Best Soul Crash Gear and Enchantment Guide

Enchanting is important to create the strongest character in Soul Crash. In this guide, we will go through every details that you will need to know about enchanting your Soul Crash gears. If you have found this guide helpful, please check out our list of Soul Crash Guides to help you become a better and stronger player in game.

Getting the Soul Crash Gears

Different Soul Crash Gears have different rating at which you can upgrade your gears. Below is a complete chart of these Soul Crash gear ratings and their abilities to be enchanted:

At this time, you can only purchase weapons from the weaponshop from the shop section. You can access to the Soul Crash enchantsmith from the weapon shop screen as well. At the enchant screen, you will be able to see the maximum number of enchants that you can do to your weapons as well as their required number of enchant stones and success chances.

What does Enchant Do

Enchant will increase the battle power of your Soul Crash weapons.

How to Get Soul Crash Enchantment Stones

You can get more Soul Crash enchantment stones with the following methods:
1. After winning a set of matches, you can get them via the treasure chests.
2. When you win the first battle of the day
3. Visiting Your Neighbor’s Streets – Maximum of 40 friends per day.
4. However, you will at least need 40 friends to get the Enchantment stones.
5. You can get enchantment stones form leader board rewards.
6. You can purchase the Soul Crash enchantment stones from the shop.

Weapon Rating Stars and Enchantment Level

Depending on the enchant level of your Soul Crash weapons, they will be assigned with a star level. You can use this star level to tell the strength and enchantment of your opponent’s Soul Crash weapons:

1 Bronze Star = Level 1
2 Bronze Star = Level 2
3 Bronze Star = Level 3
1 Silver Star = Level 4
2 Silver Star = Level 5
3 Silver Star = Level 6
1 Gold Star = Level 7
2 Gold Star = Level 8
3 Gold Star = Level 9

Enchant Cooldown

After you have enchanted your gear to 1 Silver star or level 4, there will be an enchant cooldown time assigned. You will not be able to enchant additional level unless you pay a huge amount of cash to enable it.

Best Weapons to Enchant

You should always purchase the strongest weapon that you can at your level. Those are the best weapons for you to enchant because they receive more battle bonuses with a stronger base. However, if you know it will take a long time before you can get the next weapon tier, enchant the one that you have instead to make it even stronger. It should be noted that the power rating of your weapon is also dependent on your primary Soul Crash attack stat.

Soul Crash Weapon and Enchantment Power Chart

We are working to put together a weapon chart of the different weapons that you can get in game as well as their respective upgrade levels. Please share this list with your friends so that you can make good decisions about how and when to upgrade your Soul Crash weapons!


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