Guide for Strong and Powerful in Pockie Ninja

Pockie Ninja is a fun game with tons of content that you can do to make your Pockie Ninja character stronger in game. It is hard to keep track of all the little things that you can do to enhance the abilities of your Pockie Ninja. This guide is written to help those beginner and intermediate players who want to take their Pockie Ninja gameplay to the next level. By following all of the tips mentioned in this guide, you will be able to become stronger in game and win more duels and arena battles. With stronger ninja, you will also be able to level up faster and obtain more rare items in game.

Select and Powerup Your Outfits
Boosting Your Pockie Ninja Gear and Equipment
Raising and Become Stronger with Pockie Ninja Pets
Power of Bloodline and Bloodsoul System
Make More Gold
Make More Coupon
Earn More Stone
Use Artisan Room
Master Item Synthesis

Select and Powerup Your Outfits

The most obvious difference between the different outfits is that they will transform your character into your favorite Naruto or Bleach characters. The appearances alone give certain outfits major plus and can help you choose one over another if you really like the certain anime characters in Pockie Ninja.

Pockie Ninja Outfit Stats Explained

There are a couple of values that are associated with all Pockie Ninja Outfits, below are what you need to know about them in order to compare.

Initial Stat Values (ISV) are the values that you see on mouse over of any outfit, consist of Strength, Agility, and Stamina. This is the default Pockie Ninja strength, Agility, and Stamina.

Hidden Base Multiplier Value(BMV):
The multiplier rate/growth of how the outfit deals with Strength, Agility, and Stamina. Can be found in Character Info pop-up, by hovering over the words: Strength, Agility, Stamina. Each one affects the amount of your Secondary Stats.(Excludes: Guard Break, Pierce, Hit, Defence, Crit Strike, and Constit) BMV is depend on the gear stats because it directly affect the amount of all the Pockie Ninja secondary stats such as the actual attack amount.

Growth Rate Percentage(GR%):
Every outfit has a growth of 40% from the original ISV. So that everyone you + and upgrade an Pockie Ninja outfit, it would gain 40% of its original ISV stats.

Strength: Increase your Attack and Block based on your current equipped Outfit.
Attack: Damage dealt to your target when you attack.
Block: Chance to block part of the damage of your oppenent attack.
Agility: Increase your Speed and Dodge based on your current equipped Outfit.
Speed: Turn speed in combat.
Dodge: Chance to dodge oppenent attack in combat.
Stamina: Increase your HP and Chakra based on your current equipped Outfit.
HP: You will die when you run out of HP in Pockie Ninja
Chakra: You will consume Chakra to cast any ninjutsu.
Pierce: Pierce counters the effect of enemy block.
Hit: Hit is strong against enemy dodge.
Armor Break – aka GB: Armor break is effective versus enemy’s defense.
Defense: Reduce damage of your opponent’s attack
Critical: Increase your Pockie Ninja chance of critical chance and damage.
Constitution: The higher your Constitution is, the lower the effectiveness of your opponent’s Critical is.

Passive Bonus Types and Percentage:
Each of the Pockie Ninja outfit can be categorized into different releases that can give bonuses to the certain skill sets. Therefore you should pick an outfit that fits the skill strategy that you are aiming for. The gray suits gives 5% skill bonus, blue outfits gives 10% skill bonus, and lastly the orange suits gives 15% skill bonus.

Secret Technique Related
Each of the Pockie Ninja outifts have its own secret techniques that have more chance of being activated when you have low HP. In addition, you can also increase the rate at which Secret techniques are activated when you + your Pockie outfits as well.

Picking Your Outfits
To pick your outfits, you can forget all about the stats and just go for the orange suits. Pick the type of releases that you would like to shoot for. Then look into the type of stats that they try to boost. The type of stats boosted should be similar to the strategy that you want to go for release wise.

Leveling Up Pockie Ninja Outfits Through Item Synthesis
You can + your Pockie Ninja outfits by combining the upgraded ones with the non upgraded ones. Below are some chances and rates that you can use as references when upgrading your Pockie outfits.

In addition, there is a level limit on how you can equip the outfits based on your level. So becareful not to over upgrade your Pockie Ninja gears to the point that you cannot use it! The chance of upgrading the Pockie suits are also listed here for your convenience.

