Complete Honor Ranking Guide and Military Salary for Crystal Saga Origins

This guide will teach you everything that you need to know about the honor system in Crystal Saga Origin.

Earning Honor

There are a couple of things that you can do to obtain more honor points, they are as follows:
Daily Hunt: 100 Maximum Honor per day
Sengolia: 160-480 Honor per day
Guide Resource Battleground: 250 Honor per day
Guild Daily Quest: 500 Maximum honor per day
Redemption: 240 Maximum Honor per day
Wishing Well: Unknown Max Honor
Quests: Varying Honor

Below is a more detail guide on honor ranking:

Guild Resource Battleground

This quest is available daily to any person who is a member of a guild. You need to gather 20 Winter Grass, 16 Tripoco Fruit, 6 Black Rice and 2 Purple Crystalloids from the Resource battleground. Talk to the guild management officer NPC in stargate during the daily event time. You will receive 250 honor, 12 bronze honor badge, and 10 guild contribution points.

Guild Daily Quests

You can accept guild related quests within the guild management system. These are some of the daily crystal saga guild quests that you can use. Labor – Collect resources, Crisis Management – Kill Monsters, Building – Collect item from monster, and Tuning Hunt – dungeon monster. These quests will give you EXP based on your level as well as 25 honor. You can accept up to 20 quests per day.

Sengolia Battlegrounds

This is an PvP event that takes place twice per day. You will fight another team of players to take over their Crystal of Life. You can gain some exp, honor points, and honor badges w.


The redemption quest is available after you reach level 40. You can do three redemption quests per day from the high priest epauch. You will have to defeat some bosses after defeating normal monsters of the same level.

Daily Hunts

The daily hunts will become available after you reach level 30. You can accept the daily hunts quest for honor points from the Starglade Gate guard. You can complete the quest 20 times per day for 5 honor points a pop.

Various Quests

The various quests that you can do per day will grant you some honor points.

Wishing Well

The wishing well can give you honor points. You can get them from golden honor fruits at 50 honor points per fruit.

Honor Ranking

You will receive rankings based on the honor points that you have. The honor ranking are as follows:

Honor Based Titles

There are a few crystal saga titles that you can obtain based on the honor ranking that you have achieved. These honor ranking titles are:
For more titles and achievement bonuses for Crystal Saga Origins, check out

Military Salary

Depending on your honor ranking level, you will receive different military salaries in terms of coupons, for example, you will receive 5 coupons when you reach captain honor ranking level.

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