Winner’s Guide to Pockie Ninja 2 Social

Winning and having the strongest team for your Pockie Ninja Social is fun. In this guide, we will simply lay it out simply on how to have a strong and winning Pockie Ninja 2 Social team. We will touch upon all aspect of the game including ninja stats, gears, and skills. However because the game play for Pockie Ninja Social can be quite deep, use this guide as basic beginner guide lines to help you understand how games work and how to win at Pockie Ninja 2 Social. Please share this guide with your Pockie Ninja and Facebook friends! Remember to take a look at the rest of our Pockie Ninja 2 Social guides to learn more about how to win and beat your friends.

Get Strong Ninjas on Your Team

Having strong Pockie Ninja 2 Social ninja on your team is key to winning. You must follow the different methods to get the strongest ninja possible. The Pockie Ninja Social ninjas are ranked based on their aptitudes. You want to at least get red ninjas or gold ninjas even better. If you do not want to spend that much Ryo in Pockie Ninja Social, invest the money and time into upgrading your Ninja School. With upgraded ninja school, you can shorten the time of ninja refresh and increase the chance at obtaining higher level ninjas.

Aptitude Enhancement Consideration

You can also increase the aptitude ranking of your Pockie Ninja 2 Social ninjas. With higher aptitude, it is like a multiplier that can enhance the combat ability of your Ninja. By having higher aptitude through aptitude enhancement, you will strengthen your ninja make up to win more battles against enemies and storylines.

Level Up Ninjas

Leveling up your Ninja team in Pockie Ninja Social can make them stronger in battle. With higher levels, you can enhance more attack and HP. For every 1 Ninja level, you can enhance 5 times more into HP and attack. With more level up, you will also learn additional skills to use in the battles. Make sure that your Pockie NInja social ninjas do not die in battle so that they can receive the entire EXP from battling.

Ninja Attack and HP Enhancement

You can spend Ryo to enhance and boost the ninja’s attack and HP. The higher rank the ninjas, the more ryo that it costs to upgrade the attack and HP. However, the effect of attack and HP enhancement is great in helping you win more battles easily.

Get Better Skills – Primary Skills

The unique skills that your Ninjas can learn can turn the tides of battle and help you win more easily in Pockie Ninja 2 Social. There are two kinds of skills available in Pockie Ninja Social – Primary and Unique. As ninja level up, they can change or “reset” the primary skill that they can use in battle. Reset your skills daily as you level up your Pockie Ninja Social team members so that they will always have the strongest skills available in battle.

Learning Pockie Ninja Social Unique Skills

Obtain the skill scrolls in the scroll shop. These skills can let your Pockie Ninja social team deal more damage. You can also obtain the ultimate unique skills by synthesizing skills or use ultimate skill bag in Pockie Ninja Social. With the unique skills and ultimate unique skills, you can defeat enemies more easily in the game and win more battles fast.

Obtaining Gears

Gears can make or break your Ninjas in Pockie Ninja Social. Do lucky draws in the last missions of each chapter or do hero plots to obtain various gears. Be careful and note the different classes that each of the gears correspond to, you want to make sure that all of your Ninjas in Pockie Ninja Social are properly equipped. With all the equipment and gears, your ninjas can deal more damage and take more hits to win the different battles in the game.

Improve and Upgrade Gears

Upgrade your gears whenever possible and when you have spare Ryo. The gear upgrades take time and they have cooldown timer. Thus, you should spend the time into upgrade whenever possible so that the timer can run while you wait for other things such as energy and other cool down time. With more upgrades into your Pockie Ninja Social gears, your team can win easily against any enemies.

Build and Upgrade Class Specific Altar

When you have reached the level to build altar in Pockie Ninja Social, build and upgrade all the altar for all of your Pockie Ninja Social Classes including Taijutsu, Ninjutsu and Ninja tool.

Utilize Pockie Ninja Social Battle Strategy

Use and take advantage of the different Pockie Ninja Social battle strategies. By using the great strategy during combat, you can have better shot at winning. Understanding the range of attack, movement range, and class strength and weakness in Pockie Ninja Social will make your combats more fun. With great strategy, you will be able to learn how to win and kill your enemies.


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