Crystal Saga Wing Upgrade Guide

Wings is another area in Crystal Saga where you can upgrade and increase the power of your in-game character. This guide will walk you through the upgrade system of Crystal Saga Wings.

Obtaining the First Set of Wings

You will receive the first set of Crystal Saga wings when you complete the level 20 quest. The wings are automatically equipped and you have the option of upgrading them and further morphing them into stronger version of the wings.

Wing Interface

In the game system, you can access the wings interface by pressing “J”. In this screen, you can see your current wings stats as well as the next one. You will also see the required materials for you to attempt to upgrade your wings.

Lucky Star

Everytime when you upgrade and you fail at upgrading, you will receive lucky points which will in turn increase your next shot at upgrading. The more lucky stars that you have, the more likely that you are to successfully upgrade. However, even with all the lucky stars and bonuses, it might still be hard to successfully upgrade your Crystal Saga Wings.

Wings Bonuses

The highest level wings bonuses include physical attack, magic attack, physical defense, magic defense, healing, movement speed, luck and critical defense. Always try to upgrade your wings so that you can have the most bonuses possible.

List of Crystal Saga Wings

The list of the crystal saga wings are available as follows as well as their required materials for the upgrades.

Glowing Wings – each upgrade attempt costs 4 Heroic Wings
Angel Wings – each upgrade attempt costs 6 Heroic Wings
Dual Angel Wings – each upgrade attempt costs 10 Heroic Wings
Fire Wings – each upgrade attempt costs 12 Heroic Wings
Angel Lord Wings – each upgrade attempt costs 13 Ethereal Wings

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