Pockie Ninja 2 Social Complete Ninja Guide

Everything About Ninja
Enhancing Ninjas
Upgrade Ninja Skills
Understand how Arena Works
Master Your Village
Item Synthesis Basic
Trial Information
Understanding Combat
How to Level Up Faster
Make More Ryo Money
Complete Active Points


Ninjas are the essence of playing Pockie Ninja 2 Social. In this complete ninja guide, we will go over the various aspect of your Pockie Ninja 2 Social ninjas. After reading and following the strategies listed, you will be able to make your ninjas stronger by utilizing various features of the game.

Everything About Ninja

Depending on their quality, there are a few different methods of obtaining these Ninjas in the game. Below we will list all of the methods that you may encounter when obtaining more playable ninjas in your team.

Aptitude and Color Ranking
The ninjas available for use in Pockie Ninja Social is divided into a few color categories based on their aptitude. The dividing point is as followed:

Blue: 1-9
Purple: 11-19
Red: 21-29
Gold: 31-39

The higher the aptitude that your ninja has, the more stats boosted will be obtained by them through upgrading and enhancing. Thus, always try to go for the highest ranked ninjas as well as ninjas with higher aptitude.

Getting Your Ninja
1. Pockie Ninja Social Ninja School
You can recruit ninjas from ninja schools for the Blue, Purple, and Red ninjas. It should noted that you can improve and increase the ninja refresh rate and amount by upgrading your Pockie Ninja Social ninja schools.

2. Quest Reward
You will potentially win different playable ninjas as you progress through the game and pass some quests. When you have won ninja through questing, remember to check the ninja at the ninja tab in the warehouse to use them.

3. Ninja Gift Pack
Lastly, you can also obtain ninjas using the various ranked ninja gift pack. It really depends on your luck at which Pockie Ninja Social ninja that you will obtain through this method.

4. Ninja Synthesis
The ability to start item synthesis is unlocked when you have reached level 20. The only way to obtain gold ranked ninja in Pockie Ninja Social is through. In general, you will obtain ninjas based on the 3 ninjas that you use for the synthesis.

5. Ninja Saga
The use of Ninja Saga is available after you have passed the Land of Waves. In here you will be able to purchase various ninjas into your team using Ryo. After you have collected all the ninjas of the same type, you will be able to unlock gold ninja as well.

6. Look Out for Pockie Ninja Social Events
Game321 is pretty good about hosting various events that give players chances to earn ninjas and other items. Keep your eyes out for these opportunities to buff up your Pockie Ninja Social team.

Gold and Red Ninja
Red and Gold Ninjas are powerful and rare ninjas with high aptitude to play in the game. These ninjas have high growth and power potential and are necessary if you want to stay competitive in this game for the long term. In this Red and Gold Ninja getting guide, we will go over the best methods of getting these strong and rare red and gold Pockie Ninja Social ninjas.

Invest your money into your ninja schools to have higher chance of getting red ninjas. Put all of your ryos into unlock additional ninja recruit slots whenever possible. With more chances to recruit, you will have more chances to get rare ninjas.

You will not be able to start the timer for additional recruits until you actually press refresh. If the ninja inside the ninja school are purple and blue, refresh them timely so that you can maximize the amount of refreshes that you can get per day. Time is of essence for you to obtain the red and gold ninjas in Pockie Ninja Social.

A couple days into the game, you should avoid hiring blue and purple ninjas, instead save the Ryos for the ninjas that you are training with Pockie Ninja Social enhance system. Only if you have spare ryo, you can consider hire purple ninjas and synthesize them for a chance of Red and Gold. Avoid Blue ninjas at all cost because you will most likely lose money on those Pockie Ninja Synthesize attempts.

Power up your ninja team as much as you can so that you can go through additional levels of Pockie Ninja Social trials. By passing the trials, you have chances of drawing Red and Gold Ninja packs which will net you 100% of the red and gold ninja, however the chance of drawing the pack is still pretty rare.

