Advanced Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Deck Building Strategy

To construct a perfect deck for your Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM game will take some strategy and time. Below we will go over some of the basic concepts and combinations that you can use to take advantage of the different effects and combinations. If you have found these strategies helpful, please be sure to read the rest of our Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM guides listed per Facebook Game listing hat can help you with your game play.

Monster to Spell Ratio

Keeping a healthy ratio of monster to spell cards is important to your game play. In general, one of the best ratio is 10 monster cards to 5 spell cards. However, you can also have 4~6 spell cards depending on your carding strategy. With some of the monster cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM can act as decoys and fragile as one hit wonders to take out your opponent’s cards.

Boost All and Cripple All

Boost all and cripple all can be your best friend in Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM. Design decks with these special Yu-Gi-OH! BAM card effects to power up all of your cards in play. Consider using Gamelytic’s Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM card list to quickly find and sort through the different cards available in the game. One of my personal favorite card is Girochin Kuwagata with Boost All 100 and Cripple All 200 effects.

Power and Health Point Balance

To come up with a good deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM, one of your primary goal is to have the strongest power possible while maintaining a healthy health point. With some spell and monster effects that can either directly hurt your life point or backfire, you want to have enough health point to withstand those direct damage to your Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM life point.

Use of Spellcasters in Your Deck

Because some spells can seriously hurt your setup by directly damaging your life point. You want to keep some spellcaster cards in your deck to effectively take out those hurtful spells. Without spellcasters, you will find yourself greatly limited in defeating those opponents with good spell cards.

Useful Custom Card Effects Combinations

Below is a list of combos or chain effects that you want to keep and use in your deck building strategy.

Empathy + Heal/Soothe
Rage + Backfire

Continuous Spell Card Uses

Consider using the continuous spell cards such as Just Desserts and others to improve your ability to damage your enemies.

Avoid Backfire, Fragile, and Self-Destruct Cards

Typically speaking, you want to avoid cards with negative facts because most of the card’s positive features do not overcome their shortcomings. With too many cards with backfire, you will find that your life points is quickly run dry. For Fragile and Self-Destruct, most of your cards will disappear after 1 or 2 rounds.

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