack the infiltrators. This gives an additional power boost with hulk up.

Blaster Thor
Gets critical hits on Bruisers

Great Avenger Hero Team Combination

Below are some of the ways on how you can team up heroes to obtain the coordinated attack abilities:

1. Bruiser Captain America with Blaster Thor
2. Bruiser Captain America with Hulk

If you have money and CP to buy other uniforms, some other Marvel Avengers Alliance avenger hero combinations include: Widow and Hawkeye. However, like any pvp battles, it all depends on what your opponent has up against you. If you do not have enough CP, you should consider doing some MAA CP farming to get some 100% Marvel Avengers Alliance command points.