Epic Pet Guide – Baby Angel, Baby Demon, Teeka, Fire Lord, and Demon King for Crystal Saga Origins

Baby Angel, Baby Demon, Teeka, and Fire Lord are some of the most powerful pets in game of Crystal Saga. In this thorough and complete guide, I will walk you through on all the different aspects of obtaining the most powerful pets in game. If you are new to the game, you should take a look at the basic of Crystal Saga Pets.

Getting the Basic Powerful Epic Pets

There are a couple of ways on how you can get these crystal saga origins eggs to hatch. Below is a complete list.

Purchase them from Other Players
You can purchase these eggs from other players. Depending on the server and local economy, these pet eggs cost range from 2g~4g.

Dragon Hunt Roulette
You can receive various epic pet eggs by playing in the dragon hunt roulette game using the dragon coins.

Purchase Epic Peg Eggs from MyShop
You can also purchase these eggs from myshop. The current prices of the pet eggs are as follows:
Baby Angel Egg: 50 Crystal
Baby Demon Egg: 50 Crystal
Teeka Egg: 125 Crystal
Fire Lord Egg: 150 Crystal

Epic Pets Egg Hatching Chance

These Crystal Saga baby angel, baby demon, teeka, and fire lord hatching chances are based upon player experience and not have been thoroughly tested. However, you can use this as a reference as to how much money or time that you need to spend in order to obtain these powerful crystal saga origins pets.

Baby Angel
The chance of hatching crystal saga origin baby angel is about 10% chance

Baby Demon
The chance of hatching crystal saga origins baby demon is about 10% chance

The chance of hatching crystal saga origins Teeka is about 5% chance

Fire Lord
The chance of hatching a Fire Lord is roughly 2~3% chance.

Morphing Crystal Saga Epic Pet Tree

Two of these epic pets can be morphed into higher versions. The versions are as following:
Baby Angel -> Super Angel -> Burning Angel
Baby Demon -> Super Demon -> Demon King

Note: On the last stage of the morph into burning angel or demon king, you will need to morph it together with a Crystal Saga Fire Lord. The fire Lord does not disappear after the morph.

Crystal Saga Epic Pet Innate Skills

Below are the skills the come from each strong pets:

Baby Angel: Devil Shot, Flame Shield
Super Angel: Angel’s Blessing, Angelic Aura
Burning Angel: Angelic Domain, Greater Angelic Aura, Power of Earth Angelic
Baby Demon: Fast Attack, Armor Crush
Super Demon: Surprise Attack, Satanic Attack
Demon King:
Demonic Domain – Dazes targets within a 150 range for 4 seconds.
Satanic Frenzy – Deals 100% physical damage within a 450 range and drains 15% of the damage dealt as hp for the pet.
Power of Faith – Another aoe damage skill for a range of 250 this attack deals damage 3 times with 80% of the demons physical damage. Really great Aoe Attack.
Teeka: Healing, Infinity, Charm
Fire Lord: Hell’s Lava, Flamethrower, Infernal Destruction

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