[Outfit +0 = lvl 1] +0—–> +1 <100% success rate>
[Outfit +1 = lvl 1] +1—–> +2 <86% success rate>
[Outfit +2 = lvl 3] +2—–> +3 80%
[Outfit +3 = lvl 6] +3—–> +4 67%
[Outfit +4 = lvl 9] +4—–> +5 <60% success rate>
[Outfit +5 = lvl 12] +5—–> +6 55%
[Outfit +6 = lvl 15] +6—–> +7 51%
[Outfit +7 = lvl 18] +7—–> +8 47%
[Outfit +8 = lvl 21] +8—–> +9 <43% success rate>
[Outfit +9 = lvl 24] +9—–> +10 40%
[Outfit +10 = lvl 27] +10—–> +11
[Outfit +11 = lvl 30] +11—–> +12
[Outfit +12 = lvl 33] +12—–> +13
[Outfit +13 = lvl 36] +13—–> +14
[Outfit +14 = lvl 39] +14—–> +15 30%
[Outfit +15 = lvl 42] +15—–> +16
[Outfit +16 = lvl 45] +16—–> +17
[Outfit +17 = lvl 48] +17—–> +18
[Outfit +18 = lvl 51] +18—–> +19 <25% success rate>
[Outfit +19 = lvl 54] +19—–> +20 <24% success rate>
[Outfit +20 = lvl 57] +20—–> +21 <23% success rate>
[Outfit +21 = lvl 60] +21—–> +22 <23% success rate>
[Outfit +22 = lvl 63] +22—–> +23 <22% success rate>
[Outfit +23 = lvl 66] +23—–> +24 <21% success rate>
[Outfit +24 = lvl 69] +24—–> +25 <21% success rate>
[Outfit +25 = lvl 72] +25—–> +26 <20% success rate>
[Outfit +26 = lvl 75] +26—–> +27 <20% success rate>
[Outfit +27 = lvl 78] +27—–> +28 <19% success rate>
[Outfit +28 = lvl 81] +28—–> +29 <18% success rate>
[Outfit +29 = lvl 84] +29—–> +30 <17% success rate>
[Outfit +30 = lvl 87] +30—–> +31 <17% success rate>
[Outfit +31 = lvl 90]

Pockie Ninja Outfits Synthesis Guide and Chances
Gray Outfit: (Syn value: 27)

Gray + 1 + 1 = Feather(100%)
Gray + 5 + 5 = Feather(10%)
Gray + 5 + 5 = Another Gray(90%)
Gray + 22 + 14 = Another Gray(90%)
Gray + 22 + 22 = Another Gray(75%)
Gray + 22 + 22 = Blue(25%)
Gray + 22 + 31 = Another Gray(50%)
Gray + 22 + 31 = Blue(50%)
Gray + 27 + 27 = Another Gray(50%)
Gray + 32 + 22 = Blue(50%)
Gray + 27 + 27 = Blue(50%)
Gray + 30 + 30 = Gray(50%)
Gray + 30 + 30 = Blue(50%)
Gray + 22 + 39 = Another Gray(50%)
Gray + 22 + 39 = Another Gray(50%)
Gray + 31 + 31 = Blue(90%)
Gray + 32 + 30 = Blue(90%)
Grey + 30 + 32 = Blue(90%)
Gray + 32 + 31 = Blue(90%)
Gray + 32 + 32 = Another Gray(25%)
Gray + 32 + 32 = Blue(75%)

Blue + 5 + 5 = Gray(90%)
Blue + 8 + 8 = Gray(90%)
Blue + 22 + 1 = Another Blue(90%)
Blue + 12 + 12 = Another Blue(90%)
Blue + 14 + 14 = Another Blue(90%)
Blue + 17 + 17 = Another Blue(90%)
Blue + 22 + 14 = Another Blue(90%)
Blue + 21 + 21 = Another Blue(90%)
Blue + 22 + 22 = Another Blue(90%)
Blue + 30 + 30 = Another Blue(90%)
Blue + 30 + 31 Orange (15%)
Blue + 31 + 31 = Another Blue(80%)
Blue + 31 + 31 = Orange (20%)
Blue + 35 + 27 = Orange (20%)
Blue + 32 + 32 = Another Blue(90%)
Blue + 32 + 32 = Orange (10%)
Blue + 35 + 31 = Another Blue(70%)
Blue + 35 + 31 = Orange (30%)
Blue + 35 + 35 = Another Blue(75%)
Blue + 35 + 35 = Orange (25%)
Blue + 43 + 27 = Another Blue(90%)
Blue + 39 + 32 = Another Blue(60%)
Blue + 40 + 31 = Orange(40%)
Blue + 32 + 40 = Another Blue(90%)
Blue + 39 + 35 = Another Blue(75%)
Blue + 35 + 39 = Orange(25%)
Blue + 40 + 35 = Another Blue(50%)
Blue + 43 + 32 = Orange(50%)
Blue + 39 + 39 = Another Blue(25%)
Blue + 39 + 39 = Orange(75%)
Blue + 43 + 35 = Orange(75%)
Blue + 40 + 40 = Another Blue(10%)
Blue + 40 + 40 = Orange(90%)
Blue + 46 + 35 = Orange(90%)
Blue + 39 + 43 = Orange(90%)
Blue + 46 + 39 = Orange(90%)

Orange + 1 + 1 = Blue(100%)
Orange + 5 + 5 = Blue(100%)
Orange + 14 + 14 = Blue(100%)
Orange + 22 + 22 = Blue(10%)
Orange + 22 + 22 = Another Orange(90%)
Orange + 27 + 22 = Another Orange(90%)
Orange + 30 + 30 = Another Orange(90%)
Orange + 32 + 32 = Another Orange(90%)

