Complete Pockie Ninja Leveling Guide

In this guide, you will learn everything that you need to know about leveling up fast in game as well as getting the most EXP for everything that you can do in game. If you have found this Pockie Ninja leveling guide useful in you getting more exp and leveling up faster, please share with your friends and visit my other useful Pockie Ninja guides.

Chain Attacks for Additional EXP Gain

Chain attacks is a great way for you to level up in Pockie Ninja. It is especially useful when you are at higher levels. Use Chain attacks along with coupon instant completion during the double EXP events for faster EXP and level up gain. In addition, this method will let you loot during your battles. So always take advantage of this option especially when you are higher level in Pockie Ninja.

Offline Leveling of Training Hall

It takes stone to get this kind of Pockie Ninja leveling, however it is well worth the cost of stones. You can also obtain additional EXP by entering the special room through Angel City. You can also gain some items while getting Pockie Ninja offline experience points inside the training hall.

Medal Trading for Pockie Ninja Leveling EXP

Depending on your Pockie Ninja arena rank, you can turn in medals for EXP. You can gain medals by Ranking up in arena, Betting in World Cup(WC), and doing Arena battles. As you rank up and gain more medals in game, you will be able to level up faster by trading in your medals for leveling EXP. Lastly, you can trade for EXP in the Cash section of the game.

Apprentice System for EXP leveling in Guidance Room

The apprentice system is a nice addition to help you level up faster and advance faster in game. Below is a guide to everything that you need to know about Pockie Ninja Apprentice. If you have found this guide useful, please check out our other useful Guides for Pockie Ninja.

Obtaining Teachable Apprentices
To obtain the targets that you can use as apprentice, you first need to fight in the arena battle. You can subdue the level 18+ opponents that you have defeated in the battle arena.

Subdue Targets Who Are Apprentice
However, if the targets that you face is already another player’s apprentice, you will have to battle them for the right to become the Master of the apprentice. This usually is harder because the master of another apprentice is by default stronger than the other apprentice the majority of the time.

Vahalla Apprentice Team
In Vahalla, you can team up with your Pockie Ninja apprentice so that you can effectively solo the dungeon with just yourself without the help of other players. One thing should be noted is that the level requirement of the Vahalla dungeon runs still apply to your apprentice teammates. So you have to make sure that you have high level enough of apprentices to run the Vahalla dungeon.

Experience Points By Punish
You can earn some instant experience points when you “educate” or “punish” your Pockie apprentices. Depending on your level, you have additional functions in which you can interact with the apprentice.

Apprentice EXP Accumulation
By having and keeping your Pockie Ninja apprentices, your apprentices can earn EXP for you over the next 72 hours. Your apprentices will leave on their own after 72 hours or be taken away by other players if they defeat you. Because of this function, the Pockie apprentice system is one of the best way to level up in Pockie Ninja.

Pet System and Apprentice
When you are feeding your Pockie Ninja pet in the pet panel, you have a choice to use your apprentice inside the pet feeding screen. By adding your apprentice into the Pockie pet kernel, you can increase the speed that your pet can feed and finish digest the food.

Fight in Arena

Arena battle in Pockie Ninja is a great way to obtain new suits, get more EXP, and compare your playing strategy to other players. You can fight up to 20 times per day in the Pockie Ninja arena.

The arena opponents are automatically generated based on your Arena ranking. This means that you will face higher level opponents based on where you stand as the ranking of the Pockie Ninja arena. You can then pick the arena opponents to fight. You will be able to see the opponent’s level as well as the outfit that they use.

The arena opponent list can be refreshed for free once every hour.

Arena Row Completion Reward
When you defeat the entire row of opponents in the arena, you will get to flip a card that is similar to the world map exploration cards. You will have a chance to receive metals and some arena gears.

Pockie Ninja Arena Medal Exchange
The medals that you earn inside the arena can be exchanged for EXP based on your Pockie Ninja level as well as exchange for Jar Shop items. Depending on the ranking of your arena status, you will earn varying amount of medals per arena fight that you do.

Fighting Pockie Ninja Arena Judges
When you have one of the top arena ranking in Pockie Ninja, you will no longer be matched with real players because there is no one to match you do. In this situation, you will be paired up with Arena Judge or Referee to continue fighting inside the Pockie Ninja Arena. The basic guideline is to take out all of your gears and use a healing pet. Your goal is to wear down the HP without the judge dealing too match damage to you. By having a healing Pockie Ninja pet while fighting the Arena Referee, you have higher chance of winning by having more HP than the judge at the end of the arena battle.

Pockie Ninja Daily Liveliness Note
The arena fights inside Pockie Ninja will count towards the daily liveliness requirement which is needed to exchange for Pockie Ninja coupons in game.

Arena Ranking Guide
Everytime you win in a arena battle, your rank would increase. Otherwise, everytime that you lose in an arena battle, your Pockie Ninja arena rank will decrease. For every certain amount of ranking points, you will fight a mini boss to rank up to the next level. After you rank up to the next arena ranking, you do not lose the ranking even if your rank points fall below the level required.

