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Boss fights are one of most challenging and fun factors in Arcane Legends. Although Boss fights can be quite tough, they can usually be beaten with decent equips and potion spamming. However, with good strategy, you can save your hard earned gold with less potion spent and possibility less dying chances as well. In this Arcane Legends, we will go over everything that you need to know about each of the bosses in the game.

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General Boss Fighting Guidelines

Boss HP regeneration: This is a special note that when the boss is going after you, it is essential for you not to drag it out of range. Because sometimes when you do and it goes outside of its “normal” area, it will return to its place with fully recovered HP. This is important in both team fights and solo boss fights. We have broken the boss fighting into two general guidelines.

In team fights, the bosses will have higher damage as well as higher health pool. This means that some people would rather fight through the map solo rather than facing the boss with a team. However, in general, fighting the boss with a good team can be quite effective and painless. Nevertheless, the choice of fighting Arcane Legends boss either solo or in team is completely up to you.

Team Considerations
When you are fighting in team settings, the bosses will have stronger damage and health pool because of the party. It is essential for your team to have a balanced group. 1~2 Warriors as tanks, 1~3 Rogues or Sorcerers as DPS damage output.

In terms of stats and gears, as a tank you must be able to fully tank the Arcane Legends bosses and cover your teammates. For DPS classes such as Rogue or Sorcerer, you must have enough health pool to survive at least 1 or 2 hits from the boss and its mobs. If you find yourself consistently dying in boss battles, there are something wrong with your build or gears. In addition, do not be afraid to spam pots to keep yourself and your team alive as needed.

Solo Consideration
When you are soloing the bosses, because you are the only one killing it, your most obvious strategy and goal is to remain alive during the boss fight. If you die to the boss, you will lose all of the damage that you had done. With that in mind, you most definitely will need to have sufficient HP and gears to tank the Arcane Legend bosses. Soloing the bosses will pretty much be spamming the skills and potions to wear the bosses down.

Consider using the various classes skills for Warrior, Rogue, and Sorcerer that disable the enemies. For example, Sorcerer’s Ice Bolt can slow and lock the bosses in place. This gives you room to pull the range and heal yourself.

Pets Effects in Boss Battles
The pets can help you tremendously against the various bosses in the game. In general, the pets that you want to go for disable moves such as Flap Jack to stun the boss, or you can go for damage boost pets such as Ribbits to power up your damage output. Goats can be useful in Arcane Legends boss fights too to stun them.

Arcane Legends Boss Walkthrough

In this section of our Arcane Legends boss fighting guide, we will go over each of the bosses in the stages in detail. You should note that quite a few Arcane Legends quests and achievements require you to kill the bosses to complete the various quests.

Boss: Stabb
Location: Brackenridge Forest

This Arcane Legends boss fight is pretty straight forward. He drops occasional health packs that heal you. He does a charge attack as well as an area melee attack. You should not have too much trouble with this boss battle.

Boss: Krax Wildstorm
Location: Brackenridge Aqueducts

Krax Wildstorm is a wizard that does ranged magic attack. The melee classes should be able to handle him quite easily as long as you deal with his minions fast. However, low health sorcerers may have trouble at a lower level. Look out that he can heal himself with the poison pools on the floor. Your best shot is to kill the Krax boss fast.

Boss: Jarl of Brackenridge
Location: Village

Jarl comes with 2 groups of minions ahead of him and after him. Your goal is to take out those minions fast. Jarl himself is pretty easy to tank and kill. Your tanks should not have too much trouble if you have a decent damage output.

Boss: Thunk One-Eye
Location: Village

Thunk can be a little tricky because he is a ranged boss with minions constantly spawning into battle. Your best bet is to kill him fast or run around the fountain to avoid his damage while recouping your health points. Be aware of his blast shot because it comes with heavy damage along with stun. Again, use your tanks well for your tank to absorb damage while you deal DPS to take out the Thunk boss.

Boss: Ghul Bellybottom
Location: Gold Mine

First of all, Ghul Bellybottom will spawn additional bosses if you take too long to kill him. Although more bosses mean more loot, there is also more chances of your party dying to these groups of bosses. The bosses that he spawns include Stabb, Krax, and Thunk.

Ghul Bellybottom uses the portal as his dark energy. While in dark energy mode, he will own a shield that absorbs the most of your damage output. However, this stage does not last long, he “runs out” of energy and the shield drops. While the shield drops, you can use your pets stun ability or Sorcerer’s icebolt to stops him from going back to the portal. It should be noted however, his initial launch from the portal will deal a good damage, so you should stay from him unless you are a tank at the beginning of the Arcane Legends boss fight.

Boss: Stahl
Location: Ydra Outskirts

Stahl is a hard boss for rogues and Sorcerers. Stahl can deal massive ranged damage with his weapon throw skill. Thus, this boss is best to be fought with at least 1 decent warrior tank. Other than your character can easily die from his attacks, he is a pretty easy boss after that fact.

Boss: Mother
Location: Rook’s Hideout

The only tip about Mother is that its a spider that can deal massive damage once she catches you in its web. The best boss strategy for this boss is to stand behind her and try to avoid her heavy bite hitter attack.

Boss: Klutus
Location: Ydra Forest

This heavy troll does plenty of charged attacks. Because of this, you can use a similar boss fighting strategy as Mother spider. Stand behind Klutus to avoid most of his attacks.

Boss: Becquila
Location: Ydra Forest

This boss unleashes a troll along with her. Fight the troll with similar strategy as Klutus. After that she is a standard sorcerer boss. Be aware of her ranged attacks and make sure that you have enough health pool to survive her magic. It should also note that she can use a teleport skill that teleports to different locations on the map.

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