Skill List

Launch Time
and Percentage
Fire ReleaseFire PassivePassiveIncrease Fire Skills Effect
FireballFire AttackBy yourself
130% Damage
To burn a drunk enemy, causing 40% skill damage
12 seconds
BalsamFire CounterBeing Injured
40% Basic Damage
To burn a drunk enemy, causing 40% skill damage
12 seconds
BloodboilFire BuffBefore Your Action
Increase cast rate, but the caster will be injured when using ninjutsu that costs Chakra.21 seconds
SunsetFire BuffActivated on Combat
Chance to deal twice the damage during five elemental attribute attacks. Chances will raise as battle prolongsEntire BattleCanont use with Mist-hide
Water ReleaseWater PassivePassiveIncrease Water Skills Effect
Mist-hideWater BuffActivated on Combat:Chances to start counterattack preemptively. Longer the battle the chances increases and both side are immune to burning effects during the skill duration.Entire Battle
Giant WaterfallWater PassiveBefore enemy moves
Caster is under unfavorable
Stop enemy's attack and cause dizziness and Burning effect will stop when it hits the enemy!6 seconds
Crystal BladeWater AttackBy yourself100% Basic Damage No movement can be made and no damage will be received during that period. Burning effect will stop when it hits the enemy!23 seconds
PrayerWater DefenseUnder attackMake yourself invulnerable temporarily and you will be safe from any attacks except Secret Technique
Earth ReleaseEarth PassivePassiveIncrease Earth Skill effect
Great Mud RiverEarth DebuffBefore enemy movesSlow down enemy's speed at 50%12 seconds
Detonating ClayEarth AttackBefore actionEnvelop the enemy in clay that explodes after 11seconds. dealing the total damage accumulated for the past 11seconds
Earth PrisonEarth AttackAdditional AttackAbsorb 3% of the enemy's Chakra and weakens the enemy's defense by 50points
Mud WallEarth CounterUnder attackReflect 60% damage to the enemyCannot be used with subtitution
Lightning ReleaseLightning PassivePassiveIncrease Lightning Skill effect
Thunder FallLightning AttackAdditional Attack80% Basic Damage
Paralyze the enemy and slow down moving speed.
3.5 seconds
Static FieldLightning DefenseBefore ActionCreate a shield to block enemy's attack. For every 3 point damage from lightning ninjutsu, the shield will restore 1 point protection strength
One Thousand BirdsLightning AttackBy yourself160% Basic Damage
Paralyze the enemy, slow down moving speed.
3.5 seconds
Flying Thunder GodLightning AttackActivate in combat, restart when the effect is relievedHP's 7%HP's 7%
Wind ReleaseWind PassivePassiveIncrease Wind Skill effect
QuickstepWind AttackBefore your actionLaunch an additional attack, but the power reduces to 65%
Sandstorm ArrayWind CounterUnder Attack144% Basic Damage
Gale PalmWind AttackAdditional Attack108% Basic Damage
RasenganWind AttackBy Yourself180% Basic attack, the caster will received 30% counter damage
Body SkillsBody PassivePassiveIncrease Body Skill effect
Lotus SkillBody AttackBy Yourself250% Basic Damage
The caster will be in Enfeebled status after casting and stop moving. Block will also be weakened.
8 seconds
Great StrengthBody AttackAttack100% Basic Attack+ damage equals to 7% of the enemy's HP
Cause dizziness, stop the enemy's attack and from moving.
6 seconds
Eight Trigram PalmBody AttackBy yourself100% Basic Damage
Double enemy's Chakra consumption
The Eight Inner Gate ReleasedBody BuffUnder attackOpen a gate will raise attack speed by 10%, 8 gates can be opened at mostOngoing
Ninja Tool SkillsNinja Passive PassiveIncrease Ninja Tool Skill effect
PuppetTool AttackAdditional Attack48% Basic Damage
Inflicts poison status on the enemy and make the enemy lose HP before every moves.
BombTool AttackAttack210% Basic Damage
Hurls an explosive at enemy, dealing massive damage. It has 10% chance to deal damage to yourself as well.(hurls back the bomb at you)
LiquorTool AttackActivated on combat.Hurl wine at enemy, inflicting them with drunken status. Will trigger burning damage when damaged by fire skill attacks in this status. Drunken effect is ongoing.
SnaredTool DebuffBefore your actionTrapped by enemy, reduce Dodge rate by 6%
Sealing SkillsSealing PassivePassiveIncrease Sealing Skill effect
Tailed Beast HeartSealing BuffBefore your action randomly removes 1debuff.
Cursed Seal of HeavenSealing BuffActivated on CombatWield power of nature to increase skill level. Increased skill level cannot surpass the level of Cursed Seal of Heaven. Effect will vanish when Chakra is used up.
Five Elements SealSealing Attack
By yourself100% Basic Damage
Forbid enemy from using five element ninjutsu.
25 seconds
Dead Demon Consuming SealSealing AttackBy yourself100% Basic Attack
Reduce all damages and healings of the enemy by 70%
Illusionary SkillsIllusionary PassivePassiveIncrease Illusionary Skill effect
AssassinateIllusionary AttackBy yourself100% Basic Damage
Turn 50% of damage into your HP
Sexy TechniqueIllusionary ControlBy yourselfFlirt with enemies so that they cannot move15 seconds
Substitution TechniqueIllusionary DefenseUnder attackBlock 1 attack
Death Mirage JutsuIllusionary AttackAdditional AttackThe enemy will lost 6% of max HP and Chakra
Healing SkillsHealing PassivePassiveIncrease Healing Skill effect
Mystical Palm TechniqueHealingUnder Attack11% of lost HP
Pre-Healing JutsuHealingAfter injury3% of HP before every action and it can relieve poisonous effect as well.End after 2 restoration
Chakra BladeHealing AttackBy yourself100% Basic Damage+Chakra loss 30%
Reduce enemy's Chakra, the reduced amount is equal to 15% of your max HP
Creation BirthHealing BuffAfter character diesRebirth, and restore 25% of the max HP.

