Complete The Ville Advance and Level Up Guide

The Ville is the latest Zynga game that focus on the friend making and note leaving ability. You will be able to build up and decorate your own houses, as well as interacting with other friends and player in and outside of Facebook. In this guide, we will go over the tips that you will need to use to be able to advance and level up faster in The Ville. Use this guide as your reference whenever you are stuck with the game. If you have found this guide helpful, please check out our other great The Ville guides index under Zynga Game Guides and share them with your online game play friends.

By following all of these tips, you will find that you can obtain more items and level up faster in The Ville.

Obtain EXP for Leveling Up

Leveling up The Ville character level is your primary concern throughout the game, make sure that you use up all of your energy all of the time while completing as many The Ville quests as fast as possible. By leveling up your character in The Ville, you can unlock additional decors and productivity items to boost your game play speed even faster. Whenever possible, focus the energy on the various The Ville quests.

Get as Much Energy as Possible

Because experience points and leveling up is so important in the game, you will need all the energy possible in game. Make sure that you take advantage of the Facebook and The Ville feeds, and friends gifting function to gain energy. Do not forget to visit your friends on a daily basis neither to get visiting energy and daily bonus energy. All these free energies will be able to boost the advance and leveling speed of The Ville game play.

Expansion Requirement: Relationship and Favors

To expand into additional room areas in The Ville, you will need to obtain favors from your friends. The favors are obtained through The Ville relationship ranking up and levels. Whenever you are not able to level up or complete quests, invest those energy into social interactions with The Ville friends. By ranking up in relationship level, you can obtain the required The Ville “Favors” to build into additional rooms. You will need the additional The Ville rooms and building area when you want to put more items inside your houses.

Obtain the Best Coins

The best way on how to make coins in The Ville is through the completion of jobs. Save and conserve your energy by taking the jobs that require the most time. By taking these jobs, you will get the most coins from the least amount of happiness level. Although there are other ways to make money in The Ville coins, you should put the majority of your money making focus with jobs. Start and collect from all of your jobs whenever possible, and spend the rest of the energy racking up The Ville happiness points.

Start with Good Personality for Easier Game Play

With a good The Ville personality, you can advance faster in The Ville by getting more happiness through friends and improve relationship ranking faster. The two best The Ville personality that you should consider picking at the beginning of the game selection are charmer and partier personalities.

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Complete The Ville Advance and Level Up Guide — 5 Comments

  1. NEED neighbors in The Ville:

    Of all the “Ville” type games including Farmville and castle ville – they nearly shove new neighbors at you daily. Why isn’t there any “find neighbor” support for The Ville?????

  2. I cant move a room in my house, keeps telling me to move objects spanning multiple rooms? What am I missing? I have moved everything. Can you help me?

    • if you’re getting that reminder, remove the thing that is in between the boundary of the room that you want to move and the one beside it. there must be a decoration or wall furniture and you need to remove that too.

    • Go to the settings tab and click on walls down. This way you can see and move the objects that are in the way of placing the room.

  3. Hi I have just achieved the last plot in the Ville I am on level 78… I was just wondering how many levels there are and does the game ever end?

    Tips are to watch what is requested in the challenges especially buying from the market. If you already own items that the challenge wants you to buy, try storing them and then placing them back out again.. ;)

    It is the only Ville type game I play on FB. I have enjoyed it, and sometimes found it very addictive achieving challenges and levelling up, I think I may be coming to the end of The Ville, then again who knows. :)

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