Gold Making Guide for Pockie Ninja

Gold is one of the most valuable resources in the game of Pockie Ninja, in this guide I will go over some of the tips that you can do to farm and generate the gold that you needed to own in your server. If you have found this guide helpful for your Pockie journey, be sure to check out our list of Pockie Ninja guides.

Purchase Gold Directly with Cash

This is probably the best sure fire way of getting in game gold, if you do not have the real world cash, consider getting a job or find some other ways to make money. By purchasing gold directly with real world money is the best way.

Auction House Trading to Make More Gold

The other way to obtain gold in game is through auction house trading with other players. Here are some of the trading concepts that you must understand for trading within the Auction Houses.

Each Server is Different

Depending on the Pockie Ninja server that you play in, the auction houses prices all vary. To really excel in making the gold that you need, you will have to spend some time to observe the prices and notice what prices sell, and what trading prices will make you profit in gold.

Supply and Demand

The prices of gold is really dependent on the amount of players on your server that are willing to spend real world cash to obtain the edge in game. Typically speaking, a brand new server might have more abundance of gold in auction houses because more real world money is being poured in, as the server progresses, the rate at which gold exchanges will drop over time. By understanding this effect, you should farm gold as early as possible inside a server. Given that your own leveling rate is not hurt by such a move.

Item Sync for Profit of Gold

Once you have unlocked auction house, visit it often to buy materials for Pockie Ninja item synthesis. Some of the best items to purchase are pets and food, your goal is to purchase these Pockie Ninja raw items at prices cheaper than what you can auction back to the auction house for. For example, if you have spent a total of 6 gold to gather the materials, you may be able to sell the finished product for 10 gold which generates a profit of 4 gold. However, be careful about synthesizing only unbound items so that you can still sell them.

Prey for Newbie’s Gold Mistakes

Another good way to make good is to prey on the lack of knowledge of newer players. If you have observed the prices of the buying and selling gold prices of certain prices, you can make profit of gold by trading them. This is especially true on items that newer players typically do not know the value of. This include name cards, demon items, etc. By having knowledge of the game throughout, you will find many gold making opportunities.

Buy Low, Sell High for Gold Earning

This is the never dying motto of making any kind of profit in any MMORPG, this gold making method is also true in Pockie Ninja. You can make a profit in any item as long as you buy low enough, and resell them at a profit after subtracting out the fees that Pockie Ninja Auction house charges. By able to buy low and sell high of items, you can make gold profit in any item.

Hunting for Unbound Items

You can hunt for unbound items which can be sold at the auction house for gold.
Slots – Look out for these unbound items to sell for gold.
Exploration – Look out for these unbound items: Lucky gems, Demon Proofs, Keys can make you some gold.
Daily Pet search – Look out for these unbound items: Eggs/pets
Valhalla – Look out for these unbound items: Any s3 items
One or two Quests – Look out for these unbound items: Any s3 Item

Aim for Gift Coupons

Although this does not directly link to gold making guide, Pockie Ninja gift coupons can act like gold in game. Read my other detailed guide on how to make more Pockie Ninja Gift Coupons. With gift coupons, you can purchase other items which can in term lead more generating more Pockie Ninja Gold.

Village Gold Investment

Village investment is an indirect way of generating more gold in the future. By putting gold and investing them into your Pockie Ninja village, you can generate more stones and medals from a higher level upgraded villages. You can then use those stones and medals to exchange for items that can be sold for more profit in gold. If you are planning to play Pockie Ninja for the long haul over a long period of time, investing gold into your village is a good way to generate interest of gold in the future!

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