Pockie Ninja Social Best Leveling Guide

Leveling up in Pockie Ninja Social is important to move forward in the game. In this Pockie Ninja 2 Social power leveling guide, we will go over some tips and helpful advice on how to make your Pockie Ninja Social training career more smoothly and easily. Do check out the rest of our great Pockie Ninja Social guides collection for more helpful hints. Please share them with your Facebook and Pockie Ninja friends if you have found them helpful!

Pockie Ninja Social Level Overview

Before we get into details about how to level up in Pockie Ninja Social, we will first need to make a comment about the difference in Village and Ninja level and experience points. Most of the actions that grant ninja experience points will also earn you village experience points.

You as a player is actually trying to level up your village as much as possible. However, at the same time you want to be able to level up your Pockie Ninja Social ninjas to ensure that you can progress in the story line development. As you level up your Pockie Ninja Social village, you will be able to unlock additional buildings and Pockie Ninja Social features such as Trial and Arena.

This guide will mainly focus on the leveling aspect of your Pockie Ninja Social ninjas because village experience points come naturally through story line scene farming.

How to Level Up Village

The main way of leveling up your village is through the repeated farming and harvesting of story lines and village buildings. To make the most out of your energy, you should also complete the quests whenever they become available. If you are playing normally and maximizing all of the energy, you should be able to level up your Pockie Ninja Social village without too much trouble.

How to Level Up Individual Ninja

There are four direct ways of earning experience points for your Pockie Ninja Social ninja, these methods of leveling up are: Participating in Battle, Work in Village Production Building, Harvesting Story line, and lastly the use of EXP pills. We will go over each of these aspects of leveling up in Pockie Ninja Social to provide you with some of our insights in the game.

Completing Battles

Your Pockie Ninjas will earn EXP when they win in battles and surviving till the victory counter. Your ninjas will earn the most EXP when they are in battles similar against the ninjas of their levels. Thus, it is essential to have a mid to high level Pockie Ninja Social ninja team to complete the battles.

Another tip to earn the most experience points while leveling up in Pockie Ninja Social through battling is to manually play through the battles instead of using auto combat. By manually playing the battles by hand, you can position your ninjas to deal the best damage with Pockie Ninja Social cross and square skills, or disable the types of ninjas that can kill your little guys.

Notes on Double EXP
It should be noted that you can also activate double exp which can effectively increase your leveling speed for the next battle. With double EXP activated, you will earn double the exp for the next battle. Thus, it is essential to fight the strongest storyline that grants the most EXP to your Pockie Ninja Social ninjas.

Harvest Village and Story Line for EXP

Your Pockie Ninja Social ninjas can also earn experience points when they work inside one of your village production buildings. Your ninjas will earn ninja exp for leveling up when you collect the harvest. They will earn ninja exp with each harvest. However, the amount earned is pretty minor.

For the Story line harvest, when you have completed a scene, you can assign your ninjas to harvest the stories. It takes roughly 1 hour to harvest each story. Your Pockie Ninja Social ninjas will also earn level up exp when you collect from the story.

Pockie Ninja Social EXP Pills

Your can also let your Pockie Social eat EXP pills to earn some fast exp to level up. The Pockie Ninja Social exp pills are divided into the following categories:

EXP Pill C: +50 EXP
EXP Pill B: +250 EXP
EXP Pill A: +500 EXP

Each of the Pockie Ninja Social ninja can consume 5 of each EXP pills to earn exp per day. It should be noted that EXP pill usage counts toward the Pockie Ninja Social Active system. You can get the EXP pills via Pockie Ninja Social Trials.

EXP Training House for Pockie Ninja Social

The training house in Pockie Ninja Social can also be used to train your ninja for leveling up. However, this method is not that great because the EXP gained is considerably less compared to if you use the Pockie Ninja Social chakra for battling. You will use some chakras for exp and some ryo as well if you want to skip the manual training altogether.

Esoteric Palace Pass on EXP

The Esoteric is an interesting way to level up your Pockie Social Ninjas, you can move some of the EXP from one ninja to another that you want to train. However, once you do the pass on EXP, you will lose the initial ninja. Only do this when you know that you are transferring the EXP to a stronger Pockie Ninja Social ninja like red or gold.


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