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Soul Crash Character Stats and Build
Master the Timing of Your Skills
Winning Players Becomes Stronger As Winning Streak Stacks Up
Choosing the Best Equipment
Enchanting Your Gears and Weapons
Avoid Loss EXP Gain
Recruit Players with Good Gears
Boss Fighting Strategy


If you have liked the game Soul Crash, you must wonder how you can win more often and easily. This guide will help you to advance faster, win more battles, and have the strongest character in the game of Soul Crash. If you have found this guide helpful, please share them with your Gaia Online and facebook friends. Do not forget to always link back to us, your links are our best support.

Soul Crash Character Stats and Build

Soul crash has one of the more unique system where you can decide your character stats builds. You will have to pick a stat and a Soul Crash build to last you throughout the entire game. You will not be able to reset your stats without cash items so be careful at the type of the stats that you have chosen. The safest route to decide your build is to have Attack as your primary stat, and pick everything else to go with it. You want to be Attack heavy because your damage is mainly based off attack. Never ever ignore the attack stats in Soul Crash when you are leveling up your Soul Crash character.

You have 4 major categories of stats that you can put into your Soul Crash character as you are advancing through into the game. This Soul Crash guide will help you through your path of character development to help you figure out a Soul Crash character build that best suit your playing style. If you have found this guide helpful, please check out our other useful Soul Crash guides to help you win more battles.

Basic Soul Crash Character Stats Explained
The four basic stats available in game are as followed: Attack, Defense, Hit, and Lastly Evade. We will go through each of these categories to help you plan out your Soul Crash build:

Attack let you deal more damage per hit and increase little amount of Guard Crash Chance. Because of its ability to deal more damage with the attack stats, this stat should be your main focus no matter which sub stat that you choose to improve.

Defense increases your maximum amount of HP health points. In addition, you will be able to take in less damage as well as see an increase for parrying attacks. This stat is essential to improve the durability of your character in battle. With low defense, you will die easily because of lesser HP and defense.

Increases your chance of landing a hit by penetrating guard in Soul Crash. It also increase Guard Crash Chance. However, this stat is pretty dependent on the level differences between your and your opponent. When you fight players of similar level as you, you will have less chance of activating Hit. While battling a lower level player will improve trigger chance.

Evade helps you to parry attacks in game which means that you will avoid the damage completely. This effect is similar to Hit%. It functions similarly to how Hit works. The Evade stat will trigger more often against lower level players, and lesser with players same or higher level than you in Soul Crash. It should be noted that parrying in Soul Crash can also increase your Soul Orb bar fill.

Best Soul Crash Builds Analyzed
In Soul Crash, there are a few paths that you can go for in game. In this guide, we will go over the best build for you to win consistently at end game.

The ratio of your stats should be Attack:Defense:Hit:Evade = 4:2:2:1

You want to focus primarily on the attack stats to deal the most damage possible against your opponents. By able to deal damage effectively and quickly, you can kill Soul Crash players with levels below and higher than you. However, you should put some points into Defense to boost your Health count as well as defense.

The argument of Hit is a little harder. However, the point of putting Hit stats is to break enemy Guards. You should always aim for the attacker build that can fit well against enemy Evade. Lastly, you should still put some evade in to handle different situations.

You can also put the Evade stat into either Defense or Hit to achieve the stat: 4:3:2:0 or 4:2:3:0.

Master the Timing of Your Skills

There are many of skills that are available for you to use in Soul Crash, in this guide, we will go over some of the skills that you can use. We will go over how these skills can help you beat your enemies in Soul Crash. If you have found this guide helpful, please check out the rest of our Soul Crash guides. The goal of this guide is to give you some insight into different Soul Crash Skills before you spend real money into the game.

You need to at least reached level 6 in Soul Crash and Complete Master Gin’s Soul Crash skill quest. You can then accept the final Skill quest through the quest icon to the left of the game.

You can purchase most of the Soul Crash skills via Cash. The skills when equipped, will replace your default Tag, Counter, and Soul battle moves. You can edit the skills via Character screen and skill section. Each action command can only be equipped aka replaced with one skill.

Because the skills replace your Tag, Counter, and Soul battle moves, the timing and positioning of these are extremely important. The skills can be differentiated based on a couple game play parameters as followed:

Soul Crash Counter Skill
Whirlwind: A spinning counter that leaves your enemies dizzy.

Astral Split: With Deep Focus, your soul leaves your body for a powerful triple strike.
The Soul Crash Astral Split does high impact one attack.

Pinwheel Chop: A daring somersault leads to an earth shattering counter.
This skill does a high damage impact at landing, and deal 2 lesser damage.

Drill Dash: A devastating forward flourish to turn the tide of battle.
This skill does three hits.

Range of Attacks
The attack range of the skills will make a huge difference in executing them based on the position of your and enemy’s characters. Different skills have different area of effect and range that you need to take into consideration.

Number of Attacks
The number of attacks in Soul Crash skill will directly influence the time duration of the attacks, as well as timing. If you use a skill with many hits, you want to make sure that you execute the Soul Crash Skill while being in front of the enemy while they are on the ground. You want to deal the most Soul Crash damage through complete hit of your skills.

Counter Duration Consideration
For the Soul Crash counter skills, you want to use the highest duration possible because of the invincibility that it awards you while execution.

Special Soul Crash Skill Effects
Some skills will inflict special status effects when used. These skill include whirlwind and some others, take advantage of these special skill effects to deal more damage to your enemies.

Winning Players Becomes Stronger As Winning Streak Stacks Up

When you win in Soul Crash Gaia on Facebook, you will be given an additional stat that you can use to assign to one of your stat points. This means that by winning more often, you will have a stronger character than those of whom have lost the battles. The end result of this Soul Crash scenario is that winning battles will only lead to more wins. This makes purchasing item shop items at an earlier stage attractive because it will net your more overall winning streak.

