Village Life Facebook Beginner’s FAQ Guide

Village life is a fun “village simulation” on Facebook that let you create your own villages. However, the game does not teach you how everything works and expects you to figure out those on your own. Thus, we have compiled a list of Village Life Facebook information to help you creating and mastering your village. Please share this guide with your friends and on the web if you have found it helpful. However, please do link back to us to show your support!

Please feel free to leave any questions that you may have about the game, and leave a comments if you have any questions! You can check our Facebook game guides list for more Village Life guides written by Gamelytic.

If you are looking for more advanced guide on how to excel in Village Life, check out our Best Village Life Facebook Player’s Guide.

Village Life Age and Time System

Unlike many of the other Facebook game that you have played. The time in Village Life on Facebook is tied to the real world player time. In this case, 1 hour of real world time = 1 year in Village life.

Your villagers can grow old depending on the time that it has since passed. Depending on their age, your Village Life villagers will offer different capabilities.

Age 0-1: Newborn and does nothing. However, you do not have to tend them or fulfill their needs.
Age 1-12: Child who cannot help with the daily village tasks. However, they do have wants and they will produce happiness for your village. They are great at helping your village to level up fast. It should be noted that you can move child at age 11 into a house. However, it may be later until the child demands the extra Village Life housing.
Age 13-17: Teen, you can decide your village’s come of age skill. You can start using them for work at this stage.
Age 18: Adult villager.

Timing of a villager’s life:
We will list out some basic time frame of villager’s actions in regard to date, marriage, and birth. We will discuss more about this aspect of game play in detail later on in this guide.

Dating: 24 hours before marriage.
Marriage: Commences after both player accepts the marriage proposal.
Waiting for Baby: It may take 1~7 days or longer for the newly wed to want a baby. It may have something to do with their age.
Making Baby: 24 hours to wait for baby confirmation. If failed, will get another attempt shortly after.
Pregnancy: Last 24 hours. Sometimes may last up to 48 hours.

Coming of Age and Village Life Skill System

When your villager gets to age 13, he or she will be able to choose their skills or professions. Below are the different skills and what they do for you in the game:

Foraging – Collect fruit from trees and bushes.
Farming – Farming the fields.
Forestry – Cutting and tending the trees.
Mining – Working and mining the different stones and minerals.

1 Skill = 25% less time
2 Skill = 50% less time
3 Skill = 75% time deduction.

Each villagers have three skill slots. The blue ones comes from the father’s orange slot. The pink one comes from the mother’s orange slot. And you can get to decide your child’s orange slot when they come of age. This means that with more generations of your Village Life villagers. You can “specialize” or create specific type of workers for your needs.

There are two thoughts associated in creating the villager that you want in Village Life.

The first is that you can create villagers with different skill sets as “Jack of all trades”. This build is flexible that you can assign your villagers into different tasks at will. The second Village Life skill build is to create and mate specialized workers only with all three skill slots the same. The benefit is that you can really save alot of time by using a highly specialized worker. However, it will take a couple generations of mating for you to create that villager skill build.

Dating and Marriage

When your villager reaches the age of 18, he or she will start wanting to date. However, the person being dated will be requested from one of your neighbors. If any of your neighbor has available single villager of opposite sex, you can request them to date. Once a request has been send and the receiving side accept. The villagers will start dating for 24 hours.

After the villagers in Village Life has dated for 24 hours, you can send out marriage proposal. After accepting the marriage proposal, a wedding ceremony will commence. After the ceremony, the newly wed may either stay in your village or leave. It should be noted that getting more villagers from weddings can push your village limit higher.

Pregnancy and Village Life Baby

If the married couple in Village Life chooses to stay with you, they may conceive and make babies in your village. It usually takes 1~7 days before your couple may want to have a baby. Once they decide, it may take 24~48 hours before they succeed. And once they succeed, the pregnancy will take 24~48 hours again. The pregnant female villager will not be able to work on village tasks while carrying the baby.

When the baby is born, you will be able to give him/her a new name.

Village Life Villager Limit

You have a villager number cap of 12 villagers in the game. Once you have reached this cap, your married couples will no longer able to conceive. However, you can break the or sneak above the cap by having villagers from another player’s village marrying into yours.

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Village Life Facebook Beginner’s FAQ Guide — 343 Comments

  1. my villager got married to another villager and went to live at their village when would they get babies and how would i know if they are having a baby or not?

    • You can check the family tree by clicking on one of that person’s parents. It doesn’t matter though. If they have children in another village, those children will have nothing to do with you.

  2. I paid for a twins potion and the extra to have them that same day instead of waiting 24 hours. I seen them go into labor and heard the babies cry but no babies??? Why??

    • It sometimes take up to 7 days. I think that is too long, but I’ve seen the info in lots of different guides.

    • Actually, you will see a smaller version of the villager in the future when they are 4. They will then start to walk around!

  3. I lost my all members, i have only two members left . After getting married all workers are gone to my friends village. I want to bring them back, is there any option for bring them back…

  4. I have 15people in my village. Can I move some of them in some other place or in another person’s village, for example in village from which, my person’s wife is?

    • Once they move into your village, the only way they can leave is if they pass away.

  5. I have a boy villager and a girl villager that is 65 and they are twins and neather one of them want to date.Is 65 to old to date or not.What should I do?

  6. I keep using up my gems by accident. they really need something that asks twice if you want to use them. They need to add the question afterwords before doing anything ” Are your sure?” then press an ok button!!!!! i’m getting really tired of using them up on BS i don’t want or really need.

    • Same shit happens to my, all the time. It is really annoying! But I guess that’s how they want it to be, ‘cuz a lot of us are probably buying new gems when accidently using the gems on BS… :(

    • you click on the villager then on the heart then close the first window the window 2 you have 2 taps click on the second one a small window wiil apper press ADD ME then choose one of the males or females press REQUST OR REQUST ALL

    • I think it’s a lottery. But I’ve read that if your village is “dying out” there is a wanderer (who is ready to date) coming to live in your village. Hopefully that person and it’s future spouse will stay in your village.

  7. It has been over a month since two villagers got married, and they won’t have a baby! Is that normal? What can I do? They are now 50!

    • Err, It’s most likely because they just dont want, Or they haven’t thought about it. But i’d
      say it’s prob too late now as IRL 40+ No kids, So i think even if they suddenly decided they wanted a kid, They couldn’t conceive, I suggest you try and mate some of your others and if your running low you’ll get a lost person soon in your village so you can start breeding again.

    • I just want to say that a woman of my village 42 was when she got a baby and a woman of my brothers village was 55 and shes now pregnant so i dont think that its too late :)

    • When I were about to use my twin potion, I had a villager of age 46 who I could use it on. I don’t know if they normally conceive at that age, or if it was because of the poion… Sorry for not having a better answer… :)
      My villagers has died at the age of 80-92 yrs.

    • Err, Well even though it says it goes by 1 hour = 1 year, It goes by 24 hours (day) = a year.
      So like today I went on and i started yesterday and my babies started walking and now was 1, All my people aged.

  8. i had a married couple they wanted to have a baby but the problem is they don’t have a shelter. where can i find shelter for them?

    • I don’t think that matters at all… But you can always build them a house and move them into, if you want.

    • U can only have babies if u have a married couple. There are 2 choices potion or just being patient. If the couple want to have babies they will show a bubble then u press the bubble u have to wait 24 hours do know if ur girl is pregnant. After 24 hours or more ur girl would give birth

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