Leveling Up and Building Fast Castleville Guide

Optimal Playing by Time Management
Understand and Construct Your Buildings
Rely on Neighbor Help for Animal Tending
Energy Gain and Conservation
Generate Coin Money Faster
Good Use of Reputation Points
Raise Animals Faster
Gloom Beastie Strategy
Fishing for More Items
Crystal Shards and Expansion
Best Crops
Build and Upgrade Storage Cellar


Level up and wanting to build more can be frustrating when you have to wait for the energy or construction timer to run down. Using crowns to speed up everything is not a good solution. Below are the tips for you to be able to level up faster, and produce all of your buildings faster in Castleville.


You will be able to get the most XP possible for leveling up through the completion of NPC quests. When all of your actions generate 1 XP points, the only way to boost the energy to XP ratio is through completing and finishing of quests. Plan ahead and save your resources so that completing your Castleville quests become the top priority. You should only use your energy on other items when you do not have any actions available to contribute to the completion of quests.

Optimal Playing by Time Management

You will gain 1 energy point for every 5 minutes. You have a upper limit of 25 energy in game. This means that you will have a complete refill of energy pool in about 2 hours. So, to level up fast in game, you should play at least once every two hours to fully use up your energy. By fulling using your energy, you can get the most XP value of those time. You will then be able to level faster than your Castleville friends.

Understand and Construct Your Buildings

The buildings in Castleville can be divided into several main categories. Each of the categories are discussed. Then we will list out the materials required to construct these buildings.

Castleville Royal Building
Royal Buildings are the primary way for you to obtain Castle points for. Build and upgrade to staff them as early as you can to max your Castle Points (CP) gain.They require more unique building materials and also cost more to start building.

In addition, you can also tax these royal buildings for nice Castleville coin making. These royal buildings can be tended by your Castleville neighbors when they help in your Kingdom. The royal buildings can be leveled up for additional Castleville castle points when they do get level up, in addition you will receive some relatively random prizes for leveling up the royal buildings.

Lumber and Mining Camp
These resources buildings can net you 5 wood for the lumber camp. The mining camp generates 5 stones per collection plus various metal loots such as iron ore, ruby, silver ore, and diamond. You can also place them next to trees for the lumber camp and stones for the mining camp to speed up the Castleville collection time.

Workshop, Kitchen, and Studio
You have a limit of up to three crafting buildings for Castleville. This means that you can have up to 3 Workshop, 3 Kitchen, and 3 Studio in your kingdom. It is essential for you to obtain 3 workshops early on in the kingdom because the majority of your buildings require crafted materials. Then you should work on getting 3 kitchens and then 3 studios. The buildings during the middle of the game all require studio crafted items. In addition, the studio crafted items typically take a long time to craft.

Castleville Craft Support Building
To complement the main Castleville crafting buildings, you have craft support buildings that generate materials within a certain time frame. In addition, they unlock additional crafting recipes that are important later on in game.

Castleville House Building
Castleville houses are taxable buildings that generate nice tax gains. The best taxable buildings are the ways that have a high maturity time with highest coin gains. These good taxable Castleville buildings include Chateau and Manor.

