Pockie Ninja Arena Battle Guide

Arena battle in Pockie Ninja is a great way to obtain new suits, get more EXP, and compare your playing strategy to other players. This is a guide on everything that you need to know about fighting inside Arena in the world of Pockie Ninja. If you have found this guide useful, please check out our Pockie Ninja guide list.

Arena Fight Amount Limit

You can fight up to 20 times per day in the Pockie Ninja arena.

Pick Your Opponents

Auto Generated Arena Opponent List

The arena opponents are automatically generated based on your Arena ranking. This means that you will face higher level opponents based on where you stand as the ranking of the Pockie Ninja arena. You can then pick the arena opponents to fight. You will be able to see the opponent’s level as well as the outfit that they use.

The arena opponent list can be refreshed for free once every hour.

Arena Row Completion Reward

When you defeat the entire row of opponents in the arena, you will get to flip a card that is similar to the world map exploration cards. You will have a chance to receive metals and some arena gears.

Pockie Ninja Arena Medal Exchange

The medals that you earn inside the arena can be exchanged for EXP based on your Pockie Ninja level as well as exchange for Jar Shop items. Depending on the ranking of your arena status, you will earn varying amount of medals per arena fight that you do.

Fighting Pockie Ninja Arena Judges

When you have one of the top arena ranking in Pockie Ninja, you will no longer be matched with real players because there is no one to match you do. In this situation, you will be paired up with Arena Judge or Referee to continue fighting inside the Pockie Ninja Arena. The basic guideline is to take out all of your gears and use a healing pet. Your goal is to wear down the HP without the judge dealing too match damage to you. By having a healing Pockie Ninja pet while fighting the Arena Referee, you have higher chance of winning by having more HP than the judge at the end of the arena battle.

Pockie Ninja Daily Liveliness Note

The arena fights inside Pockie Ninja will count towards the daily liveliness requirement which is needed to exchange for Pockie Ninja coupons in game.

Arena Ranking Guide

Everytime you win in a arena battle, your rank would increase. Otherwise, everytime that you lose in an arena battle, your Pockie Ninja arena rank will decrease. For every certain amount of ranking points, you will fight a mini boss to rank up to the next level. After you rank up to the next arena ranking, you do not lose the ranking even if your rank points fall below the level required.

Pockie Ninja Apprentice System

It should be noted that you can “subdue” arena opponents that you have defeated who is over level 18. By subdueing and obtain apprentices, you can earn additional Pockie Ninja EXP.

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