Pockie Ninja 2 Social Item Synthesis Guide

Pockie Ninja 2 Social is the latest game coming to Facebook. In this guide, we will go over some basic information for the item synthesis. Please note that this guide will be continuously updated as more information and game play are released in the future. Feel free to leave any comments or additional information that you would like to add. Lastly, check out our list of all Pockie Ninja 2 Social game guides.

Item Synthesis Introduction

Just like the original Pockie Ninja, you will have to use Item Synthesis to create items of higher grade. The items that you can synthesis include items, skills, and different ninjas.

In general, when you synthesis the items of the same grade, there is a chance of higher grade item being produced just like the original Pockie Ninja.

How to Synthesis in Pockie Ninja Social

When a village reaches Level 20 or higher, players can enter the warehouse in their village to synthesis new ninjas using the ones that they have. Any three ninjas can be combined and synthesized into a new one, with the quality of the new ninja determined by the level and attribute qualities of the ninjas used. Because of the rarity of the gold ninjas, it is worth taking the risk to synthesize.

Ninja Value Determination

The value of the Pockie Ninja Social ninja is determined by the Force points and color of the ninja. The color of the Pockie Ninja Social is determined in the following order: Gold > Red > Purple > Blue. The Gold colored Pockie Ninja Social being the highest grade, and the Blue Ninjas being the lowest.

Pockie Ninja 2 Social Synthesis Cost

The cost of item synthesis increases in the game for every additional synthesis attempts that you do. Thus if you are planning to play for the long haul, you should spread out your Synthesis attempts to waste less Pockie Ninja 2 Social ryo toward synthesis.


Pockie Ninja 2 Social Item Synthesis Guide — 6 Comments

  1. i synthesis 3 level 20 red ninja’s with hp,atk,enhanced. (kakashi,sasori,deidara). but all i get is “purple sai” why is that???

    • red ninjas has higher gold succession rates indeed rather than blues and purples,but it’s all about luck,haha

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