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Choosing your sub class once you reach level 40 can be a big thing. Making the right choice can either bring up your character to a new level or a bad choice can hinder you. In this guide, we will go over the differences between the main class and subclass, and how you can make the most out of your choices.

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Update: 2/27/14: Sub Katar information is added to reflect the latest class.

Generic Main / Sub Class Differences

The most generic between the main and sub class is the following:
The cooldown on the sub weapon skills are 3x of the main one.
The sub class skills are unlocked at later levels.
The secondary class are generally weaker than the primary because the lack of envoy skills.
Any DoT skills are overshadowed by the main classes if they are present in your party with the exception of Sub Duelist and Katar Because their main DoT do stack.

Quick Summary
Weakened Tank: Sub Guardian – Bad overall subclass
Support Heal: Sub Bard – Best for Solo Play
Support DoT: Sub Sorcerer – Great for Solo Play
Melee AoE: Sub Ravager
Melee Single Target: Sub Duelist
Melee AoE/Single Target: Sub Katar
Ranged Single Target: Sub Gunslinger
Ranged AoE: Sub Wizard
Ranged AoE: Sub Grenadier (SPD build).

(Food for Thought): Because half of the bard that you party with will go with Sorcerer as their sub-class. Thus, you should never pick Sub-Sorcerer as well because most of the Sorcerer’s damage output comes from its Damage over Time attacks.

Based on these explanations of the classes, we have come up with the best combinations of the main and sub classes for you:

Any Class can choose the following sub classes:
Solo Play: Sub-Bard (Heal) > Sub-Sorcerer (Weaker Heal)

Ranged Class: Wizard (AoE), Grenadier (AoE), Gunslinger (Single Target)
Melee Class: Ravager (AoE melee) > Duelist

Never choose this subclass:

Main Guardian: Bard for additional Tankiness while alleviating some pressure on the party’s main healer or Ravager to be better at Crowd Control. Duelist to keep better Aggro,
Main Bard: Sorcerer for Party Play and PvP, Wizard if Solo Often
Main Wizard: Grenadier for more AoE attacks or Gunslinger for better single attack.
Main Sorcerer: Wizard or Grenadier to take advantage of Blood Seal + AoE attacks.
Main Ravager: Duelist for the single target attacks.
Main Duelist: Ravager for the AoE crowd control attacks.
Main Gunslinger: Wizard or Grenadier for better AoE attacks
Main Grenadier: Wizard for more AoE attacks or Gunslinger for better single attack.

Sub Guardian

Difference between main and sub due to Envoy:
HP +20%, DMG Received from Bosses -15%, Sword and Shield Skill Level +3

The main purpose of having a Guardian in your party is to tank the bosses. In general, you will still need a main Guardian and having a sub class guardian is redundant. The skills that you would have as a sub guardian would also suffer too much from the triple cool down cost.

Summary: Guardian is the worst subclass to take no matter what your classes are. Your party should have either a main Guardian or Bard as the tanker and you do not want to draw fire from the enemies. Most of the skills that Guardian has also have high taunt or threat, you will end up pulling the monsters away from your party’s main tank.

Sub Katar

It should be noted that Katar’s skill inner strength’s 20% damage does not apply when you use it as a secondary class. In addition, the main power and damage output comes from the “combo” aspect of the class. However, with high skill cool down, it is considerably harder for you to really get the DPS out of Katar sub classes.