Castleville Crafting Recipe Table

Below is an easy search table for you to look up the materials and recipe needed to craft the items inside the Workshop. More items and information will be added as I play through the game.



Angle Finder44 Hours2 Iron Bars1 Fastener15 Alchemist PowderQuarry WorkshopSpecial Tool
Anvil9 Hours5 Stone Block5 Alchemist PowderTool for Shaping Metal
Bag of Nails18 Hours1 Iron Bar1 Leather10 Reputation PointsBlacksmithBuilding Material
Boom Stick9 Hours3 Fire Runes3 Cotton Thread5 Alchemist Powder
Brick Oven3 Hours2 Stone Block2 Wood Plank5 ReputationOven for Cooking Food
Collection Box3 Hours1 Alchemist Powder1 Wood Plank1 ShellArmoryContains up to 5,000 Coins
Dagger of Strength13 Hours1 Knife3 Hammer10 Alchemist Powder6 Crystal ShardQuestA dagger to break the Totem of Power for the Gloom Lord Quest
Epic Ice Pick4 Hours2 Mega Ice2 Silver Ores15 Unicorn Sparkles15 Ice ChunksQuestBreak Hazel's Tower
Exploration Crystal1.5 Hours3 Crystal ShardExplore
Fishing Bait14 Minutes1 Gloom Rat Tail3 Honey1 Alchemist PowderNext Fishing Yield Better Loot
Gloom Goblin Potion12 Hours1 Gloom Goblin Ear6 Alchemist Powder7 Wool Thread5 Wood LogKitchen Workshop StudioSummons a Gloom Goblin
Gloom Rat Potion2.5 Hours1 Gloom Rat Tail2 Milk Bottle3 Shell1 Alchemist PowderKitchenSummons a Gloom Rat
Gloom Thief Potion13 Hours1 Thief's Cloak1 Iron Bar5 Stone2 Alchemist PowderStudioSummons a Gloom Thief
Gloom Wolf Potion8 Hours2 Gloom Wolf Hair1 Chicken Meat3 Silver Ore2 Alchemist PowderSummons a Gloom Wolf
Gold Brick1.5 Hours2 Stone Block4 Alchemist PowderUsed for Castle Buildings
Hammer2 Hours2 Wood Log2 Stone Block3 ReputationBlacksmithBuilding Tool
Horseshoe12 Hours1 Iron Bar1 HammerQuarry
Protects Horse's Feet
Hyper Craft14 Hours1 Ruby5 Ogre's Belch 1 Hammer1 Alchemist Powder
Ice Pick1 Hour7 Wood Log2 Stone Block5 Ice Chunk
(Clear Frozen
Icy Torch9 Hours1 Iron Bar5 Wood Log3 Fire Rune1 Ice Chunk
Iron Axe13 Hours2 Iron Bar1 GrindstoneHefty Axe
Iron Bar9 Hours3 Wood Log2 Iron OreBlacksmithCrafting Material
Iron Pick18 Hours4 Wood Log1 Iron BarBlacksmithTools to Dig Strong Stone
Keg22 Hours2 Iron Bar3 Wood Planks3 Alchemist PowderServing Drinks
Knife9 Hours1 Iron Bar4 Wood LogBlacksmithA Sharp Weapon
Master Ice Pick2 Hours1 Ice Pick2 Iron Ores5 All Purpose Polish10 Ice ChunksBreak Ice Gate
Punch Prep Table1 Hour4 Wood Plank5 Punch Jug4 Stone Block2012 New Years Event
Rope5 Minutes5 Flax Crafting Material
Spear of Humility2 Iron Bar2 Anvil3 Wood Plank30 Reputation PointsQuarrySpecial Spear to Destroy Totem of Pride
Stone Block1 Hour6 StoneBuilding Material
Super Chop24 Hours1 Iron Axe5 Alchemist PowderChop Trees
Super Clobber3 Hours1 Alchemist Powder2 Wood ClubDeals 4 Damage to Beasties
Sword15 Hours1 Iron Bar3 Alchemist PowderBlacksmithDeals 5 Damage to Beasties
Wood Club10 Minutes5 Wood Log1 Alchemist PowderDeals 3 Damage to Beasties
Wood Fence5 Minutes2 Wood LogA Sturdy Fence
Wood Plank1 Hour6 Wood LogsBuilding Material
Work Bench24 Hours3 Wood Plank2 Bag of NailsWorkshop
Logging Camp
Crafting Bench


