Best Way to be Strong in The Godfather: Five Families

To be strong in the management game for your Family and Crew in the Godfather: Families. There are a few steps that you need to take to become the best player possible in game. Below is a list of points that you need to hit in order to be the top of the pack, the Don of the Godfather: Five Families.

Play Often and Never Give Up

This is probably the most important concept. By never giving up and playing nonstop, you will eventually become the top player in the server. Always do your best to constantly upgrade and attack for resources. The more you play, it is almost you will become stronger in game compared to those of who play less in the Godfather: Five Families.

Arm Yourself with Knowledge

Learn more about the game is the best way to put you at the top compared to other players in game. Check out my Godfather: 5 Families guides for useful tips and guides on how to become stronger in game. There are many details that you need to hit to become stronger and best.

Minimize Your Losses

No matter what you do in game, always go for the overkill route to minimize the losses on your units. Your precious units take time to generate and build. If you lose your battle units often like arsonists and hitman, you will waste your time on trying to get those combat units back. The less losses that you take, the more potential units that you have to send out to kill your enemies.

Resource Management

This is a resource management game at heart combined with strategy to kill other players. You will be one of the top players who understand all the factors that goes into generating more cash money and other resources.

It is all About the Troops

Get as many troops as you possibly afford. Build more hideouts so that you can train those Five Families professionals, tommys, and enforcers. The more battle units you have, the stronger you are in game. Power speaks for itself, play often to train those units nonstop. The more you train, the more respect that you will end up earning by killing other player’s units.

Advanced Strategies

Do not be afraid to try out new strategies and combine marching of your battle units. Try different strategies such as negative Cashflow training and hiding of your units. Your goal is to be the best player in the game and on your server. It is ok to be ruthless and even tricky to beat your opponents.


To be the top player in game, you will have to play into some of the Godfather: Five Families tactics and politics. Team up with your crew members as well as having relationship with the server. You will eventually fall and slow down if you make enemies with everyone. You need to play smart to become the strongest player, not the way who gets hit by everyone on the server is key to do so.

Real Life Resourceful

The Godfather: Five Families is a free to play game with item shops. Some of the items and boosts can greatly power you up to become the best. This include the second neighborhood which is the Greenwich Village. If you have the means, do not be afraid to take out your wallet and spend money. Spending money is a part of the game and is often necessary if you want to beat other Cash players. To become the best and strongest player, you simply have to be resourceful in life as well, and armed with real cash aka Diamonds.

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