Complete Sim City Social House Guide

Houses are essential in your Sim City Social city planning. With more population in your City, you can unlock various buildings as well as purchase additional land area. In this guide, we will show you some basic pointers on how to build and upgrade houses in SimCity Social. If you have found this basic SimCity Social housing guide helpful, please check out the rest of our SimCity Social guides.

Basic SimCity House Overview

In SimCity Social, you do not build houses as buildings, rather you assigned Housing zones where the houses can be placed and upgraded. Depending on the upgrade level of the houses, they can be different kinds of housing buildings with essentially the same purpose. You will have to connect the houses to the different roads for your citizens to be able to move in.

The SimCity Socials houses themselves cost very little simoleon to build, however you will instead spend more money into purchasing decorations and landmarks to level them and upgrade them. The upgrade and downgrade is pretty much instant as soon as you move the decoration or houses around, so there is no way to cheat the system in SimCity Social

SimCity Social House Collection

You can spend one energy to collect from your SimCity Social residential buildings. There is a chance for you to collect “Community” when you collect the houses. Based on our initial test, higher level SimCity residential houses do not seem to have higher “Community” drop rate.

SimCity Social House Population and Upgrades

Depending on the population bonuses that your decorations are giving to each of the residential zones, the SimCity Social residential houses can upgrade and house even more population. However, depending on the number of land area that you assign to the housing zone, they have different upper limit on how much can be built.

Depending on the population that each of the houses have, they will upgrade based on the following levels:

Level 1: 1~16 Population
Level 2: 17~40 Population
Level 3: 41~80 Population
Level 4: 81~140 Population
Level 5: 141~225Population
Level 6: 226~336 Population
Level 7: 337~480 Population
Level 8: 660 Population Max

Real Friend Move-In’s

One thing interesting about the housing function in SimCity Social is that it will randomly pull a real friend from your Facebook list to move in. Sometimes when your friends are helping your City, you will be able use their help in collecting some of the resources. This will save you from using your own SimCity Social energy. It appears that the move in is quite random and your best bet is to have lots of residential areas, especially if you have plenty of Facebook friends who plays SimCity Social.

Best SimCity House Placement Practice

In general, you want to place your strongest decorations and landmarks to fully cover as many residential areas as you have. Put the best decoration in the center to evenly cover all the houses possible. Then you should purchase other decorations to sprinkle around the little spaces to gain additional population.

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