Animal Treas2 Hours10 Oats1 Flour SackMillFeed Animal 60 minutes faster
Bag of Popcorn1 Hour5 Corn2 Stick of Butter1 Flaxseed OilConsume to get 1 XP
Bread Dough1.5 Hours1 Stick of Butter2 Egg2 Milk BottleMillDough for Crafting Bread
Bubbly Grog13 Minutes5 Pail of Water5 Ogre's BelchUnwither Crops
Cake13 Hours4 Flour 3 Stick of Butter2 Egg2 HoneyMill
Used to Make Cakes
Carrot Cake29 Hours2 Cake20 CarrotMill
Yummy Cake for 10 Energy
Castleberry Punch1 Hour10 Berry10 Honey4 Pail of Water3 Spicy CloveMakes Pond Ready to Fish
Chicken Pot Pie3.5 Hours1 Bread Dough1 Chicken Meat10 PotatoButcherDelicious Pie for 4 Energy
Chicken and Corn Chili3 Hours8 Corn2 Chicken Meat3 Chili Pepper5 TomatoConsume for 5 Energy
Chocolate Bar1.5 Hours5 Cocoa1 Stick of Butter4 Milk BottleMillSweet Candy that Gives 3 XP
Chocolate Covered Strawberries13 Hours15 Strawberries4 Chocolate BarBakerySweet Treat for 6 Energy
Corn Dog2 Hours5 Pile of Corn Meal1 Spicy Sausage2 Milk Bottle1 Wood LogConsume for 6 Energy
Cornbread Muffin4 Hours2 Pile of Corn Meal1 Flour Sack1 Stick of Butter2 EggConsume for 4 Energy
Fertilizer10 Hours3 Animal Bone2 Hardboiled Eggs1 Alchemist PowderSpeed Growth of Crop by 60 Minutes
Flaming Grog1 Hour7 Pail of Water7 Ogre's Belch7 Chili PepperUnwither Crops
Flaxseed Oil5 Minutes2 FlaxUsed for Crafting and Cooking
Flour Sack14 Minutes4 Bundle of Wheat3 ReputationMillUsed in Various Cooking Recipe
Fried Fish8 Hours4 Bass4 Flaxseed Oil2 Flour SackMill
Fish dish for 5 Energy
Grape Juice1.5 Hours10 Grapes5 Pail of WaterDelicious Juice for 3 Energy
Grindstone2 Hours5 Stone5 Reputation PointsUsed for Grinding thing
Hard Boiled Eggs1.5 Hours10 Eggs5 Pail of WaterEggs for 3 Energy
Hot Buns2 Hours1 Bread Dough1 Stick of ButterMill
Buns hot from Oven
Ice Cream2.5 Hours5 Ice Chunk5 Milk2 Honey5 Reputation
Ice Cream Cone45 Minutes2 Ice Cream5 StrawberryConsume this dessert for 5 Energy
Ice Cream Sandwich3 Hours4 Ice Cream2 Bread Dough10 CocoaConsume this dessert for 10 Energy
Hyper Craft26 Hours1 Ruby10 Ogre's Belch3 Hammer5 Alchemist PowderIncrease crafting time by 30 minutes
Kettle Corn4 Hours6 Ear of Corn6 Honey1 Butter1 Flaxseed OilConsume this Treat for 3 Energy
Meat Sandwich17 Hours4 Hot Bun12 Meat3 Cabbage3 TomatoButcher
Tasty Sandwich to recover 7 Energy
Pile of Corn Meal5 Minutes5 Ears of Corn1 Flour SackGround corn in variety of Crafts
Pizza13 Hours1 Bread Dough5 Tomato15 Piece of MeatMillPizza from the Oven for 8 XP
Plate of Spaghetti2 Hours10 Wheat3 Flaxseed Oil7 TomatoConsume these noodles for 3 Energy
Saucy Tart1 Hour1 Stick of Butter3 Hard Boiled Eggs1 Sugar1 Apple SliceConsume for 1 Energy
Spicy Sausage10 Hours15 Meat10 Chili PepperButcherSpicy Sausage for 7 XP
Stick of Butter5 Minutes5 MilkStick of Butter Used in Cooking
Tomato Bisque Soup8 Hours20 Tomato10 Milk3 ButterBowl of Soup for 5 Energy
Totem Bane2 Hours20 Ogre's Belch5 Alchemist Powder30 Carrots4 Sticks of ButterQuestDestroy Hazel's Tower


