Apprentice System Guide for Pockie Ninja

The apprentice system is a nice addition to help you level up faster and advance faster in game. Below is a guide to everything that you need to know about Pockie Ninja Apprentice. If you have found this guide useful, please check out our other useful Guides for Pockie Ninja.

Obtaining Teachable Apprentices

To obtain the targets that you can use as apprentice, you first need to fight in the arena battle. You can subdue the level 18+ opponents that you have defeated in the battle arena.

Subdue Targets Who Are Apprentice

However, if the targets that you face is already another player’s apprentice, you will have to battle them for the right to become the Master of the apprentice. This usually is harder because the master of another apprentice is by default stronger than the other apprentice the majority of the time.

Vahalla Apprentice Team

In Vahalla, you can team up with your Pockie Ninja apprentice so that you can effectively solo the dungeon with just yourself without the help of other players. One thing should be noted is that the level requirement of the Vahalla dungeon runs still apply to your apprentice teammates. So you have to make sure that you have high level enough of apprentices to run the Vahalla dungeon.

Experience Points By Punish

You can earn some instant experience points when you “educate” or “punish” your Pockie apprentices. Depending on your level, you have additional functions in which you can interact with the apprentice.

Apprentice EXP Accumulation

By having and keeping your Pockie Ninja apprentices, your apprentices can earn EXP for you over the next 72 hours. Your apprentices will leave on their own after 72 hours or be taken away by other players if they defeat you. Because of this function, the Pockie apprentice system is one of the best way to level up in Pockie Ninja.

Pet System and Apprentice

When you are feeding your Pockie Ninja pet in the pet panel, you have a choice to use your apprentice inside the pet feeding screen. By adding your apprentice into the Pockie pet kernel, you can increase the speed that your pet can feed and finish digest the food.

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