Chat Command | Arcane Legends

Being able to chant is important in any online RPG games, below we have compiled a list of the different available chat commands for Arcane Legends. Please feel free to let us know if there are any errors! If you have found this guide helpful, you may be interested at our other Browser game guides for more Arcane Legends guides as well. The additional guides are listed under our Browser Game Guide Index.

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(If available)
/reply /rReply to last message.
/tell Target /tDirectly message someone
/team Talk to team chat in PvP
/partychat /pParty Chat
/partyinvite TargetInvites target to party
/partykick TargetKick target from party
/partyleaveLeave current party
/hostinfoGive host information who is hosting the game
/boot Target Boot player, cannot boot until it becomes available
/showfullgamesShows all full games
/hidefullgamesHides all full games
/guildchat /gMessage to guild
/officer /oMessage to Officers
/guildcreate Create Arcane Legends guild
/guilddemote targetDemote player in guild
/guildpromote targetPromote player in guild
/guildhallAccess guild hall, you must be in a guild to access
/guildinviteInvite a player into guild
/guildjoinJoin a guild after you have received an invite.
/guildkick targetKick someone from guild. You must have guild officer or plus ranking in guild
/guilddisbandDisband Arcane Legends guild
/report TargetReport someone
/reportchat TargetReport someone's chat
/whoShow everyone in the area
/friend targetAdd a friend
/trade TargetTrade with a player
/accountrewards reward_id(Special Command not implemented)
/promocode code(Special Command not implemented)
/skiptutorialPotentially skip tutorial at later stages
/tutorialresetRestart tutorial when it becomes avaiable