The percentage of your Red or Gold ninja synthesis is based on the total force of the ones that you put into the roll. You should consider boosting a couple of red ninjas while training your main team, and use those trained ninjas to synthesize to achieve increased chance of Red and Gold ninja synthesis. Use higher forces ninjas to synthesize increase the possibility of you getting gold ninjas in Pockie Ninja Social.

This method is not that really until later in the game which you reach level 50’s in Pockie Ninja Social village level. The levels and rarity of the Ninja Saga is unlocked as you level up in game, thus if you use this method to get gold ninja, you will only get them until way later of the game. However, this method is pretty much 100% that you will receive your Pockie Ninja Social gold ninjas.

Lastly, another great way of getting rare red and gold ninjas are through events and special sales. Follow closely with Game321’s announcement on the latest events or shop items to get the gold ninjas. Most of the time you will have to spend some really money as their marketing process, however by spending the money, you can get the Pockie Ninja Social gold and red ninjas for sure.

Pockie Ninja 2 Social Ninja List

Young NarutoBlueTaijutsu
Genin SakuraBlueTaijutsu
Rock LeeBlueTaijutsu
Akimichi ChojiBlueTaijutsu
Sakon UkonBlueNinja Tool
Inuzuka KibaBlueTaijutsu
KidōmaruBlueNinja Tool
Yamanaka InoBlueNinjutsu
Uchiha ObitoBlueNinjutsu
Dosu KinutaBlueTaijutsu
KonohamaruBlueNinja Tool
Yugito NiiBlueNinja Tool
IrukaBlueNinja Tool
Kin TsuchiBlueNinja Tool
IbikiBlueNinja Tool
Gekkou HayateBlueNinja Tool
Hagane KotetsuBlueNinja Tool
Kamizuki IzumoBlueNinja Tool
Genin SasukeBlueNinjutsu
Zaku AbumiBlueNinjutsu
Shikaku NaraBlueNinjutsu
Yamanaka InoichiBlueNinjutsu
TemariPurpleNinja Tool
SaiPurpleNinja Tool
TentenPurpleNinja Tool
Aburame ShinoPurpleNinja Tool
Mitarashi AnkoPurpleNinja Tool
HakuPurpleNinja Tool
Cursed SasukePurpleNinjutsu
Terumi MeiPurpleNinjutsu
Deva Path of PainPurpleNinjutsu
2nd HokagePurpleNinjutsu
Asuma SarutobiPurpleTaijutsu
Uzumaki NarutoPurpleTaijutsu
Momochi ZabuzaPurpleTaijutsu
Kisame HoshigakiPurpleTaijutsu
Hyuga NejiPurpleTaijutsu
KoyukiPurpleNinja Tool
Hyuga HinataPurpleTaijutsu
EbisuPurpleNinja Tool
Nara ShikamaruPurpleNinja Tool
KankuroPurpleNinja Tool
Chūnin KabutoPurpleNinjutsu
ChiyoRedNinja Tool
Sasori of the Red SandRedNinja Tool
Uchiha ItachiRedTaijutsu
Hatake KakashiRedTaijutsu
4th RaikageRedTaijutsu
4th HokageRedTaijutsu
3rd HokageRedTaijutsu
Killer BRedTaijutsu
KonanRedNinja Tool
DeidaraRedNinja Tool
3rd TsuchikageRedNinja Tool
Sage NarutoGoldTaijutsu
1st HokageGoldTaijutsu
Kazekage GaaraGoldNinja Tool
Orochi KabutoGoldNinjutsu
Uchiha MadaraGoldNinjutsu
Uzumaki KushinaGoldNinja Tool

Enhancing Ninjas

In Pockie Ninja 2 Social, you can enhance your ninjas to defeat enemies easier. You can start the enhance process by clicking the + button next to the heart and shurikin on the ninja information screen. You will be asked to use Ryo to be able to enhance your ninjas. It should be noted that based on the starting strength of your Pockie Ninja Social ninja, the enhancement will boost the higher ranked ninjas more so than the weaker counterparts. This makes it attractive to start the game with the strongest ninjas that you can afford.

Depending on the levels of your ninjas, the available enhancement levels are limited accordingly. Each of the level up grants your ninja to be enhanced 5 times.

