Wartune Astral Guide

The Astral System in Wartune is a great way to make your character stronger. You are able to start capture Wartune Astrals when you reach level 25. In this guide we will go over more in detail on how the Wartune Astro system works, and how you can take the most advantage of it to make your character strong in Wartune. If you have found this guide useful. Please check out the rest of our Wartune guides. And share these guides with your Wartune guild mates and friends!

What is Wartune Astral System

The Wartune Astral system unlocks when you reach level 25. It an important feature to make your Wartune hero stronger in the game. You can access the Astral capture screen at the bottom of the menus. The Astral in Wartune can be bought at 4000 Wartune Gold per piece. However, you can get one free Astral draw per day.

Astral Star System and Cost

Every day you will get one free Astral star draw, after that it will cost 4000 Wartune gold for each additional draw. Simply click on the planet to get the star draw. When you draw the star, you will capture the astral at different quality. Once in a while you will unlock chances to achieve stronger draws which is another planet. Higher level star draws has chances of granting you stronger Astrals.

The chances are completely random so you simply have to draw as many as possible. It should be noted that if you do not pick them up, they will be automatically sold back after 30 minutes.

The ranking of the stars as as followed:
Magus Star ->

Equipping Wartune Astral

To equip the astral in Wartune that you have drawn. You have to pick them up and putting them in inventory first. You can then switch to your profile astral screen to drag and drop them into the slots. You unlock additional Wartune Astral at different levels: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. You can only equip one type of the Astro at any given moment, so it is essential for you to save the strongest type that you have drawn for later uses.

Pretty much all of your Heroes stats have a corresponding astral. So depending on your Wartune class, pick up and equip your Wartune Astrals accordingly. For example mages equip MATK, etc.

Astral EXP and Level Up

You can level up Wartune Astrals by synthesize them together. The EXP from each Astral is never lost so you can continue to synthesize them into higher level. Different ranking and quality of Astrals have different leveling and EXP requirements. You can use 1 click Synthesis to quickly combine all of the Astrals together and save time. To avoid your Astral being one click synthesized, you can lock it. You can always unlock the astral by using the locking button again.

Another way to synthesis is to simply drag and drop one Astral to another.

How to Get Stronger Astrals

Because it is pretty random for you to take the draw from the Astral system. There are two schools of thoughts that can help you achieve higher level astrals.

1. Synthesize everything that you draw. This results in the highest possible Astral EXP gain.
2. Sell Green, Synthesize Blue’s, and Keep the Purple and Yellow. This method let you have more draws because you can get your Wartune gold back from selling the green astrals.

I personally synthesize all the astros that I can get because I think I will eventually take a couple good draws.

Astral Floating Damage Expands Analysis

Based on my Wartune damage calculation guide, you will know that the damage calculation in Wartune is centered around the medium damage by 10%, which makes the actual damage 90~110%. The Astrals that affect the floating damage expands those limits. For example, a floating damage expand of 20% will make it 70%~130%. Because of this, this astral is useless at lower level. This means that over many battle turns, this astral will help you exactly…nothing.

However, this astral has a powerful affect if you are a critical damage player plus critical enhancement. Let’s simplifyy the battle scenario: Let’s say if by average you can kill an opponent in 4 attacks – regardless of the skills used. On average without the damage expand it will take you 3~5 attacks. However, with the damage expand, you can widen the number of rounds to 2~6 attacks. How does this help? If you are lucky, you can quickly wipe out the enemy forces and have a higher chance of winning. This means faster kills.

Another way to look at this astral. If you can kill an enemy in 2 rounds instead of 4 rounds, you double your killing speed. However, if you get unlucky and kill in 6 rounds, you only lose 50% of the battling time. Overall, when this astral is mastered at high level with the orange astral. It can be a formidable tool that can 1 shot kill some of your opponents.

Astral Damage Analysis

The best combination for perfect DPS is:
Attack, Critical, Critical Damage %+, and Floating Damage expand. This combination will guarantee the highest damage output.

There is also another damage enhancement astral that disables your crit but powers up your overall damage. This single astral is weaker than the critical damage combination simply because it does not have the multiplier effect.

Perfect Dodge Astral & Reflect Damage Combo

We want to make a special note to this combination. When you use the perfect dodge astral and it has proc. IF the reflect damage also proc, it will reflect the damage as if the damage was taken in full. This makes a high level combo of orange astrals in perfect dodge and reflect a deadly combo.

The Astral Shop

Every time you draw an Astral, you receive an astral point that can be used to exchange different Astrals in Wartune. We will compile a list of all exchangeable Wartune Astrals at a later time.

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Wartune Astral Guide — 15 Comments

  1. What I would like to know is what all of the astrals actually do.Iincreasing attack or defense or HP is pretty obvious, but what does “floating damage expands by x%” mean, for instance. Or “crit base damage increased by x%”?