Castleville Building Cost, Staffing, and Payout Table List

Coin CostMaterialMaterialMaterial Friends
For Hire
WorkshopCraft Various Items2200012 Wood Log5 Stone
KitchenCraft Energy Items4500010 Wood Plank2 Gold Brick
BlacksmithUnlock Forging Recipe
Bag of Nails Per 36 Hours
860008 Wood Plank5 Stone Block1 Anvil
StudioCraft Decor and Costume101600010 Wood Plank5 Gold Bricks
Beastie LaboratoryCraft Beastie related items20002 Wood Plank2 Stones5 Beakers
MillUnlock Cooking Recipe
1 Flour Sack per 24 Hours
11100008 Wood Plank5 Stone Blocks5 Grindstones
TailorUnlock Artistry Recipe
1 Cotton Cloth Every 36 Hours
13110005 Wood Plank7 Stone Blocks2 Loom1 Dye Kit
FisheryUnlock Cooking Recipe
2 Bass per 6 Hours
1575008 Wood Plank7 Stone Blocks5 Fish Bait
QuarryUnlock Forging Supply and Recipe181600010 Wood Plank5 Stone Blocks1 Iron Pick
BakeryUnlock Cooking Recipe
1 Bread Dough per 24 Hours
212100010 Wood Plank8 Stone Block6 Brick Oven
Jewler's ShoppeUnlock Artistry Supply and Recipe25270006 Wood Plank8 Stone Block1 Work Bench
ArmoryUnlock Forging Supply and Recipe283100012 Wood Plank15 Stone Block3 Leather Apron1 Candle
ButcherUnlock Cooking Supply and Recipe323200015 Wood Plank12 Stone Block7 Knives2 Cloth Apron
ClockmakerUnlock Artistry Supply and Recipe343200010 Wood Plank15 Stone Block1 Angle Finder1 Iron Bar
Maiden's Tower80 Castle
550 Coins per 8 Hours
31,50010 Wood Log15 Stones3
Barracks110 Castle
750 Coins per 12 Hours
64,50015 Wood Log20 Stones4
Guard Tower90 Castle
550 Coins
73,00015 Wood Log5 Stone Block3 Wanted Poster
(Friend Request)
Vault150 Castle
1050 Coins per 18 Hours
915,0005 Wood Clubs4 Gold Bricks5 Stone Blocks5
Throne Room190 Castle
1650 Coins per 30 Hours
1250,0004 Stone Blocks7 Gold Bricks5 Cotton Cloth6
Library220 Castle
1800 Coins per 36 Hours
1575,0005 Stone Block8 Gold Brick2 Candle7
Castle Dungeon260 Castle
2250 Coins
18100,0006 Stone Block11 Gold Brick3 Iron Bar8
Wizard's Keep300 Castle
3000 Coins
21150,0008 Stone Block13 Gold Brick10 Down Feather2 Cog9
Opera House340 Castle
3150 Coins
24200,00010 Stone Block18 Gold Brick5 Candle10
The Cathedral390 Castle
3250 Coins
27300,00012 Stone Block21 Gold Brick1 Stained Glass1 Parchment11
Observatory450 Castle
30500,00015 Stone Block22 Gold Brick10 Ropes1 Angle Finder12
Cottage150 per 5 Minutes420010 Wood Log10 Stones
Chateau600 per 4 Hours9150020 Wood Log20 Stone5 Wood Plank1 Coat of Arm
Villa400 per Hour1410001 Bag of Nails8 Stone Block8 Wood Plank
Farmhouse250 per 30 Minutes19
Manor1000 per 8 Hours24300020 Wood Plank15 Stone Block1 Bedding4 Spicy Cloves
Logging CampProduce Lumber3300015 Wood Log5 Stone
Mining CampProduce Stone8600010 Wooden Plank5 Stone2 Coat of Arms
Yvett's House300 Coins
Per 30 Minutes
QuestGiven3 Stone3 Wood Log
Rafael's House300 Coins
Per 30 Minutes
QuestGiven8 Stone8 Wood Log
Alastair's House450 Coins
Per 2 Hours
Sonja's House750 Coins
per 4 Hours
Isadora's Wagon1050 Coins
Per 5 Hours
Yvette's Old Farm House250 CoinsQuestGiven10 Wood Plank10 Stone Block1 Bag of Nail1 Hammer
Great HallQuest ?/2015 Stone15 Wood Log
Great HallQuest 10/208 Wood Plank8 Stone Block
Great HallQuest 14/202 Iron Bar5 Hammer
Great HallQuest 18/206 Rope5 Gold Brick2 Flag
Great HallQuest ??/2016 Rumble Walls
Great Hall
Storage Cellar
(1st Build - 50 Items)
Used to store items1000015 Wood Log15 Stone
Storage Cellar
(Upgrade 1 - 100 Items)
Used to store itemsUpgrade10 Stone Blocks10 Wood Plank3 Coat of Arms
Storage Cellar
(Upgrade 2 - 200 Items)
Used to store itemsUpgrade15 Stone Blocks15 Stone Blocks5 Gloom Wolf Pelt
Storage Cellar
(Upgrade 3 - 300 Items)
Used to store itemsUpgrade20 Stone Blocks20 Stone Blocks10 Coat of Arms
Gift-a-Pult Construction
Timed Event Quest
Winter 2011
Winter Vacation 9/10
More Power Quest
Upgrade15 Wood Plank15 Stone Block5 Gold Brick10 Lens
(Friend Request)
Gift-a-Pult Construction
Modify to use it all year
Upgrade10 Wood Log10 Stone
Viking MineProduce Fire Rune
Every 24 hours
Where's George QuestQuest8 Wood Plank25 Stone5 Rope
Valentine ShopValentine Event5 Wood Log5 Stone15 Pink Lace