Pockie Ninja Apprentice System
It should be noted that you can “subdue” arena opponents that you have defeated who is over level 18. By subdueing and obtain apprentices, you can earn additional Pockie Ninja EXP.

Use and Save Misc EXP Items

There are many EXP items in game that can boost your EXP gain such as Sage Pancea. Make good use of them and save them as a lower level, by using them where leveling becomes long and hard at higher level in Pockie Ninja is a great way to boost your higher level’s leveling speed.

Valhalla Luxurious Reward as Pockie EXP Booster

This is a nice EXP booster if you complete the most camps in a certain week. This can be a nice booster if you check your rank often in Pockie Ninja.

Quest EXP for Faster Leveling Up

Quests are nice EXP gains to your Pockie Ninja character. Always try to do as many quests as you can so that you can earn nice little quest rewards on top of the EXP to help you level up faster in Pockie Ninja.

Las Noches for Long EXP

Las Noches is a great way for you to gain EXP and level up in Pockie Ninja. However, the only downfall is that it may get boring for the long walk and Las Noche is limited to two tries per day. In addition, some of the boss fights in Pockie Ninja Las Noches can be harder for beginner players. Lastly, it costs stones or gold to use the Express and VIP path which can shorten the amount of time for Las Noche. And, you should use Carrier bags well so that you can bring more potions.

Leveling Up with EXP Eggs

You can farm eggs to earn different rewards such as medals that can be traded for EXP. The amount of eggs that you can hatch at one time is dependent on the arena rank that you have.

Demon Proof of Suppression for EXP

DPS is obtained by Grenade + 2s + 2s there is a chance to fail and that is when the catalyst is back to a grenade. DPS is a great way to leveling up because it can also gain you some nice items such as 2s, 3s and lucky gems, etc.

Bounty Quest

Bounty quests are an important aspect of Pockie Ninja that plays a part of in the Daily Liveliness rank for coupons and offers one of the best way to obtain Stones in Pockie Ninja. Below is a guide on everything that you need to know about the Pockie Ninja Bounty quests.

The bounty quests are divided into various ranks that offers different levels of rewards. The ranks for the Pockie Ninja bounty quests are S, A, B, C. S = Red, A = Orange, B = Blue, and C is labeled as Black. Depending on the ranks of the tasks, you will receive varying rewards. The higher ranked Pockie Ninja bounty quests will give you additional rewards.

There are a few bounty quests that you can accept in the game. Below is a list of them and the bounty quest rewards that you can obtain.

Demon Elimination
You will be assigned a certain monster on the outdoor map that you will need to kill. The higher ranked Demon elimination bounty quest will require to kill you more monsters in return for more reward EXP. Lastly, the monsters that you are assigned typically match with your Pockie Ninja character level.

Reward: EXP Only

Visiting Residents
Visiting resident is one of the easier and fastest Pockie Ninja bounty quest to complete. You simply accept the quest and go talk to another NPC on a certain map to complete the quest.

Reward: EXP
Randomly obtain the following items: HP/Chakra carrier bag, healing medicine, arcanum, fresh beer, demon proof of suppression, low level inscription talisman.

Refining Materials
For this bounty quest, you will have to obtain Iron ores from disassembly for Iron ores: the formula is as followed:

Weapon + weapon disassembly scroll x 2
Armor + weapon disassembly scroll x 2
Accessory + Accessory disassembly scroll x 2

You can obtain the disassembly scrolls by visiting the item shops.

Reward: EXP, Stones

Mysterious Mineral
You will synthesize for rare ore for this Pockie Ninja bounty quest. What you will have to do is to synthesis weapon, armor, or accessory with 1 mystery disassembly scroll plus a hand grenade. By completing this quest, you will earn a great amount of stones.

Reward: EXP, Stones

Collect Foreign Matter
You will attack the outdoor monsters to collect items to complete this bounty quest. Depending on the ranking of the quest accepted, you may be able to obtain high ranking equipment. For example, a rank A collect foreign matter quest has a chance of giving you orange equipment.

Reward: EXP
Randomly obtain the following items: Equipment based on bounty quest rank, enhancement and synthesis items, skill reset stone, pet food, demon proof of suppression, love level inscription talisman.

Boost to Increase EXP Earned
When you are claiming the rewards for the Pockie Ninja bounty quests that you have completed, you have the option to boost the amount of EXP that you get as bounty rewards: Below is a list of these bonus rewards:

1 Gold = 25% additional EXP earned
1 coupon = 20% additional EXP earned
1000 Stones = 10% additional EXP boost

Weekly Bounty Quest and Medal Reward Conversion

You will obtain certain amount of Pockie Ninja bounty quest points based on the tasks completed. Every week, your bounty quests points will be automatically converted into medals that you can use.

Experience Table


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