Bedding16 Hours1 Cotton Cloth1 Cotton Thread3 Down Feather10 ReputationTailorSoft Bedding Used in Homes
Bottle of Ink10 Minutes3 Berry3 Pail of WaterInk used for Documents and Letters
Bundle of Love Arrow16 Hours20 Wood Plank40 Red Feather10 Iron Bar5 ButterThe Gloom Lord Quest
Button3 Hours6 BoneButton used to craft clothing
Candle2 Hours3 Cotton Thread8 Beeswax5 ReputationTailor
Catapult42 Hours20 Wood Plank1 CogClockmakerUsed for fling things
Cloth Apron12 Hours2 Cotton Cloth2 RopeTailorCloth Apron to Keep yourself clean
Cog23 Hours2 Iron Bar1 Hammer3 Alchemist PowderJeweler's Shoppe
Metal gear for mechanical devices
Cotton Cloth2.5 Hours3 Cotton Thread5 ReputationTailorSupply cloth used for craft cloth items
Cotton Leggings14 Hours2 Cotton Cloth1 Leather3 Cotton ThreadTailorFashionable Cotton Pants
Cotton Thread5 Minutes5 CottonSoft Cotton thread for clothing
Crafted Glass2.5 Hours5 Sand2 Wood LogJeweler's ShoppeGlass used to make windows and bottles
Dye Kit2 Hours10 Red Feather2 Alchemist's PowderDye used to make things fun and colorful
Fasteners14 Hours1 Iron Bar10 Reputation PointsClockmakerUsed for clamp things together
Flag18 Hours3 Wool Cloth2 Dye KitTailorA Small flag
Glue1.5 Hours5 Animal Bones2 Pails of Water5 Honey2 BeeswaxQuestGlue Diary Back
Large Banner17 Hours2 Cotton Cloth2 Dye KitTailorA Large Banner
Leather2 Hours1 Cow Hide3 Flaxseed OilTanned Leather for Various Crafts
Leather Apron9 Hours2 Leather5 Mink Oil1 RopeTailorTough Leather Apron
Leather Pants16 Hours4 Mink Oil4 LeatherTailorTight Leather Pants
Loom3 Hours8 Wood Log4 Wool Thread5 ReputationHandy Machine to Weave Cloth
Ornate Tapestry28 Hours10 Cotton Thread5 Cotton Cloth1 DiamondJeweler's ShoppeBeautiful hand-crafted Tapestry
Parchment7 Minutes4 Wood Log6 CottonPaper used for documents
Pine Cone Garland1 Hour2 Cotton15 Pine ConeWinter 2011 Special
Practice Dummy28 Hours8 Bundles of Wheat2 Button4 Wool ClothWorkshop
Strawed Stuffed Practice Dummy
Silver Ingot2.5 Hours2 Silver Ore5 Wood PlankJeweler's ShoppeRefined Silver for Crafting
Stained Glass34 Hours3 Crafted Glass1 Dye Kit2 Iron BarClockmakerIntricate window used for fancy buildings
Wishing Well27 Hours15 Stone Blocks15 Wood PlankMining Camp
A well to provide water and wishes.
Wool Cloth2 Hours5 Wool ThreadTailorCloth made from sheep wool
Wool Thread5 Minutes3 WoolWool thread used to craft other items.
Wool Tonic18 Hours5 Wool Cloth2 Dye KitTailorItchy piece of clothing


Castleville Crafting Recipe Table — 12 Comments

  1. Charese on said:

    I notice that the recipe for Mortar is missing. Here it is:
    5 stone
    1 sand
    1 shell
    3 clay

  2. Gamelytic on said:

    the list had been updated as of 2/19/12

  3. James on said:

    thanks you for the great info everyone.

  4. Gamelytic on said:

    Good idea, I am going to create a separate page for that

  5. Kingpin on said:

    Please add holiday items such as Lazy Spring

  6. Mike on said:

    @James – I think the reason the Wood Club breaks is that it’s only good for one swing – 3 Damage to Beastie. Once you use it and it breaks, if the beast is still alive, you go back to your regular 1 Damage/Hit club. The sword looks like it works the same “Use to deal 5 Damage to a Beastie.” So you use it, it does X damage (3 damage for the club, 5 damage for the sword) then it’s gone.

    • Gamelytic on said:

      I personally like the super clobber the best because you can use those reputation points to purchase them. The other weapons take too long and waste resources in the workshop.

  7. Gamelytic on said:

    Nope i have not made a sword yet because I did not want to use that resource.

    I think right now all items can be considerable as consumable because there is no permanent equipments.

  8. Brittany on said:

    Another idea for how to search is by whether the items are consumable or not. I was surprised to find out items like the super clobber were consumable, other people might be too.

  9. James on said:

    Have you made a sword? If so, do you know if it breaks if used on gloom. I asked because wood club breaks.

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