Rely on Neighbor Help for Animal Tending

Because energy use in Castleville is quite limited, you need to rely on your neighbors to get some of your items done. Plan out ahead of time so that your neighbors will be completing your tasks for you instead of accelerating or grooming your actions. With this in mind, you will be able to obtain more resources over time. Some of the best setup include planting grapes and let your neighbors harvest them for you, as well as grow more chickens to get neighbors to collect more eggs. Check this guide for the neighbor Castleville kingdom actions and plan it to your best benefit.

Energy Gain and Conservation

Use all the different methods of gaining energy to obtain more XP through your energy. Craft the higher damage wood choppers, and weapons to clear out the wilderness faster. By gaining the most energy possible through various means and conserve those energy points. You can level faster in Castleville. Below is a quick refresher summary of all the ways to gain energy.

Get Energy via Energy Timer
Castleville Energy Via Action Completion
Cooking Food for Energy in Castleville
Castleville Energy Feed Request
Other Player’s Energy Feed Request and Reward Request
Food Feed via Castleville then to Craft
Let Your Neighbors Kill and Defeat the Beasties
Visiting Other Kingdom For Energy
Leveling Up in Castleville
Purchase Energy with Crown

Generate Coin Money Faster

The best way to make more coins in game is through building taxable houses. However, most of the actions that you do can generate little bits of coins here and there. The actions include:

Farming and Animals.
Taxable Houses
Selling Loots
Friend Visits and Collection
Collection Box

Craft and Cook Food Regularly

Crafting and cooking is a great way to convert your farmed goods back into energy. Maximize your craftshop and kitchen early in game to be able to cook energy related items often and frequently. By having many energy items at your disposal, you can use those to level faster in game. Here is a list of the Castleville food recipes.

Good Use of Reputation Points

Reputation points are also a great way to help you level faster. Some items that you can purchase in the market place with reputation points can help you conserve energy and get more resources. Get super chopper and super clubs to chop trees or kill the beasties faster. When you are low on coins, you can also opt for the collection boxes which gives you decent coin boosts. These boosts will help you to level faster in game.

You have a chance of earning Castleville reputation points (heart points) by tending any of your neighbor’s kingdoms. The chance is about 33~50% is my estimate. In some situation you can earn 2 reputation points, however I have only really seen those happen when you attend neighbor’s Royal buildings when you are a part of their crew.

Raise Animals Faster

Use the following methods to speed up the time it takes to raise your livestock.

Large Trough
Large troughs are one of the. By placing your animals next to the large trough that can be bought with reputation points. You will receive a 10% feeding time reduction between your tends.

Neighbor Grooming Actions
You will receive a nice bonus if your neighbors groom your animals using his neighbor action for your kingdom. Each neighbor action will grant you a 10% reduction in feeding time. This reduction becomes huge because it can be stacked by all of your neighbors.

Animal Treats
Animal treats can be bought using reputation points in the market place. It costs 30 reputation and reduces your animal feeding time by 30 minutes.

You can also craft animal treats by cooking using your kitchen. However, because one of the ingredient “Oat” can be requested through your friends, take advantage of it by always requesting them. However, the energy consumption is not worthwhile if you do decide to grow the oats yourself because it takes 30 oats to craft one animal treats.

These are the only methods of shortening the time frame of your Castleville animal feeding time. However, by following these methods to heart, you will be able to make your animals such as peacock, goose, and mink grow into adult stages faster.

