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Ruby Blast is the latest Zynga game in the arcade style genre. Ruby Blast is a simple match 3 game with a survivor style twist to it. In this Ruby Blast strategy guide, we will go over everything that you will need to know how to become the best Ruby Blast player. We will go through Ruby Blast Strategies, power ups, and different features that you can take advantage to win the game and beat your friend’s scores. If you have found this Ruby Blast Guide helpful, please check out the rest of our Zynga game guides that will definitely make your online gaming more enjoyable.

Ruby Blast Concept

The concept of the game is pretty simple if you are familiar with the match 3 break 3 type of the game. When you break the gems while they are next to the rocks. The rocks break and you continue down the levels. You will have different game features and power ups to help you along the way. Below we will discuss the different variation of the game that may help or make your Ruby Blast game harder.

You have to clear all the dirt above the line before your timer deadline to continue the game. With each line clear, you will earn additional timer to continue further down the cave. Your goal is to mix different power ups and features to earn as many ruby experience points as possible to beat your Facebook and Zynga friends.

Ruby Blast Energy Use

Each of the Ruby Blast stage attempt will cost your 5 energy. You can collect energy from friends as gifts, level up, or purchase them with real world money. Because energy is quite limited, it is essential to do as good as possible to get the best scores on Ruby Blast.

Special Ruby Blast Blocks

These are special features that will appear as you dig down the stage.

Gold: Bonus coins when broken
Ruby Gem: Extra Ruby Experience is rewarded
Bomb: Destroy everything around the block, must be clicked on to activate
Point Multiplier: You will earn additional points when you clear one of these Ruby Blast point multiplier
Neighbor’s Drill: This is the social aspect of the game, the more friends that you have, the more of this powerup that you will encounter during normal game play.

Ruby Blast Obstacles

These blocks are harder to break than the others, be careful about how you can work around these obstacles to continue the game

Iron: You will need to dig 5 times around Ruby Blast irons to destroy them.
Lava: The lava rocks are the hardest block to break in Rub Blast. They can only be destroyed with a power-up.

Special Bonus Ruby Blast Power Mode

Click 10 matches (or bombs and power-ups) in a row very quickly and it goes to a bonus mode. When you enter this power mode, clicking matches removes the matched gems PLUS the gems around it. A scale also pop-up and if you fill it up, it will remove 1 layer automatically. This meter can be stacked twice which you can remove up to two rows at one time. You should attempt to enter this mode as much as possible in Ruby Blast to break away hard to blast through obstacles like iron or Lava rocks.

Use of Ruby Blast Power-ups

As you advance through the levels of Ruby Blast, you will unlock various power up to use in the game. To activate powerup, you first have to purchase and equip it at the start of the Ruby Blast stage. Each of the power ups will cost some coins to be equipped into the stage.

To really beat the stages with ease, you will need to combine these powerups to break as many Ruby Blast gems and dirt to earn more coins and rubies.

Level 1: Nova Flare
Cost: 150 Coins
You will gain power gauge of Nova Flare when you break purple Ruby Blast gems. The Nova Flare instantly destroys a row and column of Gems and dirt when used.

Level 4: Starfall
The Starfall power gauge is filled when you break yellow Ruby Blast gems. The Starfall will destroy 3 Columns of gems and dirt.

Level 6: Shuffle Magic:
The Ruby Blast power gauge for Suffle Magic is filled by breaking Green gems. This power up will shuffle your gems into big blocks of power for easy breaking.

Level 10: Cherry Bomb
Cherry bomb will cause a three stage explosion in Ruby Blast. The power up gauge is filled through breaking of Red Rubies.

Level ?: Paint Splatter:
This powerful power up will change your entire screen of gems into the same color for 3 times.

Ruby Blast Tournament and Leaderboard

Ruby Blast has two types of tournaments that can reward players items. The two tournaments are ranked by either points or the numbers of Rubies found in the game. For the points tournament, each of the week’s prizes may differ however they are roughly the same: Cash, Energy, and Coins. The Ruby leaderboard rewards however, are given based on the amount of rubies that you have already obtained.


Best Ruby Blast Player Guide — 9 Comments

  1. Do you have to play with FB friends, can’t you play on your own? What is the deal about buying energy and stuff like. Are you talking real money? Where does that money go?

  2. I have gotten to level 30 and still haven’t unlocked the last powerup. Level 30 is the highest level. Please let me know when I will unlock the last powerup. Thanks.

    • Level 30 is highest?? I’m at 20… Obviously have not unlocked last power up… I’ve read it turns all gems on color 3 times in a round…

    • I’m on level 29 and actually paid for the game. FYI, after a few games the free and paid versions started syncing up. I’ll let you know what happens at level 30!

  3. At level 26, I sometimes am getting a “pinwheel” which turns into a sparkly, colored block. If I click it, it explodes all the same color blocks. I can’t tell if this is a good thing or not. Do you lose points? Lose time? etc. It seems to give me points, but I am not sure if it gives as many points as if I just ignore the special block.


  4. Ya we have to use a forum to tell us wat these symbols mean! Irritating haven’t had an app that has made me google search how to play!

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