Complete Guide to Pets for Crystal Saga Origins

Pets are a major component of the game for Crystal Saga Origins. This guide will teach you everything that you need to know about training, capturing, and leveling up your pets in game.

Types of Crystal Saga Pets

There are a few pets in game that you can obtain. They are as follows:
Baby Pet: The Babies of Ordinary Pets who start at level 1 when you first capture them. The baby pets have higher Maturity level and Aptitudes than normal pets.
Ordinary Pet: The basic pets in Crystal Saga
Morph Pets: They have a higher Maturity and Aptitudes, and can learn a few more special skills than ordinary pets.
Epic or Purchasable Pets: They have a higher Maturity and Aptitudes, and can learn more special skills than ordinary pets. Check the guide to all Crystal Saga epic pets.

Crystal Saga Pet Capture

You can capture your first free pet when you reach level 10. You can talk to the beast master to be teleported into the monster island. Your character level have to be higher than the pet level that you want to tame, in addition you need to have the correct level taming scroll to capture them. The chance of capturing the Crystal Saga pet is not 100%, meaning that you may fail.

Epic Pet Purchase

To purchase your strongest epic pets in game, check out the complete guide to Crystal Saga Epic Purchase Pets

Pet Training and Leveling Up

You cannot summon a pet 5 levels higher than you. The higher level pets that you capture, the more stats that they have. For Crystal Saga pet to receive any experience points in battle, they must fight monsters within 10 levels.

Types of Pets

The pets can be categorized into the following types: Agile, Offense, Defense, and Support. This number typically coincide with the Aptitudes rating because the Crystal Saga pet aptitudes determine the final damage, or heal that each pet can do.

Understanding Aptitude

Aptitude is an important ranking factor to determine the strength of your Crystal Saga pet. The bar determines the likely range of your pet’s potential aptitudes, the higher rating within the bar, the better the pet is. You want the aptitude to be as high within the range. It should be noted that the epic purchasable pets typically come within really high aptitudes which make them stronger than the rest.

Understanding Pets Tab

Below are some of the pet stats that you would have question with.

Pet’s Life Rating

The pet will lose two points of life for every minute that it is summoned.

Pet’s Maturity.

Maturity: The higher their Maturity is, the more statue points your pet will receive each level.

Class and Loyalty

Class: His official name and class. You can morph you pets into a higher class if it is available.
Loyal: Every time you or your pet dies, their Loyal lowers by 5. You will not be able to summon your pet if the loyalty drops below 10.

Race and Parameter

This is a special factor of additional damage that your pet can do to the certain race.


This is a factor to state how much damage that your pet can absorb for you while in battle.

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