Choosing the Best Equipment

To win more battles easily in Soul Crash, you should always upgrade your weapons and switch to the strongest ones that you can afford. By constantly able to wield stronger weapons than the enemies at your Soul Crash Level, you will have additional chances of winning. Stronger weapons mean that you will be able to kill Soul Crash enemies faster while taking in less damage yourself. Below is a list of the weapons:

Rusty SwordDefault1Balanced0.1125.953
Stinging Switch5 Cash317
Iron Mace900 Coins3Balanced1147.44
Composite Tanto1600 Coins414
Gladiator's Sword10 Cash414
Cactus Mace11 Cash523
Brutalizer7 Cash512
Steel Scimitar16 Cash625
Featherlight Rapier4400 Coins624
Prehistoric Axe2700 Coins733
Roughneck Mauler49 Cash734
Steel Shortsword3800 Coins824
King's Cross7500 Coins935
Crusader's Edge9600935
Brutus49 Cash1154
Serrated Dagger8400 Coins1244
Warrior's Heart9900 Coins1454
Nightstalker79 Cash1374
Harem's Revenge44 Cash1554
Deadly Thrust24 Cash1762
Abyss Edge54 Cash2175
Seraph Blade19900 Coins2275
Fire Horn Sword79 CashNoneBalance6197.47

Enchanting Your Gears and Weapons

Always use all of your enchantment stones to upgrade your gears whenever possible. With the highest level gears that you can afford with highest level of enchantments, you can win more Soul Crash battles easily and fast. Always keep a few of gears available when you are enchanting so that you always have the ability to fight more and use up your energies.

Enchant will increase the battle power of your Soul Crash weapons.

How to Get Soul Crash Enchantment Stones
You can get more Soul Crash enchantment stones with the following methods:
1. After winning a set of matches, you can get them via the treasure chests.
2. When you win the first battle of the day
3. Visiting Your Neighbor’s Streets – Maximum of 40 friends per day.
4. However, you will at least need 40 friends to get the Enchantment stones.
5. You can get enchantment stones form leader board rewards.
6. You can purchase the Soul Crash enchantment stones from the shop.

Weapon Rating Stars and Enchantment Level
Depending on the enchant level of your Soul Crash weapons, they will be assigned with a star level. You can use this star level to tell the strength and enchantment of your opponent’s Soul Crash weapons:

1 Bronze Star = Level 1
2 Bronze Star = Level 2
3 Bronze Star = Level 3
1 Silver Star = Level 4
2 Silver Star = Level 5
3 Silver Star = Level 6
1 Gold Star = Level 7
2 Gold Star = Level 8
3 Gold Star = Level 9

Enchant Cooldown
After you have enchanted your gear to 1 Silver star or level 4, there will be an enchant cooldown time assigned. You will not be able to enchant additional level unless you pay a huge amount of cash to enable it.

Best Weapons to Enchant
You should always purchase the strongest weapon that you can at your level. Those are the best weapons for you to enchant because they receive more battle bonuses with a stronger base. However, if you know it will take a long time before you can get the next weapon tier, enchant the one that you have instead to make it even stronger. It should be noted that the power rating of your weapon is also dependent on your primary
Soul Crash attack stat.

Combat Strategies – Tag, Counter, and Soul

Learn the timing of when to use different options such as Tag, counter, and Soul. Tag and counter is a good defense strategy to take down enemies. Experiment during your fights to learn the best strategy on when to use what against the enemies. Typically speaking, if the enemy is too strong, you may have better shot to win as a defensive play by countering their moves. However, if your damage greatly overpower that of your Soul Crash opponent, simply taking them out with Soul attacks can end the battles quickly without chance to lose.

Avoid Loss EXP Gain

If you know that you will lose a battle for sure, you can hit refresh to avoid the battle ending summary. Without getting the loss EXP, you can have more chances of winning the stat points from the winning the battle. By slowing down your EXP gain, you will end up having a stronger Soul Crash by Gaia character at end game.

Recruit Players with Good Gears

Always recruit the strongest players that you have on your team. The stronger your teammates are, the easier it is for you to land victory fights. Recruit the best possible with best possible gears is key to winning all Soul Crash battles and fights in game.

Boss Fighting Strategy

Bosses are one of the strongest opponents that you will face in the game.

When you are fighting bosses at lower levels, attack and defense stats are the way to go, simply because evade and hit has lower triggering chances at lower level. You will also want to purchase the strongest Soul Crash weapons that you can afford at your level. Lastly, enchant the weapons that you have equipped to the highest possible level as well. If your are financially allowed, consider purchasing some Soul Crash skills to improve your winning chances.

Act 1: Your Journey Begins
Level 10 Boss: Terri T
Terri T. The soul guardian of Terra.
Tip: Dodge her whirlwind attacks at all cost
Reward: 200 Coins, 2 Enchant Stone, Unlock Terri T Outfit

Act 2: Elemental Turbulence
Level 20 Boss: Sobek
Sobek, the soul guardian of Mistral
Tip: Use Counter or tag to dodge his skill Fatal shadows
Reward: 300 coins, 3 mistral soul cubes, Unlock Sobek Outfit

Act 3: Fire and Ice
Level 30 Boss: Hanzo
Hanzo, the soul guardian of Aqua
Tip: Use counter or tag to dodge his skill Astral Teleport
Reward: 300 coins, 3 aqua soul cubes, unlock Hanzo outfit

Act 4: Downward Spiral
Level 35 Boss: Allie and Gibson
Allie and Gibson, the soul guardians of Pyre
Tip: Use counter and tag perfectly to dodge attacks
Reward: 500 coins, 3 pyre soul cubes, unlock Allie outfit

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