    • x% means its a number that changes as u upgrade the astros so it isn’t really a set number thats why they used x

  2. from what i understand, when your PATK is 10000 then your minimum and maximum PATK would be 9000 and 11000. when you use the astral that has the name “floating damage expands by x%” to expand your damage. for example 10%, then your minimum and maximum PATK would be 8000 and 12000. when you deal damage to your opponent, the damage can be any number between 8000 and 12000, ((for example 8000, 8760, 9874, 11987, 12000) – your opponent’s PDEF))

    • To be a bit more precise, if your ATK is 10000 and the opponent’s DEF is 9000 than the damage range is 900 – 1100. If you use the 10% floating damage astral, the damage you can deal will be 800 – 1200.

  3. hi there i’m a pretty new player on r2-s65, playing a mage specced for AoE and heals. just some comments:

    1. the costs you list here seem outdated… the lowest star (Magus) costs 4k gold per click, but you can “promote” thru the following stars (seems purely based on an unknown chance):

    I Magus: 4k gold ~ +1 star points
    II Ceres: 5k gold ~ +2 star points
    III Pallas: 6k ~ +3sp
    IV Satum: 8k ~ +4sp
    V Chiron: 10k ~ +5sp

    2. while researching astrals, i came across a few theories on damage astrals. it seems the atk/crit/crit%/float combo is extremely powerful, but also leaves your character quite a glass cannon. in most duels, this makes for a rather RNG outcome, since you could either 1~2 shot your opponent, or end up wasting the big hits on their troops/tanks/dodges. using up 4 slots for damage output may make for some awesome finishes, but definitely not consistent outcomes. a balanced atk/hp/def combo tends to give more consistent outcomes, which also equals staying at your current duel rank better even when AI plays your defense for you.

    caveat I: crit astrals work exceptionally well with Archers because of their skill set, so the 4-slot dmg is skewed much more for Archers. basically, they gain rage with each crit, and they already have increased crit chance to begin with (20% passive).

    caveat II: heals can also crit, which may make for interesting setups for heal mages. however, floating damage and Will Destroyer (disable crit for %dmg increase) both do not seem to work with heals. regardless, mages do not have any crit-supporting skills/passives, so it is extremely RNG — thus definitely not consistent.

    caveat III: atk/hp/def combo can also fit with the Will Destroyer (disable crit for %dmg increase) and still take up only 4 slots, for a consistent balanced astral setup. for much higher level chars with many more slots, this allows more variations as well for the 5th slots onwards (regeneration, dmg reduction, blocks, dodges, etc).

    3. not much is mentioned about astral levels and experience. the wiki gives these info:-

    3600g per sell, worth 10 EXP per fuse
    Max lv4: 50 / 200 / 600 EXP to level up
    PATK/PDEF/MATK/MDEF/Crit/Block: +72 per level
    HP: +200 per level

    6000g per sell, worth 30 EXP per fuse
    Max lv5: 70 / 500 / 1400 / 2800 EXP to level up
    PATK/PDEF/MATK/MDEF/Crit/Block: +108 per level
    HP: +300 per level
    Charisma: +18 per level
    Sacred Soul: Reduce dmg by 10 per level
    Blessed Health: 10% chance to gain 150HP on atk per level

    8400g per sell, worth 50 EXP per fuse
    Max lv5: 100 / 600 / 3000 / 6000 EXP to level up
    PATK/PDEF/MATK/MDEF/Crit/Block: +144 per level
    HP: +400 per level
    Charisma: +24 per level
    Sacred Rock: Reduce dmg by 20 per level
    Blessed Soul: Reduce dmg by 2% per level
    Unbending Will: 10% chance to gain 200HP on atk per level
    Bloodthirsty: 10% chance to gain HP = 5%dmg dealt per level
    Killer’s Determination: Crit base dmg increased by 3% per level
    Prophet’s Guard: -3% chance to receive crit dmg per level
    Will Destroyer: disables crit, increase dmg by 2% per level
    Sacred Blessing: floating dmg expands by 3% per level
    Enigma: 1% chance to dodge ALL dmg per level
    Thornwall: 10% chance to reflect 5% dmg received per level

    10800g per sell, worth 70 EXP per fuse
    Max lv5: 150 / 1000 / 7200 / 14400 EXP to level up
    PATK/PDEF/MATK/MDEF/Crit/Block: +216 per level
    HP: +500 per level
    Charisma: +36 per level
    Saliora’s Light: Reduce dmg by 40 per level
    Dragon’s Breath: Reduce dmg by 3% per level
    Goddess’ Touch: 10% chance to gain 400HP on atk per level
    Fallen Heart: 10% chance to gain HP = 10%dmg dealt per level
    Light of Justice: Crit base dmg increased by 5% per level
    Empty Spirit: -5% chance to receive crit dmg per level
    Soul of Grace: disables crit, increase dmg by 5% per level
    Soul of Ashura: floating dmg expands by 3% per level
    Reaper’s Eye: 2% chance to dodge ALL dmg per level
    Mirrored Destruction: 10% chance to reflect 10% dmg received per level

    Costs 1000 Star Points to exchange
    Energine: +500 EXP per fuse

  4. @ phyllis: i was asking around and they said the max level is 10 for all astrals not 5 as you said. the rest of the info seems accurate.

  5. What I’d like to know how to pick the right astrals for the right character.
    E.g. what would you pick for a mage, knight or archer

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