Complete Fast Leveling Up Guide to Crystal Saga Origins

To level up fast in the game of Crystal saga origins. You need to implement all the good ways of leveling

Main Quests

Completion of the main Crystal Saga Origins are the fastest way to level up until level 30’s. By going through all the main quests, you will receive various goodies such as potions and decent equipment that can be used for your journey.

Optional Quests

Optional quests are another way to gain more EXP when you do not have any main quests available. Optional quests will also provide you with good EXP to push your for the next tiers of Main Quests.

AFK Leveling

Make most of the use of AFK cards that you can obtain by turning in coupons. You will receive two coupons for every hour that you stay online. You can use 10 coupons to purchase 1 hour of AFK time. This time can be used to gather additional equipment as well as bonus EXP.

Take Advantage of EXP Boost

There is also the 1.5 EXP token available for purchase for 8 coupons. If you are an AoE player, you might be better purchasing the EXP boost to level up yourself for faster Crystal Saga Origins leveling speed.


There are various events that are available in game that will net you great EXP based on your levels. When you reach higher level in Crystal Saga Origins, participating in the daily events is a must to continue to level up in game.

Dungeon Running

Every day you can attend each of the dungeons 5 times. Different dungeons in Crystal saga requires different minimum levels. The dungeon runs are great way for you to gain items as well as EXP.

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