The cost of ninja enhancement is mainly based on the aptitude ranking of your Ninja. The higher aptitude ranking, the more Ryo that the enhancement attempt will cost. In addition, the higher level of enhancement your ninja has, the additional Ryo and enhancement talisman will also be used for the attempt.

You should enhance your ninja based on the battle that you like to participate in. For example, if you like to fight in Arena, you should enhance all of your ninja to the equal level. For village invasions, you should only focus your Pockie Ninja Social ninja enhancement on 3~6 ninjas. Lastly, you should equally split your money and enhancement talisman for all the ninja that you are using, because the cost of ninja enhancement grows exponentially after level up.

Upgrade Ninja Skills

The Pockie Ninja Social skills can be divided into two categories: Basic and Unique Skills. Your Pockie Ninja Social Ninja comes with one default basic skill slot, you can also unlock the second skill slot for 30k Ryo. You can also teach your ninja unique skills to deal more damage effectively in combat.

The Pockie Ninja Social basic skills are unlocked and levels up when your Pockie Ninja social levels up. The unique skills however have to be bought via Scroll shop or Storyline harvest collection. The active skills also have limit on how many uses that you can unleash during battles. Each of the Pockie Ninja Social classes come with their own set of basic skills.

Pockie Ninja Social Unique Skill Collection
In each of the Pockie Ninja Social Storyline scenario, you will be able to assign ninjas to harvest. You will have a chance of dropping collection item which grants you a specific unique skill. Below is a complete list of the Pockie Ninja Social unique skill locations and what they do.

DamageTarget /
Prankster NarutoTaijutsuPrimary DestroyerLaunch 150% Attack + 149 damageMelee Single
Steal ScrollWeaponSuper Added-Weight RockLaunch 150% Attack + 131 damageRanged Single
Shadow CloneNinjutsuGreat FireballLaunch 150% Attack + 186 damageRanged Single
Fierce ForestTaijutsuPrimary Eight Trigrams PalmsLaunch 75% Attack + 100 damageMelee Cross
My Name is KonohamaruWeaponPerformance of a Hundred PuppetsLaunch 120% Attack + 30 damageRanged 3 Slots
Friends or FoesNinjutsuVacuum WaveLaunch 70% Attack + 120 damageRanged Cross
Genin SchoolingTaijutsuCamelia DanceLaunch 65% Attack + 40 damageMelee Square
Formation of Team 7WeaponGiant Sand BurialLaunch 90% Attack + 40 damageRanged Cross
Gennin's Daily LifeNinjutsuWater Dragon JutsuLaunch 55% Attack + 30 damageRanged Square
Gennin's Daily Life IITaijutsuSeven Blade StyleLaunch 100% AttackMelee Single
Stun 1 Turn
Land of WavesWeaponShadow ImitationLaunch 100% AttackRanged Single
Stun 1 Turn
Halfway SlaughterNinjutsuPrimary Five Seal BarrierLaunch 100% AttackRanged Single
Mute 1 Turn
Meet ZabuzaTaijutsuPrimary Rasen ShurikenSacrifice 20% HP for double damageMelee Single
Ninjutsu TrainingWeaponPrimary IaidoLaunch 100% AttackRanged Single
Reduce attack by 50% next turn
Kid's NightmareNinjutsuPrimary SealingsSacrifice 20% HP for double damage next turnBuff
Rescue HostageTaijutsuPrimary Great StrengthAbandon action to double damage next turnBuff
Arm VillagersWeaponInsectEnemies lose 50% attackRanged Cross Debuff
Vanish with SnowNinjutsuWater PrisonStun EnemiesRanged Cross Disable
Big EventTaijutsuPrimary EruptStun EnemiesMelee Cross Disable
Test for ChuninWeaponSand Binding CoffinBind Enemy for a TurnMelee Cross Disable
Forest of Death INinjutsuAmaterasuLaunch 40% Attack + 20 damageAttack all enemies
Forest of Death IITaijutsuUltimate CrushLaunch 180% Attack + 243 damageMelee Single
Chunin ChallengeWeaponAtomic Dismantling JutsuLaunch 180% Attack + 212 damageRanged Single
Chunin Challenge IINinjutsuGreat Dragon FireLaunch 180% Attack + 303 damageRanged Single
Prepare for FinalsTaijutsuUltimate Eight Trigrams PalmsLaunch 85% Attack + 200 damageMelee Cross
CompetitionWeaponThe Ten PuppetsLaunch 140% Attack + 50 damageRanged 3 Slot
Konoha Battle INinjutsuVacuum Great SphereLaunch 80% Attack + 240 damageRanged Cross
Konoha Battle IITaijutsuBracen DanceLaunch 85% Attack + 80 damageMelee Square
Akatsuki AppearsWeaponSandstorm DevastationLaunch 120% Attack + 80 damageRanged Cross
Rasengan TrainingNinjutsuWater WallLaunch 75% Attack + 60 damageRanged Square
Sannin ShowdownTaijutsuGuillotine DropLaunch 150% AttackMelee Single
Stun for 1 Turn
JiroboWeaponShadow StrangleLaunch 150% AttackRanged Single
Stun for 1 Turn
TayuyaNinjutsuUltimate Five Seals BarrierLaunch 150% AttackRanged Single
Mute for 2 Turn
KidoKidomaruTaijutsuUltimate Rasen ShurikenSacrifice 30% max hp to deal 250% damageBuff
Sakon UkonWeaponUltimate IaidoLaunch 150% AttackRanged Single
Reduce enemy damage 50% for 1 turn.
KimimaroNinjutsuUltimate Cursed SealSacrifice 30% max hp to increase attack 150%Buff
The end of tearsTaijutsuUltimate Great StrengthAbandon action to boost attack 150%Buff
Sneak inWeaponSecret - Insect SphereReduce damage by 50%Ranged Cross Debuff

