The Ville Beginner’s Currency and Points Guide

The Ville is the latest sim-like game being published and created by Zynga. In this guide, we will go over the different basic currencies that you will encounter in The Ville. If you have found this beginner guide helpful, please share them with your The Ville and Facebook friends! Please check out the rest of our The Ville guides filed under Zynga game guides as well.

The Ville Coins

The Ville coins are the basic in game currency of the game. Most of the actions that you do will more or less earn you coins. The Ville personalities that directly increase your the Ville coin gain is Scoundrel and Mogul. You will need to use coins to purchase various items, home value decorations, as well as different farming seeds.

The Ville Cash

The Ville Cash is the real life in game currency. You will have to spend money to purchase the Ville Cash in the game. However, some of The Ville Cash premium items offer the best happiness and home decoration value efficiency in the game. If you want to advance and expand fast in The Ville, consider spending some money toward the Cash premium system.

The Ville Energy

The Energy is needed in The Ville for all the actions that you do. This includes any social interactions, work toward the house, eat, and pretty much everything that you can think of. Energy is a limited factor in the game, you want to achieve the highest efficiency using the least amount of The Ville energy possible.

The Ville Happiness Level

The Happiness level is another important points in The Ville, you “exchange” your happiness rankings into coins through different jobs that you can take. You should work on getting as much happiness as possible through the personalities that you are specialized in. For example, if you have Jocks personality, exercise more to earn happiness faster in The Ville.

It should be noted that some house hold decorations will be able to raise the maximum amount of The Ville Happiness limits. These house hold decoration that boost your max The Ville Happiness limit include: Bed, Shower, Tv, and Bathtubs.

The Ville Experience Points

The experience points in The Ville are obtained through all the actions that you do in game. However, you can gain more experience points faster if you focus the energy toward completing the different quests.

The Ville House Value

Home Value in The Ville is based on the total score of all of your decorations and household items. At this point in time, the home value does not mean or unlock anything. It is rather a pointer and estimate to show how advanced you are in the game of the Ville.

The Ville Relationship Level

The Relationship level and ranking is based on how many social interactions that you have with the specific person. We will be posting the amount of relationship ranking later as we find more about it. As you level up and gain relationship points, you can unlock additional actions and gain bonuses for any further interactions. Thus, you should do your best to level up and advance your social level with all of your friends as much as possible in The Ville.

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The Ville Beginner’s Currency and Points Guide — 20 Comments

  1. Hi there
    I really cannot work out how to use the happiness on jobs, where are the jobs located?
    Nice new game but this is really annoying me and nowhere does it say how to use the happiness, or I cannot find it anyway!
    Angela Sellick

    • I am so glad you posted your question. I am so confused on the happiness issue as well. Could someone please tell us how to trade happiness into coins or whatever we are supposed to do? Thanks for any help you can offer.

    • Hi, I use the happiness to do jobs, on mine I click on the laptop to do different jobs and earn money. It depends on the personality you have. This game is pretty hard to figure out, I’m still trying to learn everything too!

    • You can also use the painting canvas the sewing table, the printer, the ipad thingy, the maniquin, etc

    • Jobs are on the computer or any other productivity item you buy you need to have a certain amount of happiness to do each job.

  2. Is anyone else stuck on level 3 relationships? I have it on almost all my neighbors but The bar is stuck on all and I cant get to level 4 please share if you know how to

    • I think that you can’t get above relationship status 3 with computer players… I’m on level 17 and I cant get past relationship level 3 with any computer players, just people I know.

    • I believe that you have to have a higher level yourself to have relationship levels past 3. How high, I’m not certain, because I am level 8 and still cannot get past level 3 relationships.

    • Level 13 and also stuck on level 3 relationships…wish there was some help with this.

  3. How do I get out of a relationship on the Ville? As a task I had to do this and I cant figure out how to get out of one?!?! Please Help

  4. i had the problem too
    it’s got nothing to do with what lvl your on, the first time you get to the end of lvl 3 for relationship, it will ask you to send a request to the other person
    you need to send it and hope that the other person says ok
    then you can go through lvl 4, 5 ect
    WARNING: this wont work with casey, alexis and the other automatic players

  5. One day a pop up popped up and it said that i could exchange coins for cash and at the time i only had 4oo coins and u need 1000 coins or more to get trade for cash and now that i have 2000 coins i was trying to find that pop up but i cant i could use the cash

    • @Kaylee, you use the Personal Assistant. It’s this speaker box looking thing in your Inventory. Mount it on the wall like a telephone, click on it, and you can convert happiness points into coin.

      Hopefully everyone worked out the relationship leveling issues. I receive requests every day to up my level with other players, but would rather just be friends with everyone and just level up romantically with one person. I’m personally at level 19 and my relationship level is at 9.

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