The Ville Relationship Guide

The Ville relationship status is important is important in the game. By having advanced relationship ranking with your Zynga and Facebook friends, you will be able to unlock various rewards. In addition to all the rewards that you can get at the time of rank up, you will also receive boosts to the various actions that you do. This bonus includes additional happiness as well as advanced interaction unlocks. We will go over everything that you need to know about the different The Ville social rankings to help you advance faster. If you have found this guide helpful, please check out the rest of our The Ville guides listed in Zynga Game Guides written to assist you with your The Ville journey.

Obtaining The Ville Relationships EXP

You can obtain the relationship experience points in The tyVille by social interactions. The social interactions can mainly be obtained through various situations. These The Ville situations include calling over friends at your house, meeting the friends at a mutual friend’s house, and lastly visiting the friends directly at their own personal house. You will be able to obtain the relationship experience when you click on the friend’s icon and interact with them.

The amount of relationship experience that you can get ranged from 1 relationship EXP to 10. The Ville charmer personality can obtain a little bit more because of their personality relationship bonus. In general, the mutual actions that you can take with your friends – such as sitting on couch or watching tv together, gives 1 relationship EXP on top of the usual happiness that you obtain. The social action when done directly with friends, will give you 5~10 The Ville relationship points at random. Thus, you will be able to rank up faster by directly interacting with The Ville friends instead of conducting mutual actions.

Limit of The Ville Social Interaction Energy

The Social interaction energy limit is shared when you either call a friend over or when you visit the friend’s house directly. In The Ville, you are limited to 5 energy uses of social interaction. It should be noted that The Ville “mutual sharing” of household items count as 1 use of social interaction. You need to be careful of your limit when you are planning your character’s The Ville social growth.

However, when you “bump” into friends at a mutual friend’s house, the social interaction energy limit is counted separately. This means that by visiting your friends often and looking out for specific friend, you can essentially double or triple The Ville’s social relationship ranking speed.

Best Social Actions

Based on our initial testing of the different actions and their points, we do not see any significant differences between the relationship exp score and types of interactions. You simply have to use up and take advantage of your daily interaction uses to maximize the leveling speed of The Ville friendship ranking.

Relationship Ranking Cap

The relationship status level is limited by your current The Ville level. Because of the cap, it is essential for you to focus some of your early game play time to boosting The Ville experience points and levels by questing. When your The Ville relationship ranking reaches the level cap of your current level, it will stop gaining any additional relationship EXP for leveling. However, you will be able to still conduct social interactions with the friends at the cap.

Actual The Ville Friendship Relationship Ranking and Bonuses

As you gain more The Ville points for relationship with friends, you can advance the friendship levels as the following ranking and titles. We have also included the list of rewards and friendship status bonuses that you can obtain through the higher friendship stats. With some of these bonuses, you can indirectly boost The Ville coin making ability through obtaining Happiness scores faster.

Level 1: Casual Friends
Bonus: Favor, Disco Dance

Level 2: Friends
Bonus: Chat + 2 Happiness, Favor, Rock Out

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  1. Please add more to the relationship levels. I would like to know the divider b/t friends and the romance levels. Would rather keep advancing in one romantic relationship (currently at L9) & keep the rest platonic.

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