Boosting Your Pockie Ninja Gear and Equipment

Getting Your Equipment Stronger May be a Bit of Confusing with All the options that are available to you. This guide will help you to level up, enhance, and teach you everything about making your Pockie Ninja equipment stronger in game. If you have found this complete Pockie Ninja gear guide helpful, please check out our other Pockie Ninja guides written in game to help you. There are many ways to obtain gears in Pockie Ninja, some of the ways include buying them off shops, item mall, trading marketplace. You can also obtain gears through Pockie Ninja Vahalla runs and item synthesis.

Types of Gears
The types of Gears in Pockie Ninja are divided into different segment of Body, they are as followed: Outfit, Weapon, Glove, Pet, Hat, Chest Armor, Belt, Leg Armor, and Two types of Accessories that include Ring and Talisman.

The Pockie Ninja Outfit and Pet System is explained in another posts because those are topics of their own.

Weapon Choices and Limitation
Pockie Ninja weapon gears are divided into Sharp, Blunt, and Fist. Depending on the outfits that you have chosen to use in game, you will be limited to either one of these three weapon gears in most cases.

Pockie Ninja Gear Enhancement
The first action that you can inside Pockie Ninja armory is gear enhancement. To enhance your gears, you will need Enhancement Talisman at the equal level to upgrade your gears. To obtain some of the higher level enhancement talisman, you will mainly use higher level slot machines and gift boxes.

The gears can be at most enhanced 16 times. As you go up higher in level, the chance of success becomes less and less.

Pockie Ninja Gear Refine
Equipment above blue grade will have at least one extra grade attribute. You can use the Refine function to get additional attribute.
How to refine Click Refine in the Armory in any main city to enter the interface. Drag the equipment you want to refine in corresponding places as well as the refine talisman. However, the stats that you obtain from refine will override your existing stats. So be aware to use it on gears which stats are good already.

Enchantment System
You can also put enchantment stones into your gears to imbue it with additional stats. Depending on the type of enchantment stones, the different stones have different stat and specs that they add to your Pockie Ninja Gear. Below is a quick list of enchantment categories that Pockie Ninja offers:

Weapon – Weapon Enchantment Stone
Enhance critical strike, hit or piercing, Armour break or max attack according to the attribute of enchantment stone.

Helm and wrist – Top Enchantment Stones
Enhance block, dodge, constitution or defense according to the attributes of enchantment stone.

Chest Armor – Armor Enchantment Stone
Enhance block, dodge or constitution, Raise the maximum defence or HP according to the attributes of enchantment stone.

Belt, Leg Armor – Bottom Enchantment Stone
Enhance block, dodge or constitutionor defense according to the stats of enchantment stone.

Necklace,Ring – Accessory Enchantment Stones
Enhance critical strike, hit or piercing according to the Pockie enchantment stone spec.

In addition to the enchantment stones, you will also need to use Enchanting Talisman to enchant the stone into the gears. You can also get the Pockie Ninja enchantment talisman from slot machines of your level.

Pockie Ninja Slot System Explained
To utilize the slotting system, you first will have to open up any gem slots inside your gears. To do so you will need Pokie Ninja Slot Talismans. You can get Slot Talismans from Collecting Foreign Matter Bounty Quest & cleaning weeds in your Ninja Village. Most of the gears have 3 slots that can be opened by using the slot talisman.

Embed Gems in Slots
After you have opened up the slot in your gears using the Slot Talisman, you can then insert gems. Gems can be bought in item malls. These are the categories of gems that you can purchase in Pockie Ninja Item Mall. In addition, you can synthesis lower level gems to make them into higher level Pockie Ninja gems.

GemLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Ruby+14 Strength+21 Strength+28 Strength
Sapphire+14 Agility+21 Agility+28 Agility
Topaz+14 Stamina+21 Stamina+28 Stamina
Emerald+1.2% Speed+1.8% Speed+2.4% Speed
Diamond+1.2% Attack+1.8% Attack+2.4% Attack
Agate+1.2% HP+1.8% HP+2.4% HP

Gem Removal

Lastly, you can also remove the gems that you have slotted into your Pockie gears.