You can obtain Unique skills via the Pockie Ninja Social village building: Scroll house. Similar to the ninja refresh, the Scroll house has a timer refresh which will have unique skills on sale. The higher the scroll house level, the less the time it takes to refresh.

The unique skills will cost certain amount of Pockie Ninja Social Ryos to purchase. They are usually not that expensive in the range of 5k~20k for the most of the Pockie Ninja Social unique skill scrolls.

Lastly, you can instantly refresh the time using skill patch item. You can get the skill refresh scroll from online rewards that can be claimed once every 6 hours in Pockie Ninja Social. Use it wisely only when you have enough ryos to purchase the skills that are generated from the scroll house instant refresh.

At the end of the story line for each of the chapter, you will be able to do a lucky draw which can give you the skills directly or give you the pages for the collection bonuses.

You can also synthesize to create the ultimate skills in Pockie Ninja Social. To synthesis, you will need 6 different skill books to synthesis the ultimate Pockie Ninja Social skill.

Understand how Arena Works

In Pockie Ninja Social Arena, you will be able to battle the other ninjas. Your opponents are automatically drawn from the pool of available players and your goal is to battle through them to obtain various rewards.

Arena Refresh and Tries
Each day you will have 15 free Arena tries that you can use to to fight other player’s Pockie Ninja Social team setups. You have 15 Arena attempts per day to battle the enemies. The enemies are automatically selected based on your force value and honor ranking. If you are not happy with the arena opponents automatically selected, you can click the refresh to get a new easier list.

You can estimate the strength of your Pockie Ninja social opponents based on the total force number and their winning percentage rate.

How to Win More Pockie Ninja Social Arena Battles
To be able to win more Pockie Ninja Social arena battles, you will have to play smart by following different combat strategies to utilize the class strengths and weaknesses. Because you are battling against other real players, the arena battles are significantly harder than the story line battles, make sure that you do everything that you can to power up your ninjas.

In addition, you should estimate the strength of your opponents based on their winning rate and force. Lastly, consider training a couple of backup ninjas to always take advantage of the class weakness based on your opponent. Strategize your Ninja team setup can win more battles.

Pockie Ninja Social Arena Rewards
There are a couple different types of Pockie Ninja Social arena rewards that you can claim in the game. Below is a quick run down and what they can offer your ninjas. This is a good way to earn more Ryos in Pockie Ninja Social.

