Thirst of Night Frequently Asked Questions

While playing the latest Thirst of Night game, you might run into a couple questions. Below is a guide list for all these short answers that can be answered quickly. Please let us know if you have any questions and we will try to answer them. In addition, check out Thirst of Night tips and guides for more helpful guides.

How to Get ToN Gargoyle Armor

You obtain the Gargoyle armor by attacking Redblood camps. There is no need to attack different camps or upgrade your Gargoyle unit for the drop. However, the drop rate of Gargoyle armor is quite low so you will have to attack multiple times before you can receive it.

How do your units equate to Red Camp Units

Trucks = Hobos
Grunts = Hipsers
Flickerforms = Nerds
Slashers = Hicks
Sigbins = Lumberjacks
Snipers = Freaks
Bats = Punks
Nemesis bats = Bikers
Nostafaru = Meatheads
Impalers = Militants

Purpose of spying

Spying is important near the late stage of the game because you will be able to tell the following: enemy research levels, amount of resources, if they have their armies on the wall, lastly, spies are the fastest unit in the game.

The Best Thirst of Night Tax Setting

The optimal tax setting and method to gain money is not to have a night club. You can then set your tax to 50% and drop them to 0% when you are training troops. Just remember to raise the ToN tax rate back again once you complete training your troops.

How to Protect Your Thirst of Night Resources

You can build warehouse to protect the majority of your resources other than platninum.

Can you Delete Your ToN Character

There is no way to delete or restart your character right now. However, you can wait for new realms to open and transfer your character or you can instant raze all of your buildings and restart.

How to Acquire a Purpleblood Pup

A purpleblood pup is important in game because it allows you to do create an Outpost. Outpost can increase your resources production, gain access to Reaper Troop, and raise another gargoyle. To obtain the Thirst of Night Purpleblood pup, you will have to defeat a level 10 Commander Shank’s Base.

How much time does it take for Redblood Camp to Regenerate Resources

Level 1, 2, 3′s: 5 to 15 minutes.
Level 4 and 5′s: 10 to 20 minutes.
Level 6′s: 15 to 25 minute


Thirst of Night Frequently Asked Questions — 27 Comments

  1. can u still play
    game when you have
    upgraded you city to level 9
    and outpost to level 9 as im aware
    after this u need compleation upgrade
    through liliths luck or buy rubies
    i dont want to buy rubies to upgrade
    at this time

    • the only way for you to get the item for level 10 upgrade is through the lucky draw, other than that you will have to spend money to purchase rubies

    • it means they either have the attack prottection, troop boosts, or resource boosts =]

  2. I have an amazing trick to gain power xtremly fast and not have to worry about upkeep some may know it but I will tell u if u join the black arms alliance in plague

    • just started playing and i have no idea what plague is but my world is carpathia but can u still tell me it?

    • Yes the protection disappear after the initial protection period. You can always purchase protection items with money though.

  3. Someone keeps attacking me with about 90k nemisis bats & 5k vampire bats…. I have 100k grunts, 50k snipers 6k nemisis bats & 4k Armored Trucks, If I set my troops to protect would they be enough to beat my attackers forces…Any feedback would greatly be appreciated….

    • Sadly, your troops are not enough to beat him. Nem bats munch on snipers, and grunts are just fodder in most fights. However, you can use his attacks to judge when he is normally online. When you think he is offline, hit with 15k snipers and all your ATs, using a speedup to hit him instantly. When he attacks you, send your resources away to an ally. If you can make fighting hurt him more than it helps, you may be able to talk him into a truce.

  4. My hourly rate is really good for blood without including the upkeep but when i add the upkeep on it goes to negative 40 000 and all my blood labs are lvl9. what can/should i do??

  5. you will always be in the negative for blood. that is why you need to pvp and attack red blood camps. building blood labs is pretty much a waste except at the beginning. so I wouldnt go past 3 blood labs and 2 concrete plants to use the rest of the fields at steel and crystal.

    • you do not have to have your blood in the negative send your troops to renforce your wilds and it will go possitive thats what i do

  6. only problem with sending troops to a wild is they may get demolished by a lucky strike by an opponent.

  7. Is it better to leave troops in evade mode than in attack mode – i just now got like 2000 snipers… i would really hate to loose them if I got attacked… in evade mode only the gargoyle gets hit… is that an acceptable loss?

  8. Yes. your gargoyle is next to useless without his armor. your best off keeping your troops alive. your troops arent the best defenders at the moment.

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