Pockie Ninja Engrave Guide
Engraving works hand in hand with refine. When you refine gears in Pockie Ninja, there are chances that you will lose the stats that you wish on the gear that you want. In this situation, engraving will help you to keep the stats that you want on the specific gear. It is worthwhile for the spending for really high level gears because in most cases you will end up using more gold or coupons to get the stats that you desire in Pockie Ninja.

To engrave, you will need both the Engrave blades and engrave stones. Engrave Blades’s grade rank from lvl 3 to lvl 8. They can be used on your equipments from level 30 to level 100. In addition, you can get Engrave blades from Valhalla Hard, Item Mall, and Las Noches.

Pockie Ninja Engrave Crystal Stone
Engrave Stones work exactly like engrave blades except they increase % success rate of engraving by 5% each. You will mostly obtain the Pockie Ninja Engrave Stone Crystals from slot challenges. The level of the stones that you will receive depend on the level of slots that you challenge.

Locking Gear Stats with Engraving
Once you have locked on a stat, the stat will have a “lock” sign next to the stats on your gear detail screen. Clear Gear Engraving, with the Pockie Ninja armory, you can also clear the engraved stats on your gears. By clear the engrave stats, the stat can be reset by refinement once again just like it was never engraved with Engrave Blade and crystals before.

Raising and Become Stronger with Pockie Ninja Pets

The Pockie Ninja pets are another important aspect in game to make your character strong. Below are ways to get a stronger pet in the game of Pockie Ninja.

Below are some of the ways for you to get more Pockie Ninja pets:

1. Exploration
2. Killing monsters.
3. Quest
4. Item Mall
5. Pet Tracing
6. Pet + 1s + 1s or Pet + 2s + 2s will result in another pet of same value.
7. Pet Wishing Jar

Upgrade Pet
You can upgrade your Pockie Ninja pets through item synthesis. Simply use your main pet and upgrade it with two +0’s to upgrade it. At higher levels there is chance to fail. There is not trick or cheats to get higher chances for upgrading your Pockie pet just like the outfits. It is all luck based.

Pet Feeding
To feed your Pockie Ninja pet and learn new skills. Drag pet into the pet kernal open slot, put food inside the food slots depending on the type of food it is. You can then start feeding which takes two hours or you can use gold or coupons for instant finish. Lastly, once the pet is fully fed, it can discover Pockie Ninja pet skills that can be used inside battles.

Unlock Pet Skill Slots
By upgrading your pet, you can unlock additional skill slots. For every +3 that you upgrade your Pockie Ninja pet, you unlock additional pet skill slots. The maximum level at which you can upgrade the pets is +27 at the moment.

Pockie Ninja Bankai Skill
To learn Bankai for your Pockie Ninja pet, simply upgrade your pets further in game. Every pet has a chance to learn every E skill and every bankai skill except for bankai fero and bankai sharp (which can only be learned by a +27 pet).

Jar Versus Upgrade
Depending on the level of your pet, it might be worthwhile to crack pet wishing jars to obtain higher level pets other than making them yourself, it will be cheaper to feed it food to learn new skills compared to upgrade them one by one in terms of stone cost.

Remember to Do Pet Tracing Daily
Pet Tracing is easy and is a great way for you to get more pets as well as pet food in Pockie Ninja. By completing and doing pet tracing everyday, you will receive the following pet related items:
1. Pet Eggs
2. Pet Food
3. Other Pet Features
4. Feathers

To start pet tracing, talk to any of the pet NPC inside the home town or Angel town, click on the Pet section and you should see a pet tracing section inside the town. However, there is a level requirement of level 18 before you can take advantage of the Pet tracing feature in Pockie Ninja.

Your purpose is to be able to flip over as many cards as possible. Choose a starting point so that the path can cover the most squares.

There are three types of pet tracing tools that you can use to enhance the amount of cards that your Pocket Ninja pet tracing can cover: These tools are:

Pet Tracing Spanner: Fix any broken errors
Knob for Pet Tracing: Turn the Arrows randomly.
Magnifer: Shown Hidden cards. Sometimes the card may be hidden that you do not know its directly and whether or not its broken.

If you have any unused tools, they will be lost and reset at midnight everyday on server time.

It should be noted that you can reset the cards by using the gold to reset it.

Power of Bloodline and Bloodsoul System

To activate bloodline limit in Pockie Ninja, you will have to provide gifts or complete specific quests to gain likings of the specific ninjas.

Bloodline Limit
To unlock the Pockie Ninja Bloodline limit, you must have reached level 25. As a part of the quest, you will obtain items to gain likeliness from the ninjas. After which you will be able to obtain additional stats from the eyes that each of the ninjas hold, as well as a chance to activate their secret techniques.

To view the list of bloodline limit ninjas, simply go into your bloodline limit screen on the bottom of the Pockie Ninja play screen. You will see a list of the ninjas that you can inherit the bloodline limit eyes from.