Animal List

to Youth
to Adult
(No Boost)
Chicken210 Minutes662 Hours250EggChicken Meat
Cow330 Minutes888 Hours750MilkCow Hide
Sheep71 Hour8816 Hours1000Wool
Peacock112 Hours881 Day
8 Hours
1500Red FeatherBlue Feather
Goose156 Hours14147 Days2500Down Feather
Pig193 Hours14143.5 DaysMeat
Mink2312 Hours121212 Days3000Mink Oil
Old Grey TurkeyThanksgiving
24 HoursN/AN/A500050 Coins
Cold TurkeyThanksgiving
N/AN/A20 Crowns
N/AN/A16 Crowns
Wild TurkeyThanksgiving
N/AN/A50 Reputation

Gloom Beastie Strategy

Always use Super Clobbers that you can purchase with reputation in the market place. That way you can defeat beasties using less energies. When you do defeat them, you will receive 1~2 energies most of the time. This means that you can a free exp points by defeating beasties with points that you do not really use.

Gloom beast are the animals in Castleville that may appear to block all of your in game actions. This page will give a simple listing of all the gloomed beasties to help you. Gloom beasts appear at chance depending on the actions that you initiate in your kingdom. When they do appear, they will block all actions in their surrounding area, this include move, sell, build, tend, as well as any design actions.

Gloom Beasts and Quests
There are many Castleville NPC quests that involve the triggering and banish of the gloom beasts. These quests include summoning gloom beasts using potions, banishing existing gloom beasts, or even do actions that can trigger gloom beast spawns.

Limit of Gloomed Beasties in Kingdom
The numbers of gloomed beasties that you can have in your kingdom is dependent on your level. As you level up in game, you will have a higher numbers of beasties at one time.

How to Kill Gloom Beasts Effectively
1. Wait for Friends and Neighbors
There are many quests along the way that require your neighbors to kill beasties in another neighboring kingdom. Your neighbors might also kill the beasties for you by using neighbor helper actions. You can also always request your neighbors to defeat the annoying beasties. By waiting for your friends to take the necessary attacking actions, you can save your Castleville energy. However, your friends might not kill the Castleville monsters for you because there are other actions.

2. Purchase Super Clobber with Reputation Point
Super Clobbers are great items to spend your reputation points on. With Super Clobbers, you will deal 4 damage to Beasties and save considerable amount of energy. Keep a healthy stash of Super Clobbers to handle emergencies where you have to kill the Beasties fast.

3. Craft Clobbers and Sword
You can also craft beastie killing weapons in your workshop. However, because these items use alchemist powder, alchemist powder can be only obtained through visiting your neighbor’s kingdoms. So you should save those alchemist powder on crafting the other building materials such as Gold brick.

These tips should help you to defeat Castleville beasties without spending much energy of your own.

Tip to Prevent Gloom Beast Spawn
Because there is a limit on how many gloom beasts there are at one time. What you can do is try to get them to spawn in a small area where they will not effect the majority of your buildings and crops. By keeping a few gloom beast alive in your kingdom, you can prevent new ones from being born.

Castleville Gloom Beast Summary Table
This table details everything that you need to know about gloom beasts.

Gloom BeastsSpawn
Potion Cost
(on Defeat)
(on Defeat)
Gloom RatHarvest Farm53Gloom Rat TailBone1~2 Energy
Gloom WolfTending Animal
Chopping Tree
85Gloom Wolf HairBone2~3 Energy
Gloom ThiefTaxable House
(Usually Tax Rate Above 600 coins)
108Thief's Cloak2~3 Energy
Gloom GoblinPotion Only129Gloom Goblin Ear2~3 Energy
Winter Gloom ThiefWinter 2011 Event7Thief's Cloak2 Energy
Winter Gloom GoblinWinter 2011 Event8Gloom Goblin Ear2 Energy

Plan Resources Ahead of Time

Because both resource gathering and crafting them into useable pieces take time. It is best for you to plan your resources ahead of time to be able to build continuously without lagging. Use these useful tables of recipes and building materials for your reference. Knowledge of the future is your key to level the fastest compared to your peers.

Implement Area Placement Boosts

There are a couple different combinations of building and placing your buildings, farm plots, as well as animal stocks. These bonuses will help you to expand and gather resources faster.

These combinations will boost the time it takes for your buildings and resources to mature faster. Note that the buildings have to be placed to each other throughout to receive the boost. What the placement boost does is to speed up the time that the countdown timer moves.

Farm Plot and Water Resources
Water resources can boost your farming time frame by 5%. This is not a lot for your 5 minute grapes. However, the amount does add up for the higher level crops such as wheat that takes over 1 hour to complete. You need to place your farm plots within 2 or 3 squares of the water resources such as pond, river, and mote. Those plots will become water filled that grows 5% faster.

