Pockie Ninja Social Complete Skill Walkthrough Guide

Pockie Ninja Social is a fun rpg and strategy guide combined. Having good skills equipped on your Pockie Ninja Social ninjas is key to winning more battles with your ninjas easily. In this Pockie Ninja Social skill guide, we will go over everything that you need to know about skills in the game. With the understanding of how Pockie Ninja Social ninja skills work, you will advance in game faster along with stronger and better Ninja skills. Check out the rest of our Pockie Ninja Social guides to help you learn about the game.

Pockie Ninja Skill Overview

The Pockie Ninja Social skills can be divided into two categories: Basic and Unique Skills. Your Pockie Ninja Social Ninja comes with one default basic skill slot, you can also unlock the second skill slot for 30k Ryo. You can also teach your ninja unique skills to deal more damage effectively in combat.

The Pockie Ninja Social basic skills are unlocked and levels up when your Pockie Ninja social levels up. The unique skills however have to be bought via Scroll shop or Storyline harvest collection. The active skills also have limit on how many uses that you can unleash during Pockie Ninja Social battles.

Pockie Ninja Social Basic Skills

In Pockie Ninja, each of the Pockie Ninja Social classes come with their own set of basic skills.

Pockie Ninja Social Unique Skill Collection

In each of the Pockie Ninja Social Storyline scenario, you will be able to assign ninjas to harvest. You will have a chance of dropping collection item which grants you a specific unique skill. Below is a complete list of the Pockie Ninja Social unique skill locations and what they do.

Target /
Prankster NarutoTaijutsuPrimary DestroyerLaunch 150% Attack + 149 damageMelee Single
Steal ScrollWeaponSuper Added-Weight RockLaunch 150% Attack + 131 damageRanged Single
Shadow CloneNinjutsuGreat FireballLaunch 150% Attack + 186 damageRanged Single
Fierce ForestTaijutsuPrimary Eight Trigrams PalmsLaunch 75% Attack + 100 damageMelee Cross
My Name is KonohamaruWeaponPerformance of a Hundred PuppetsLaunch 120% Attack + 30 damageRanged 3 Slots
Friends or FoesNinjutsuVacuum WaveLaunch 70% Attack + 120 damageRanged Cross
Genin SchoolingTaijutsuCamelia DanceLaunch 65% Attack + 40 damageMelee Square
Formation of Team 7WeaponGiant Sand BurialLaunch 90% Attack + 40 damageRanged Cross
Gennin's Daily LifeNinjutsuWater Dragon JutsuLaunch 55% Attack + 30 damageRanged Square
Gennin's Daily Life IITaijutsuSeven Blade StyleLaunch 100% AttackMelee Single
Stun 1 Turn
Land of WavesWeaponShadow ImitationLaunch 100% AttackRanged Single
Stun 1 Turn
Halfway SlaughterNinjutsuPrimary Five Seal BarrierLaunch 100% AttackRanged Single
Mute 1 Turn
Meet ZabuzaTaijutsuPrimary Rasen ShurikenSacrifice 20% HP for double damageMelee Single
Ninjutsu TrainingWeaponPrimary IaidoLaunch 100% AttackRanged Single
Reduce attack by 50% next turn
Kid's NightmareNinjutsuPrimary SealingsSacrifice 20% HP for double damage next turnBuff
Rescue HostageTaijutsuPrimary Great StrengthAbandon action to double damage next turnBuff
Arm VillagersWeaponInsectEnemies lose 50% attackRanged Cross Debuff
Vanish with SnowNinjutsuWater PrisonStun EnemiesRanged Cross Disable
Big EventTaijutsuPrimary EruptStun EnemiesMelee Cross Disable
Test for ChuninWeaponSand Binding CoffinBind Enemy for a TurnMelee Cross Disable
Forest of Death INinjutsuAmaterasuLaunch 40% Attack + 20 damageAttack all enemies
Forest of Death IITaijutsuUltimate CrushLaunch 180% Attack + 243 damageMelee Single
Chunin ChallengeWeaponAtomic Dismantling JutsuLaunch 180% Attack + 212 damageRanged Single
Chunin Challenge IINinjutsuGreat Dragon FireLaunch 180% Attack + 303 damageRanged Single
Prepare for FinalsTaijutsuUltimate Eight Trigrams PalmsLaunch 85% Attack + 200 damageMelee Cross
CompetitionWeaponThe Ten PuppetsLaunch 140% Attack + 50 damageRanged 3 Slot
Konoha Battle INinjutsuVacuum Great SphereLaunch 80% Attack + 240 damageRanged Cross
Konoha Battle IITaijutsuBracen DanceLaunch 85% Attack + 80 damageMelee Square
Akatsuki AppearsWeaponSandstorm DevastationLaunch 120% Attack + 80 damageRanged Cross
Rasengan TrainingNinjutsuWater WallLaunch 75% Attack + 60 damageRanged Square
Sannin ShowdownTaijutsuGuillotine DropLaunch 150% AttackMelee Single
Stun for 1 Turn
JiroboWeaponShadow StrangleLaunch 150% AttackRanged Single
Stun for 1 Turn
TayuyaNinjutsuUltimate Five Seals BarrierLaunch 150% AttackRanged Single
Mute for 2 Turn
KidoKidomaruTaijutsuUltimate Rasen ShurikenSacrifice 30% max hp to deal 250% damageBuff
Sakon UkonWeaponUltimate IaidoLaunch 150% AttackRanged Single
Reduce enemy damage 50% for 1 turn.
KimimaroNinjutsuUltimate Cursed SealSacrifice 30% max hp to increase attack 150%Buff
The end of tearsTaijutsuUltimate Great StrengthAbandon action to boost attack 150%Buff
Sneak inWeaponSecret - Insect SphereReduce damage by 50%Ranged Cross Debuff

Pockie Ninja Unique Skill Scroll House

You can obtain Unique skills via the Pockie Ninja Social village building: Scroll house. Similar to the ninja refresh, the Scroll house has a timer refresh which will have unique skills on sale. The higher the scroll house level, the less the time it takes to refresh.

The unique skills will cost certain amount of Pockie Ninja Social Ryos to purchase. They are usually not that expensive in the range of 5k~20k for the most of the Pockie Ninja Social unique skill scrolls.

Lastly, you can instantly refresh the time using skill patch item. You can get the skill refresh scroll from online rewards that can be claimed once every 6 hours in Pockie Ninja Social. Use it wisely only when you have enough ryos to purchase the skills that are generated from the scroll house instant refresh.

Storyline Lucky Draw Victories

At the end of the story line for each of the chapter, you will be able to do a lucky draw which can give you the skills directly or give you the pages for the collection bonuses.

Pockie Ninja Ultimate Skill Synthesize

You can also synthesize to create the ultimate skills in Pockie Ninja Social. To synthesis, you will need 6 different skill books to synthesis the ultimate Pockie Ninja Social skill.


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