Bloodsoul system is like additional gears that you can equip on the different bloodlimits. To access the Pockie Ninja bloodsoul screen, go into your inventory and there is a bloodlimit section near the top left of your Pokie ninja character screen.

Bloodsoul Discover
You will have 10 free discovers per day to discover a new bloodsoul that you can equip onto your Bloodline limit. There is a cooldown period of 10 minutes of how often you can discover new bloodsouls. The newly discovered Pockie Ninja bloodsouls are ranked level 1. Depending on the different Pockie Bloodsouls that you have discovered, they have different stats that they can increase your stats for. These increases can help to make your Pockie Ninja character stronger in game.

Bloodsoul Synthesis
You can synthesis different levels of Pockie Ninja bloodsoul into higher levels that can give you

Bloodsoul Pray
You can also use your blood souls to enhance the ability of your bloodline limit. Different bloodsouls can be used to enhance different kind of attributes. Depending on the ranking of your Pockie Ninja bloodsoul, it can grant different amount of blood limit experience points into praying. The bloodsoul praying has a cooldown on how often you can use this technique.

Bloodsoul Ranking and Level Requirement
You need to be careful not to over upgrade your Pockie Ninja bloodsouls because the higher level souls have bloodline limit level requirements. This means that you cannot equip high level blood souls on blood limits that are low level.

Equipping and Clear Bloodsouls
You can equip the Pockie Ninja Bloodsouls by clicking on the bloodsouls and click equip. The bloodsouls will be then attached to the bloodlimit that you have chosen to equip.

Do Daily Quests

Daily actions are super important to become much stronger in Pockie Ninja. Please note that the tips here overlaps with other sections of this guide and act as a summary.

Daily Liveliness Actions
Pretty much all of the actions mentioned in the Daily liveliness should be completed for various rewards. Below are list of these Pockie Ninja daily tasks that should be done within the Ninja journal. Read the Pockie Ninja Coupon Making Guide to learn more about these actions.

Las Noches
Bounty Quest
Slot Machine
Outdoor Exploration
Arena Fights
Free Duel

Daily Pet Tracing Rewards
Another daily action that you should do per day is pet tracing. Pet tracing is an important daily task that will make your Pockie Ninja pet stronger and more powerful.

Discover Bloodsoul
You should try to discover additional bloodsouls whenever you login to Pockie Ninja daily. Without spending gold, there is a cooldown period of 10 minutes for each time that you can discover Pockie Ninja bloodsouls. So whenever you have the chance, spend the daily time to discover bloodsouls that can increase the power of your Ninja.

Daily Sign-in Bonus
Depending on the month it is in Pockie Ninja. There are cool sign in bonuses that you can use to powerup your character in game on a daily basis. Take note of the requirement needed to complete the sign in, and make sure that you do sign to claim your rewards in game.

Make More Gold

Gold is one of the most valuable resources in the game of Pockie Ninja.

Purchase Gold Directly with Cash
This is probably the best sure fire way of getting in game gold, if you do not have the real world cash, consider getting a job or find some other ways to make money. By purchasing gold directly with real world money is the best way.

Auction House Trading to Make More Gold
The other way to obtain gold in game is through auction house trading with other players. Here are some of the trading concepts that you must understand for trading within the Auction Houses.

Each Server is Different
Depending on the Pockie Ninja server that you play in, the auction houses prices all vary. To really excel in making the gold that you need, you will have to spend some time to observe the prices and notice what prices sell, and what trading prices will make you profit in gold.

Supply and Demand
The prices of gold is really dependent on the amount of players on your server that are willing to spend real world cash to obtain the edge in game. Typically speaking, a brand new server might have more abundance of gold in auction houses because more real world money is being poured in, as the server progresses, the rate at which gold exchanges will drop over time. By understanding this effect, you should farm gold as early as possible inside a server. Given that your own leveling rate is not hurt by such a move.

Item Sync for Profit of Gold
Once you have unlocked auction house, visit it often to buy materials for Pockie Ninja item synthesis. Some of the best items to purchase are pets and food, your goal is to purchase these Pockie Ninja raw items at prices cheaper than what you can auction back to the auction house for. For example, if you have spent a total of 6 gold to gather the materials, you may be able to sell the finished product for 10 gold which generates a profit of 4 gold. However, be careful about synthesizing only unbound items so that you can still sell them.

Prey for Newbie’s Gold Mistakes
Another good way to make good is to prey on the lack of knowledge of newer players. If you have observed the prices of the buying and selling gold prices of certain prices, you can make profit of gold by trading them. This is especially true on items that newer players typically do not know the value of. This include name cards, demon items, etc. By having knowledge of the game throughout, you will find many gold making opportunities.

Buy Low, Sell High for Gold Earning
This is the never dying motto of making any kind of profit in any MMORPG, this gold making method is also true in Pockie Ninja. You can make a profit in any item as long as you buy low enough, and resell them at a profit after subtracting out the fees that Pockie Ninja Auction house charges. By able to buy low and sell high of items, you can make gold profit in any item.

