Collectible Guide for SimCity Social

Collectibles are important to upgrade your SimCity buildings and attractions, as well as completing some of your quests to level up faster in SimCity Social. In this guide, we will go over everything that you need to know about getting and using the different collectibles in the game. Please check out the rest of our SimCity Social guides and share them with your friends if you have found this guide helpful! Your links back to us are our best support!

How to Get SimCity Social Collectibles

You can obtain the different collectibles through collecting from the different buildings normally, or you can perform the random actions to get a chance of obtaining the collectibles. It should be noted that you have a chance of getting the collectible too when your neighbors perform the actions in your City, thus it is beneficial to accept all the social actions from your neighbors in the game to take advantage of it.

You can also obtain collectibles if your friends choose to respond to your train requests. The type and collectible item that you obtain through neighbor’s train goods response is random. However, you will be able to accept more collectible goods when you upgrade your SimCity Social train station.

Lastly, the sure fire way of obtaining the different SimCity Social collectible is by purchasing them with diamonds. However this method is not recommended because you are better off spending the diamond on other items such as land expansion.

Another precaution that you should make is that these collectibles usually have different upper limit on how many of them that you can hold. Thus you should keep track to upgrade your buildings often so that you do not waste these SimCity Social collectible collections.

Purpose of SimCity Social Collectibles

The main purpose of the various collectibles is to upgrade your buildings and increase their efficiency. You can check our on going list of SimCity Social building upgrade requirements to learn more about the various upgrades needed in the game.

Actual Collectible Collection

You can obtain the following collectibles from the following places, again it should be noted that the type of collectible that you can get is completely random.

Business Card, Cash Register, Business Savvy, TPS Report

Attraction and Train Station
Ticket Stub, Foam Finger, Souvenir, Architectural Pizazz

Safety Hat, Punch Card, Elbow Grease, Safety Award

Llama Manure, Bushel of Food, Hayseed, Salt of the Earth

Residential Houses

Police Station
Police Badge

Fire Station
Metal of Bravery

Positive Social Action (In neighbor’s City)
Goodwill, Harmony, Peace

Negative Social Action (In neighbor’s City)
Fury, Rage, Wrath

Friend Free Gift

Special Collections

Alien wreckage
Alien Artifact, Module Part

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