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Fighting World Bosses are great ways to have a shot at getting some really cool rares. In this World Boss guide, we will go over how they work, the boss drops, and where to find the World Bosses on which maps and their map location coordinates. At the time of writing, there are four World Bosses currently available in the game.

First we will go over some World Boss basics and then we will discuss in details about each of the boss and their unique loots. All these bosses start their spawning schedule at midnight Eastern time. If you have found this guide useful, please check out the rest of our Aura Kingdom Game guides.

It should be noted that a good way to track your World Bosses is through a timer like http://www.portskandia.com/timers

Thursday: Pirate Captain Mac at Helonia Coast (X468:Y652)
Friday: Jungle Panther Banksy at Candeo Marsh (X675:Y625)
Saturday: Daphne spawns at Tritio Highland (X466:Y308)
Sunday: Mordecai at Crescent Hill (X513:Y777)

World Boss Basic

Word Bosses start spawn every day at certain locations in the world. After they are killed the first time, they respawn again 4 hours after their deaths. However, since most of them are killed pretty instantly, the spawn time is usually pretty near the clock. Like the guild bosses, you will receive loots as long as you deal some damage to the world boss, so be on time and join the World Boss fights.

To help you target the boss easier, make sure to “hide” all players so that you only have the boss appearing on your game screen.

The World Boss also spawns on all the channels. In general, people travel through different channels to hit as many World Boss as they can. Typically speaking, channel 1 World Boss usually dies first because people choose to hit those first. However, you will then have to try your luck with other channels. After you kill the WB, switch channel right away.

To help you with your World Boss hunting, consider getting a stronger computer to lower your loading screen to as fast as possible.

Pirate Captain Mac

Mac spawns at the location behind the portal. Walk from the fence to get into the boss area, be careful not to go into the portal as it will take you to a different place.

The most notable drops are the face accessory Trendy Sunnies and Glamorous Shades.

Mac Location and Time
Thursday: Helonia Coast (X468:Y652)

Aura Kingdom World Boss Mac

World Boss Mac Loot Table
Flawless Secret Stone
Large Experience Crystal
Eidolon Energy Crystal
Crest of Ice
Trendy Sunnies (3 Days)
Trendy Sunnies
Glamorous Shades
Mysterious Armor Emblem (Non-Tradable)
Trendy Sunnies (Face Accessory)

Jungle Panther Banksy

The Banksy world boss spawn on top of a cliff rock.

Aura Kingdom World Boss Banksy

Banksy Location and Time
Friday: Candeo Marsh (X675:Y625)

World Boss Banksy Loot Table
Flawless Secret Stone
Large Experience Crystal
Eidolon Energy Crystal
Crest of Thunder
Quicksilver Tiger (3 Days)
Fire Brand Tiger
Thunderbolt Tiger
Mysterious Armor Emblem (Non-Tradable)
Quicksilver Tiger Lucky Pack (Mount)


Daphne Location and Time
Saturday: Tritio Highland (X466:Y308)

Aura Kingdom World Boss Daphne

World Boss Daphne Loot Table
Flawless Secret Stone
Large Experience Crystal
Eidolon Energy Crystal
Crest of Flame
Swallowtail Kunai (3 Days)
Swallowtail Kunai
Ninja Kunai
Mysterious Armor Emblem (Non-Tradable)
First Time Spender Package

Mordecai at Crescent Hill

This is one of the harder boss that hits hard. Mordecai spawns in front of the water at the location shown.

Mordecai Location and Time
Sunday: Crescent Hill (X513:Y777)

Aura Kingdom World Boss Mordecai

World Boss Mordecai Loot Table
Flawless Secret Stone
Large Experience Crystal
Eidolon Energy Crystal
Crest of Wind
White Rose (3 Days)
White Rose
Red Rose
Mysterious Armor Emblem (Non-Tradable)
Kotonoha and Sigrun Essence Pack


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