It should be noted that if you stack the rivers or moat together and enclose the farm plot with river. You can get the stack effect. By fully enclosing a farmed plot with moat. You can achieve a maximum of 50% timer reduction by surrounding your specific farm plot with rivers.

The water resources available now include river, moat, wishing well, and various fountains and water pumps.

Lumber Camp and Trees
Place your lumber camp around many trees to boost the collection maturity time frame up to 50% off. You need to place the lumber camp next to multiple trees in order to obtain the best maximum bonus. The types of trees do not matter.

Mining Camp and Stones
Place your mining camp around many trees to boost the collection maturity time frame up to 50% off. You need to place the mining camp next to multiple stones in order to obtain the best maximum bonus. The types of stones do not matter.

Animals and Large Troughs
By placing your animals next to the large trough that you can buy via reputation points. You can have a speed bonus of 10% in Castleville. However, this bonus is not stackable, meaning that only one large trough will count toward tending your animals. Also make sure to fence your animal in with trough so that they do not wander around.

Crafting Buildings and Roads
Place roads in your kingdom and craft buildings on top of them, your craft buildings receive a 10% speed boost to crafting. Always make sure that you cover your kingdom with roads. This building placement will make your Castleville Workshop faster and Studio faster.

Tax Buildings and Roads
By placing your taxable Castleville houses on top of roads and courtyards, your taxable income will receive a bonus of 10%. For example, your taxable income of 500 will now become a bonus of 50. Also note that royal buildings receive the same coin bonus.

Fishing for More Items

Fishing in Castleville brings you some useful items. The items include pail of water, sand, bass, and shell. The pail of water can be used to cook. It is one of the best use of energy returns for the eggs and grapes. The bass can be crafted using the fried fish recipe which also generates good energy return. The shell and sand are used for higher level crafting items that are not necessary until way later in the game of Castleville.

It should also be noted that the fishing pond counts as a water resource that can boost the harvesting time of Castleville farm crops.

Fishing in Your Kingdom
Pond: You can fishing inside your kingdom’s pond at 5 minutes for each fishing attempt. You will also unlock another pond as you explore out into the gloomed area towards your right. You can also purchase pond available at level 16 for 19000 coins. However, it is not good to fish in your own kingdom’s pond unless the quest specifically asks you to do so. Because you can fish in your friend’s kingdom’s ponds using the daily helping energy.

Fishing in Friend’s Kingdoms
Barrel You Can Fish Out of Of is another item that you can fish with Duke’s kingdom. Some people have reported seeing the fishing barrels in other player’s kingdoms but I do not yet know how you can get that. Other than that, fishing in pond is the same when you complete tasks in other people kingdoms. You have a chance of receiving a reputation point.

Fish Bait Use
The fishing bait had been updated by Zynga so that you will get bonus boost items such as gloom potions, hyper craft, and other boosts. Based on what I have been seeing, the items that you can potentially get all can be bought using the reputation points. The fishing bait can only be used in your own kingdom and not your neighbors. In addition, if you “activate” the fishing bait, your neighbor’s action of attending YOUR kingdom will count towards using the fishing bait.

Crystal Shards and Expansion

There are a couple of ways that you can obtain the expansion crystal. I will go over all the ways possible right now. You first and uttermost important task is to get as many expansion. The expansion crystal shard is mostly acquired through social means within the game. Below details all of the ways that you can get the Castleville Expansion crystal shards to progress through the gloom areas.

1. Missions
Some missions (especially in the beginning) will grant you expansion crystals that you can use to expand early in game as a part of the quest chain.

2. Social Interactions for Crystal Shards
Visiting your friend’s kingdom is great both for your profit and for getting expansion crystals. When you complete your 5 actions in day and your actions have been accepted by your friend. The dismiss and gift button will pop up after you complete. The gift button is in fact giving you a crystal shard. So when you are playing, do not forget to accept people’s social actions and gift them with the needed expansion crystals.

3.Kill Beasties
Expansion Crystal Shards are a random loot dropped by Beasties.

