Basic SimCity Social FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Sim City Social Open Beta has just been released by EA Games on Facebook. In this guide, we will go over some quick information on the game to help you get started easily. More detailed Sim City Social guides will be written and prepared by us as we go through the game, so please bookmark us and share our guides with your Sim City lover and Facebook Friends! Please feel free to leave any comments or questions here if you have any additional information. Check out the rest of our Sim City Social guides as well!

Basic Sim City Social Currencies

There are three main currencies and points in Sim City Social: These three currencies are Sim City Simoleons, Diamonds, and Fame. Simoleons can be earned from collecting from businesses. Sim City diamonds have to be purchased with real world cash. And lastly the Sim City Fame is the social currency which you can earn from doing social actions in your Sim City friend’s Cities.

In addition to the basic currencies, you also have a material amount which can be produced from Sim City factories. You can also convert materials directly into Simoleons and vice versa.

Sim City Social Bonus Collection

You can receive two different types of daily login bonuses in Sim City Social. The first one is the pure and simple log in bonus, the second are the friend visitation bonuses that you receive when you visit friend’s Cities.

Sim City Item Placements

There are items that can be placed next to each other for you to level up your houses and receive additional bonuses and boosts. Below is a quick partial list to show some Sim City examples on how they work. We are working on a more completed guide to list the different boost combinations that you can have.

You can place items, move them around with the moving tool, and remove them using the bulldozer option. Be careful when you bulldoze Sim City Social buildings because you will not be able to get them back unless you rebuild them.

Waterfront Bonus
In Sim City Social, some land areas are better than the others and provide collection boosts to all sorts of buildings. For example, the Sim City Waterfront area will help houses level, businesses with higher payout, and factories with additional material production.

Decoration Bonus
You can build sim City Social decorations such as flowers and such to level up your residential houses.

How to Expand sim City Social City

There are a couple requirements that you must complete in order to expand your City to have additional land building area. These requirements include land permit, numbers of friends, and required population limit. When you have all the requirements fulfilled, you will obtain additional land that you can build your Sim City Social friends with. Because both the land permit and numbers of friends require you to have lots of friends on Facebook, it is good practice to get as many friends who play the game.

Sim City Social Fire and Break in Events

Sim City Social has random events such as break in and fire that can happen to your Sim City Social buildings. To respond and remedy these negative events, you will have to build Sim City Social fire stations and police stations. These protective buildings have certain respond radius that can be upgraded. To truly protect your City from these negative effects, you want to make sure that you build enough of the buildings to cover your buildings.

Sim City Social Friend or Foe

Sim City Social differentiates itself in terms of City building that you will have choices when you are in friend’s Cities. You can either conduct good or bad actions. Good actions will increase levels of friendship and bad actions will increase levels of rivalry. Friendly Sim City Social cities eventually become Sister Cities and high Rivalry cities will eventually become arch enemies. How you play the game social between your friends is up to you!


Basic SimCity Social FAQ Frequently Asked Questions — 8 Comments

    • Look at the right hand side of your screen when you’re playing Sim City Social. There will be a row of pictures. Click on the wrapped gift box and it’ll give you a list of items you can send to your friends. Or your friend could always send you a request for a land permit. You’ll receive a notification on your facebook when he sends this request. Click on the notification, accept or “help out” your friend in need of this item, and there you go!

  1. Manday,
    You start with one land permit in your inventory that you can gift to your friend. Beware though: you will need more yourself in order to expand your own city, and I’m stuck on how to get more otherwise.

    If you are talking about the Olympics event going on right now, build a sport building (beach volleyball court, westling ring, tennis court, etc.) and when it is ready you can collect from it. Then use the menu symbol on the right to open the list of events; any buttons that come up in green are what you have enough points to train for.

  2. Really you don’t get to choose what kind of relationship you have in order to go up in levels you have to follow the quests and the quests lead you toward good and evil all the time. My question is when you change to another level of friendship how many actions do you need to preform to get to the next level? thanks

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