Hunting for Unbound Items
You can hunt for unbound items which can be sold at the auction house for gold.
Slots – Look out for these unbound items to sell for gold.
Exploration – Look out for these unbound items: Lucky gems, Demon Proofs, Keys can make you some gold.
Daily Pet search – Look out for these unbound items: Eggs/pets
Valhalla – Look out for these unbound items: Any s3 items
One or two Quests – Look out for these unbound items: Any s3 Item

Village Gold Investment
Village investment is an indirect way of generating more gold in the future. By putting gold and investing them into your Pockie Ninja village, you can generate more stones and medals from a higher level upgraded villages. You can then use those stones and medals to exchange for items that can be sold for more profit in gold. If you are planning to play Pockie Ninja for the long haul over a long period of time, investing gold into your village is a good way to generate interest of gold in the future!

Make More Coupon

Pockie Ninja Tutorial Quests
The tutorial quests are easy and fast to complete. So spend the time to complete those education quests to earn experience points and gift coupons. When you level up in Pockie Ninja.

Pockie Ninja Liveliness Fast
There are a couple liveliness tasks that you can do to obtain the coupons in game. Below are some tips on how to get through them fast in order to clear your Liveliness requirement to get Coupons in Pockie Ninja. To view the tasks left, you can view the ninja diary to see which tasks can still be done for you to obtain the liveliness credit for coupons.

How Does Liveliness Requirement Work
Daily Liveliness Coupon Claim
By completing the certain number of Liveliness points, you can get more of the following Pockie Ninja Coupons:
50 Liveliness: 3 Coupons
110 Liveliness: 6 Coupons
190 Liveliness: 9 Coupons
250 Liveliness: 12 Coupons

Weekly Liveliness Coupon Claim
You will also obtain bonus Pockie Ninja coupons if you achieve more than 190 liveliness for more than 1 day. You can claim the bonus Pockie coupons on Saturday or Sunday, below is the amount of coupon that you can claim:

1 Day: 1 Coupon
2 Day: 3 Coupons
3 Day: 6 Coupons
4 Day: 10 Coupons
5 Day: 15 Coupons
6 Day: 21 Coupons

Las Noches
For Las Noches, it is a really good source of experience points and key to leveling up fast in Pockie Ninja. However, for the purpose of clearing the liveliness fast, just play one stage and quit to get the credit for playing in Las Noches.

Vahalla is a good source of obtaining stones and equipments, however if you are in a hurry to complete the liveliness task for coupon, you can do the same thing. Start the quest and end it quick to obtain the necessary liveliness points. You do not need to actually complete any battles to obtain the liveliness credit to get the Pockie Ninja coupons.

Slot Machine
For slot machines, there is no really fast way to do it. Just remember to complete it at the level that you can do. To do it fast, choose the ones that you can do it solo so that you will not waste time trying to find parties and friends to complete the slot machines with you.

Daily Quests
There are multiple daily bounty quests that you can do to clear the daily quest requirements. To do the ones fast, avoid the ones where you have to defeat the field bosses and focus on talking to resident which can be done pretty fast.

Arena Battle
For Arena Battle, just do it daily without thinking. The medals themselves are worth to do. Complete your arena battles fast on a daily basis.

This one will take a bit of time because you cannot continuously explore nonstop. Your best bet is to start exploring early on in your daily task, then move on to the others such as Arena, dungeons, and Las Noches.

Lastly, you can pick 10 free duels to complete your 290 Liveliness requirement.

Gift Coupon Reward Bags
Occasionally there are special events and Pockie Ninja sign in bonus that gift you with Pockie Ninja Gift coupon reward bags, you can use these bags to obtain 10~100 coupons. However, in most cases you will get the lower spectrum of the coupons meaning 10 coupons per opening.

Earn More Stone

Vahalla Dungeon
Valhalla dungeon is great source of making stones in game, you get 3 tries per day to complete the Pockie Ninja Vahalla dungeon, do it often to gain stones from the Vahalla dungeons.

Field Battles
You will earn little amount of stones when you complete the field battles. Although this method does not get you great stone gain,

Complete Quests
The best and most painless way to gain stones. Follow the tutorial quests and other quests so that you can earn stones while getting good Experience points. Follow the story line will also help you to learn more different aspect of Pockie Ninja as well.

Claim Bounty
You can accept bounty quests on a daily basis which can give you good amount of stones per day. Look out for quests that specifically rewards you with Pockie Ninja stones for more stone gains.

World Map Exploration
On the world map, there are locations where you can conduct exploration where you flip a card in Pockie Ninja. In these exploration drawings, you can earn good amounts of stones.

Slot Machine Battles
Make sure that you attempt the slot machine battles often to get rare items so that you can sell for more stones.

Use Artisan Room

There are Two functions that the Artisan Room serves, Craftsman Distillation and Craftsman Force. If you like this guide, please check out our other Pockie Ninja guides and walkthroughs.