Honor Ranking and Daily Claim
Based on your Pockie Ninja Social honor ranking, you will be able to claim a daily amount of Ryos. The formula of claiming the daily ryo is 1500 + level x 500. Because you will be able to earn more ryo mone with a higher ranking level, it is important for you to win as many as battles as possible to advance in honor ranking.

Level 1: 85 Honor EXP, 2000 Ryo
Level 2: 2500 Ryo
Level 3: 3000 Ryo
and so on.
The maximum level of arena ranking is
Level 50: 26500 Ryo.

Arena Grid Completion Rewards
When you beat the entire grid on the Pockie Ninja Social arena refresh, you can claim 1 Jade chest from the arena battles. The jade chest is an important chest box in Pockie Ninja Social that randomly grants you Secret Door Upgrade Stone, Array Upgrade Stone, Village Decor, Production Talisman, Enhancement Talisman, Quest Talisman, Harvest Talisman, Skill Talisman, and various building materials. Thus, always refresh the list until you are sure that you are likely to beat everyone on the list based on the total force number of your opponents.

Arena Victory Lucky Draw
When you win any single Pockie Ninja Social arena battle victory. You can have a lucky draw that has chances of granting you wooden chest, iron chest, copper chest, silver chest and gold chest. These chests can give you different items such as decoration and enhancement talismans based on the level. However the lucky draw is really luck based, your best bet is to win as many arena battles as possible to win more rewards.

Master Your Village

Village building is an essential part of game play in Pockie Ninja 2 Social, with a strong village to back up your Ninjas, you can fight easier battles and advance faster in the game. This guide will teach you everything that you need to know about maintaining and building your Pockie Ninja 2 Social village in the game. If you have found this guide helpful, please check out the rest of our Pockie Ninja 2 Social Guides.

Pockie Ninja 2 Social Village is the basis of your game play. Many of the in game actions can help you gain village EXP. The additional village will unlock more contents and maps in the game. Leveling up the Pockie Ninja 2 Social village is important because the higher level unlocks more harvest as well as advanced buildings.

The Pockie Ninja 2 Spcial Prosperity will determine the village’s appearance and level of prosperity. It also unlocks various buildings available for purchase in the mall section.

You can harvest Pockie Ninja 2 Social village every 8 a.m. and earn a huge amount of Ryo. In addition, you can obtain Ryo from your village production buildings.

There are mainly two kinds of buildings in the game, Functional and Production buildings. You can upgrade these buildings to improve their different functions. The functional buildings in Pockie Ninja 2 Social include: Ninja school to recruit ninjas, Encrypted Scrolls house for Skill Purchase, Alter to improve ninja’s ability.

Production Building can provide Ryo. It should be noted that some production buildings need ninjas to run normally. Lastly, another item that should be noted are the Building Decoration which can increase village’s prosperity, to unlock and enable various advanced buildings in the game.

Item Synthesis Basic

Item Synthesis Introduction
Just like the original Pockie Ninja, you will have to use Item Synthesis to create items of higher grade. The items that you can synthesis include items, skills, and different ninjas.

In general, when you synthesis the items of the same grade, there is a chance of higher grade item being produced just like the original Pockie Ninja.

When a village reaches Level 20 or higher, players can enter the warehouse in their village to synthesis new ninjas using the ones that they have. Any three ninjas can be combined and synthesized into a new one, with the quality of the new ninja determined by the level and attribute qualities of the ninjas used. Because of the rarity of the gold ninjas, it is worth taking the risk to synthesize.

The value of the Pockie Ninja Social ninja is determined by the Force points and color of the ninja. The color of the Pockie Ninja Social is determined in the following order: Gold > Red > Purple > Blue. The Gold colored Pockie Ninja Social being the highest grade, and the Blue Ninjas being the lowest.

The cost of item synthesis increases in the game for every additional synthesis attempts that you do. Thus if you are planning to play for the long haul, you should spread out your Synthesis attempts to waste less Pockie Ninja 2 Social ryo toward synthesis.