4. Feed
When you click into the gloom area that you have enough Casle Points for, you can either expand if you meet all of the requirement. You can also post a expansion crystal shard request feed onto your wall if you do not have enough crystals. Post it often to let your friends know that you can give you the feed. There is however a limit on how often you can post to the wall, so be sure to always hit that limit.

Searching through your friend’s wall post for expansion crystal feeds, click on them to receive a expansion crystal shard for yourself and them. This is another quick and instant way to obtain the expansion crystals.

5. Build Craftshop to Combine Shards into Expansion Crystals
The crystal shards cannot be used directly to expand into the gloom area. You will need to first combine them using the craftshop. It takes 1.5 hours to make one expansion crystal. However, you can speed up the process using 1 crown. If you play often and wish to expand fast in game, it is good practice to build 3 craftshops as soon as your coins permit. With more craftshops in place, you can complete building materials faster, and expand into the gloomed areas faster.

Best Crops

This table contains all the crops that you can plant and harvest in Castleville. The table is not complete right now, however, more information will be added as I play through the game.

Based on your playing style, you can figure out which one are the best crops for you to grow and harvest in Castleville.

Grape15 Minutes15504554010 Grape + 5 Pail of Water = 3 Energy
Flax330 Minutes12510075145
Carrot41 Hour150150100100
Wheat524 Hours110055045018.75
Tomato88 Hours115040025031.25
Cabbage1012 Hours120050030025
Cotton1214 Hours125060035025
Cocoa1416 Hours130070040025
Oat163 Hours17522515050
Chili Pepper1818 Hours135080045025
Potato204 Hours140060020050
Strawberry2236 Hours1500100050013.88

I personally like Flax the best for the short term crop. The energy consumption is not heavy compared to grapes. In addition, flax is used for various crafting and cooking recipes.

Potato is the best medium term crop that generates 50 coins per hour. The harvest time frame is 4 hours.

For the long term, you want to go for either Cocoa or Chili pepper. These crops generate 25 coins per hour and have long harvesting time frame. 16 hours for Cocoa and 18 hours for Chili pepper. However, Cocoa offers some good return of energy in terms of kitchen use. More recipe information will be added later.

The best of the best however, is wheat because you can get the best return via the Castleville Kitchen cooking recipes.

Build and Upgrade Storage Cellar

Your kingdom will no longer be crowded by the items and decorations that you no longer need. With the storage, you can Below is a complete guide for the Castleville storage cellar and what you need to know.

To store items into your storage cellar, access the “design” tab and look to your left. You should see a tab where you can put items into the storage.

Note that you will lose the castle points if you put any royal castle decorations into your storage. However, you will regain them when you place them back into your kingdom. Everything can be stored in the Castleville storage cellar unless mentioned below.

Any unchopped trees or unmined rocks can be stored into the storage cellar. However, if it has been chopped or mined just once, the item will not be able to be stored. You can take items out of your storage by using the inventory tab.

Placing and Building the Storage Cellar

You can find the Castleville storage cellar under the “special” tab of your Castleville Building Selections.

It costs 10,000 coins to purchase the foundation and requires 15 wood log and 15 stones to build.

Upgrading the Storage Cellar

The Castleville storage cellar can be further upgraded to hold more items. Each upgrade requires additional building materials as well as 1 energy.

Castleville Upgrade 1: 100 Storage Unit
10 stone blocks, 10 wood planks and 3 coat of arms

Castleville Upgrade 2: 200 Storage Unit
3. 15 stone blocks, 15 wood planks, and 5 gloom wolf pelts.

Castleville Upgrade 3: 300 Storage Unit
20 stone blocks, 20 wood planks, 5 gold bricks, and 10 coat of arms.

Castleville Upgrade 4: 500 Storage Unit
30 stone blocks, 30 wood planks, 10 gold bricks, 10 wolf pelts

Castleville Upgrade 5: 1000 Storage Unit
40 stone blocks, 18 gold bricks, 4 angle finders, 12 gloom wolf pelts

Items that CANNOT be placed inside storage
These castleville cannot be placed into the storage. However the list may change at later Castleville updates.
1. Chopped Trees
2. Mined Rocks
3. Animals
4. Specialty Decoration: Skeleton, Bird Nest Pole, Trough, Tiki Sticks, Riverwater, Roots, Gingerbread Decoy, Dragon.
5. Royal Buildings
6. River