Pockie Craftsman Distillation:
By spending gold, you can increase the power of one stat in an equipment by 1. It costs 50 gold the first time that you use craftsman distillation and increase by 50 gold each time when you work on the same stats.

Craftsman Force:
By using Craftsman Talismans, we can now CHOOSE the stat that we want for our equips. You can go into the craftsman interface, and select the stats that you wish for your gears as long as you have the Craftsman talisman.

Master Item Synthesis

Common Pockie Ninja Terminology and Synthesis Process Guide
Gears ranking in Pockie Ninja can be basically determined by how many additional stats that they have. Item to modify + Catalyst + Catalyst = Product (success rate)
If the success is not 100%, it means that the item is unchanged when the synthesis fails.

When you synthesis items in Pockie Ninja, if any of the item is bound, the resulting item will be bound as well. Check the following example of bound and unbound items in Item synthesis:

Bound Item + Bound Item + Bound Item = Bound Item
Bound Item + Unbound Item + Bound Item = Bound Item
Bound Item + Unbound Item + Unbound Item = Bound Item
Unbound Item + Bound Item + Bound Item = Bound Item
Unbound Item + Unbound Item + Bound Item = Bound Item

Unbound Item + Unbound Item + Unbound Item = Unbound Item

The only way for you obtain the unbound item using item synthesis is only to process the item synthesis with purely unbound items.

Pockie Ninja 2S gears
40% = 1S + 1S + 1S
60% = 1S + 1S + 1.6x EXP Mark
70% = 1S + 1S + 2S
80% = 2S + 1S + 1S
99% = 2S + 2S + 2S

3S Gears
20% = 2S + 2S + 2S
40% = 2S + 2S + 3S
90% = 3S + 1S + 1S

4S Gears
(10%) Not Recommended = 3S + 2S + 2S
(20%) = 3S + 3S + 3S
(25%) = 3S + 3S + Lucky Gem
(30%) = 3S + Lucky Gem + Lucky Gem
(40%) = 3S + Lucky Gem +4S
(45%) = 3S + Orange Suit + Lucky Gem
(45%) = 3S + Orange Suit + Orange Suit
(70%) = 3S + Lucky Gem + (52 Syn value)National Cup trophie
(70%) 4S + 30 Syn Value Pet + 30 Syn Value Pet, 30 Syn Value Pet can be replaced with any Level 1 Gem
(80%) 4S + 2S + 2S, 2s Can be replaced with enchantment Gem
(80%) 3S + 4S + 4S

Pokie Ninja Food Synthesis
Beer + 1s + 1s = 1.6x EXP Mark (90%)
Beer + Anonymous name card + 1s = 1.6x EXP Mark (80%)
Riceball + 2s +2s = 1.6x EXP Mark (60%)
Sausage + 2s + 2s = 1.6x EXP Mark (60%)
Eternal Focus potion(any type) + 1s + 1s = Konoha secret ingredient
Konoha secret ingredient + 1s + 1s = Toad scret ingredient
Pet food from shop + 1s + 1s = Another pet food (could be one with greater feeding value)

Misc Synthesis
Annonymous Name Card + 2s + 1s = Hand Grenade (90%)
Hand Grenade + 2s + 2s = Demon Proof (60%); Feather (10%)
Exploration Key + 1s + 1s = Another Exploration Key

Pockie Ninja Suit Synthesis Chart
Blue suit (70%) = Grey suit + 2s + 2s
Orange suit (70%) = Blue suit + Blue suit + 3s
Orange suit (80%) = Blue suit + 3s + 3s
Orange suit (90%) = Blue suit + 3s + Lucky Gem

Pockie Ninja Quest Item Synthesis Guide
Anonymous Card+ Anonymous Card+Anonymous Card = Anonymous Card Folder
Weapon+ Weapon disassembler + Weapon Disassembler= Iron Ore
Armor+ Armor Disassembler + Armor Disassembler= Iron Ore
Acessory + Acessory DIsassembler + Acessory Disassembler= Iron Ore
Weapon+ Mystery Disassembler + Hand Grenade= Rare Iron Ore (60%)
Armor+ Mystery Disassembler + Hand Grenade= Rare Iron Ore (60%)
Acessory+ Mystery Disassembler + Hand Grenade= Rare Iron Ore (60%)

Pet Synthesis for Pockie Ninja
Another Sync value 30 pet = Sync value 30 pets + 1s + 1s
Sync value 40 pet (30%) = Sync value 30 pets + 2s + 2s
Sync value 40 pet (80%) = Sync value 30 pets + 3s + 3s
Sync value 40 pets = Sync value 40 pets + 1s + 1s
sync value 30 pets = Sync value 40 pets + Anonymous name card + Anonymous name card
Vulture = Sync value 30 pets + Anonymous name card + Anonymous name card
Orange suit + 1s +1s = Orange suit of another character


Above mentioned are all the possibilities on how you can make you in game character stronger. Remember to go through each of these categories and plan out your Pockie Ninja building strategy is the key to having the strongest possible character in game. Please leave any comments if you have any additional Pockie information or strategies that you would like to add.


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