Trial Information

Trials are floors that your Pockie Ninja Social Team can complete. The trials are one of the many ways to get Ryos in Pockie Ninja Social. When you complete the trials you will earn some EXP for your ninja, Ryo, and building material. Every 10 levels in Pockie Ninja 2 Social is like a new milestone to achieve. When each 10 levels are achieved, you will have a lucky draw. In addition, the difficulty of Pockie Ninja 2 Social trials will also take a leap and become significantly harder.

Below is a list of all the rewards that you can get from Pockie Ninja 2 Social. Please note that when you reach the level, you will have a drawing towards any of these rewards. However, you will receive a purple gear piece when you achieve the new level. You will also receive some minor EXP for your ninjas when they attend the trials. However the amount of Ninja EXP from Pockie Ninja Social trials are very little.

In these drawings, you can also simply receive Village EXP.

Level 10: 2 Village EXP
Level 20: 4500 Ryo, EXP Pill A, Aptitude Pill A
Level 30: 4500 Ryo, EXP Pill A, Aptitude Pill A
Level 40: 7500 Ryo, EXP Pill A, Aptitude Pill A
Level 50: 7500 Ryo, EXP Pill A, Aptitude Pill A
Level 60: 7500 Ryo, EXP Pill A, Aptitude Pill A
Level 70: 9000 Ryo, EXP Pill A, Aptitude Pill A
Level 80: 9000 Ryo, EXP Pill A, Aptitude Pill A
Level 90: 9000 Ryo, EXP Pill A, Aptitude Pill A
Level 100: 12000 Ryo, EXP Pill A, Aptitude Pill A
Level 110: 12000 Ryo, EXP Pill A, Aptitude Pill A
Level 120: 12000 Ryo, EXP Pill A, Aptitude Pill A
Level 130: 15000 Ryo, EXP Pill A, Aptitude Pill A
Level 140: 15000 Ryo, EXP Pill A, Aptitude Pill A
Level 150: 15000 Ryo, EXP Pill A, Aptitude Pill A

To win the different trials in Pockie Ninja 2 Social, consider following the advice that we have to make your Pockie Ninja Social Team stronger.

When you lose your Pockie Ninja Social trials, you will have two free revives per day. At this time, you should consider using different ninja setup to pass the trials. Depending on the different classes of Ninjas that the trial stages have, you will have to use different team setup to pass the trials more easily.

Below is a list of enemy in each of the Pockie Ninja Social Trials, use this a reference when designing and training your own team. Please note that more trial information will be added to this list as we play through the game.

Understanding Combat

In Pockie Ninja 2 Social, learning how to combat effectively is key to winning battles in the game. In this guide, we will go over some basic aspect of the game to get your started. Generally speaking, to really succeed, you will need a good team of Ninjas in Pockie Ninja 2 Social to really win in the battles. Try to get your hands on the higher ranked Ninjas such as Red or even gold ranking. The stronger ninjas that you start in the battles, the more likely that you will win.

Pockie Ninja 2 Social, you can enhance your Ninjas to make them stronger with additional health and attack. In general, you want to have everyone on your team as high as possible to handle all sorts of different combat situations. However, in reality because of your resource constraints, you can consider boosting your enhancement focus on about 6 ninjas to at least do the village invasions. Enhance your Pockie Ninja 2 Social ninjas to win more battles easily.

Depending on the situation, you want to make your ninjas learn the different basic ninjutsu that can work well in different combats and team setup. You want to create synergy between all of your Ninjas in Pockie Ninja 2 Social. Learn and Relearn ninjutsu to maximize that synergy effect so that your team works well together.

You can also make your ninjas learn special attacks or Great Ninjutsu, equip the ninjas with Great Ninjutsu to win more battles in Pockie Ninja 2 Social.

The Pockie Ninja 2 Social ninja classes or professions can be divided into the following categories: Taijutsu, ninjutsu, and Ninja tool. They have strong or weak against one another in a triangle weakness sort of way. Below is how the weakness works:

Taijutsu will deal additional damage to Ninja tool and so on as followed:
Taijutsu > Ninja Tool > Ninjutsu > Taijutsu

How to Level Up Faster

Before we get into details about how to level up in Pockie Ninja Social, we will first need to make a comment about the difference in Village and Ninja level and experience points. Most of the actions that grant ninja experience points will also earn you village experience points.

This guide will mainly focus on the leveling aspect of your Pockie Ninja Social ninjas because village experience points come naturally through story line scene farming.

How to Level Up Village
The main way of leveling up your village is through the repeated farming and harvesting of story lines and village buildings. To make the most out of your energy, you should also complete the quests whenever they become available. If you are playing normally and maximizing all of the energy, you should be able to level up your Pockie Ninja Social village without too much trouble.

How to Level Up Individual Ninja
There are four direct ways of earning experience points for your Pockie Ninja Social ninja, these methods of leveling up are: Participating in Battle, Work in Village Production Building, Harvesting Story line, and lastly the use of EXP pills. We will go over each of these aspects of leveling up in Pockie Ninja Social to provide you with some of our insights in the game.

Completing Battles
Your Pockie Ninjas will earn EXP when they win in battles and surviving till the victory counter. Your ninjas will earn the most EXP when they are in battles similar against the ninjas of their levels. Thus, it is essential to have a mid to high level Pockie Ninja Social ninja team to complete the battles.

Another tip to earn the most experience points while leveling up in Pockie Ninja Social through battling is to manually play through the battles instead of using auto combat. By manually playing the battles by hand, you can position your ninjas to deal the best damage with Pockie Ninja Social cross and square skills, or disable the types of ninjas that can kill your little guys.

Notes on Double EXP
It should be noted that you can also activate double exp which can effectively increase your leveling speed for the next battle. With double EXP activated, you will earn double the exp for the next battle. Thus, it is essential to fight the strongest storyline that grants the most EXP to your Pockie Ninja Social ninjas.

Harvest Village and Story Line for EXP
Your Pockie Ninja Social ninjas can also earn experience points when they work inside one of your village production buildings. Your ninjas will earn ninja exp for leveling up when you collect the harvest. They will earn ninja exp with each harvest. However, the amount earned is pretty minor.

For the Story line harvest, when you have completed a scene, you can assign your ninjas to harvest the stories. It takes roughly 1 hour to harvest each story. Your Pockie Ninja Social ninjas will also earn level up exp when you collect from the story.

Pockie Ninja Social EXP Pills
Your can also let your Pockie Social eat EXP pills to earn some fast exp to level up. The Pockie Ninja Social exp pills are divided into the following categories:

EXP Pill C: +50 EXP
EXP Pill B: +250 EXP
EXP Pill A: +500 EXP

Each of the Pockie Ninja Social ninja can consume 5 of each EXP pills to earn exp per day. It should be noted that EXP pill usage counts toward the Pockie Ninja Social Active system. You can get the EXP pills via Pockie Ninja Social Trials.

EXP Training House for Pockie Ninja Social
The training house in Pockie Ninja Social can also be used to train your ninja for leveling up. However, this method is not that great because the EXP gained is considerably less compared to if you use the Pockie Ninja Social chakra for battling. You will use some chakras for exp and some ryo as well if you want to skip the manual training altogether.

Esoteric Palace Pass on EXP
The Esoteric is an interesting way to level up your Pockie Social Ninjas, you can move some of the EXP from one ninja to another that you want to train. However, once you do the pass on EXP, you will lose the initial ninja. Only do this when you know that you are transferring the EXP to a stronger ninja like red or gold.

Make More Ryo Money

Money is extreme important in the game of Pockie Ninja 2 Social. In this guide, we will teach you everything that you need to know about making more money and ryos in the game. With all of the ryos that you can get, you will be able to win more often in Pockie Ninja Social by making your team more powerful

Village Collections for Ryo
This is the most basic way of obtaining Ryo in your Pockie Ninja Social Village, however this is not a good way until you have a high upgraded building. However, even when you have a high level village production building, there are still other actions that can generate more Ryo money for you. There are two kinds of village production, ones that start the timer by itself such as the dog and cat house. Another requires you to put your ninjas to work which they can gain some Pockie Ninja social ninja experience point.

Quest Completion and Ryo Money Profit
You can earn various amount of Ryo whenever you complete in game quests the majority of the game. Quests are a good way and tutorial for you to learn how the game functions. So, complete the quests and gain those free money rewards in Ryo that comes along.

Completing and Repeating Story Line Arcs
This method can generate consistent money in Ryo for your Pockie Ninja Social village. Whenever you have spare Chakra, focus on doing the story arcs repeated to get both ryo and your ninja exp.

Friend Invitation on Facebook
The ryo reward for your successful invitation of new Facebook friends in Pockie Ninja 2 Social can be tremendous. If possible, spam your Facebook friend’s page to get them to join the game. With a couple of sign ups, you will earn enough Pockie Ninja Social ryo to last you for a while.

Various Gift Packs Obtained Via Activity, Log-in Bonus, and Level
You can receive Ryo money rewards in Pockie Ninja Social via different “gift” boxes obtained by various methods. Use these ryo boxes to earn the ryo available inside. You should consider using them as soon as you obtain them. By doing so you will earn valuable ryos while keeping your inventory spaces available.

Special CD Keys or Gift Packs for Ryo
Often Game321 will host special events that give you CD or special keys. By inputting the keys provided by the publisher, you will be able to earn various rewards including valuable money in Ryos. Take advantage of these offers and be fast to claim these Pockie Ninja Social CD keys.

Friend Assists and Invade
This is the social aspect of Pockie Ninja 2 Social that can earn you some Ryos. You can visit the villages of your friends and either invade or assist their buildings. Assists your friend’s village often to earn both chakra and Ryos. However, the invasion of your village does not generate much ryo because it really depends on the level of your friend’s village and buildings.

Trial and Arena Attempt for Money Ryo
You can do activities and events such as trials and arena. By completing higher levels of both Pockie Ninja Social trial and arena, you will have chances to draw for different ryo rewards. The goal is to train your ninja team strong enough in Pockie Ninja Social to be able to beat more opponents and advance higher in the trial system. Higher level arena ranking can help you to collect more money. And higher trial levels have better drawings for different amounts of coins in ryo.

Selling Unused Gears for Money
Throughout your game play, you will end up having a few gears that you do not need. You can sell those gears for extra ryo for your ninjas. However, the gears usually do not sell for a good amount of money, so use it as a last resort to earn ryo.

Complete Active Points

The active points system in Pockie Ninja 2 Social can help you gain levels and more ryos faster. The active points system itself is pretty easy to follow, however, in this guide we will go over each of these active points to give you some insights on how to achieve them easier to receive the activity bonus boxes easier and faster.

Below is a complete list of all Pockie Ninja Social activities and activity points that you can obtain from doing various actions. Some actions are fairly easy to complete, while others can take some time such as the trial. Most of the actions can grant you one active point in game such as enhancement.

ActionsActive Point
Per Action
Total Points
Harvesting in Village155
Harvesting in Story155
Send Ninja to Work133
Invade Friend155
Assist Friend11010
Send Gift to Friend155
Invite Friends155
Collect Tax155
Reset Skill155
Train Ninja
(EXP House)
Pass On EXP155
Create Legion133
Use EXP Pill3515
Use Gold3515
Continuous Login Pack111
HP Enhance166
Attack Enhance166
Grand Total134

Depending on the amount of Active points that you have received, you will be able to claim various rewards at the Active Points screen:

0 Active Point: Continuous Login Pack
30 Active Point: Primary Active Chest = 2500 Ryo, 1 Ninja Pack, 1 Purple Gear Piece
60 Active Point: Medium Active Chest: 5000 Ryo, EXP Pill A, 3 Purple Gear Piece
110 Active Point: Advanced Active Chest = 12500 Ryo, Aptitude Pill A, 6 Purple Gear Piece, Salvage
150 Active Point: Ultimate Active Chest = 20000 Ryo, Altar Stone, 2 Red Gear Piece, 1 Salvage

If you have looked through our Pockie Ninja Social Active Points list, you will find that you will not be able to reach 150 points unless you have the VIP. Thus, if you are really serious about the game, getting the VIP status is essential to make lots of Pockie Ninja Social Ryo through Active points reward