Pockie Ninja 2 Social Complete Ninja Guide

Ninjas are the essence of playing Pockie Ninja 2 Social. In this guide, we will go over the various aspect of your Pockie Ninja 2 Social ninjas. If you have found this guide and list helpful, please check out the rest of our Pockie Ninja 2 Social guides.

Pockie Ninja Social Aptitude and Color Ranking

The ninjas available for use in Pockie Ninja Social is divided into a few color categories based on their aptitude. The dividing point is as followed:

Blue: 1-9
Purple: 11-19
Red: 21-29
Gold: 31-39

The higher the aptitude that your ninja has, the more stats boosted will be obtained by them through upgrading and enhancing. Thus, always try to go for the highest ranked ninjas as well as ninjas with higher aptitude.

How to Get Pockie Ninja 2 Social Ninjas

Depending on their quality, there are a few different methods of obtaining these Ninjas in the game. Below we will list all of the methods that you may encounter when obtaining more playable ninjas in your team.

Pockie Ninja Social Ninja School

You can recruit ninjas from ninja schools for the Blue, Purple, and Red ninjas. It should noted that you can improve and increase the ninja refresh rate and amount by upgrading your Pockie Ninja Social ninja schools.

Quest Reward

You will potentially win different playable ninjas as you progress through the game and pass some quests. When you have won ninja through questing, remember to check the ninja at the ninja tab in the warehouse to use them.

Ninja Gift Pack

Lastly, you can also obtain ninjas using the various ranked ninja gift pack. It really depends on your luck at which Pockie Ninja Social ninja that you will obtain through this method.

Ninja Synthesis

The ability to start item synthesis is unlocked when you have reached level 20. The only way to obtain gold ranked ninja in Pockie Ninja Social is through ninja item synthesis. In general, you will obtain ninjas based on the 3 ninjas that you use for the synthesis.

Ninja Saga

The use of Ninja Saga is available after you have passed the Land of Waves. In here you will be able to purchase various ninjas into your team using Ryo. After you have collected all the ninjas of the same type, you will be able to unlock gold ninja as well.

Look Out for Pockie Ninja Social Events

Game321 is pretty good about hosting various events that give players chances to earn ninjas and other items. Keep your eyes out for these opportunities to buff up your Pockie Ninja Social team.

Pockie Ninja 2 Social Ninja List

Young NarutoBlueTaijutsu
Genin SakuraBlueTaijutsu
Rock LeeBlueTaijutsu
Akimichi ChojiBlueTaijutsu
Sakon UkonBlueNinja Tool
Inuzuka KibaBlueTaijutsu
KidōmaruBlueNinja Tool
Yamanaka InoBlueNinjutsu
Uchiha ObitoBlueNinjutsu
Dosu KinutaBlueTaijutsu
KonohamaruBlueNinja Tool
Yugito NiiBlueNinja Tool
IrukaBlueNinja Tool
Kin TsuchiBlueNinja Tool
IbikiBlueNinja Tool
Gekkou HayateBlueNinja Tool
Hagane KotetsuBlueNinja Tool
Kamizuki IzumoBlueNinja Tool
Genin SasukeBlueNinjutsu
Zaku AbumiBlueNinjutsu
Shikaku NaraBlueNinjutsu
Yamanaka InoichiBlueNinjutsu
TemariPurpleNinja Tool
SaiPurpleNinja Tool
TentenPurpleNinja Tool
Aburame ShinoPurpleNinja Tool
Mitarashi AnkoPurpleNinja Tool
HakuPurpleNinja Tool
Cursed SasukePurpleNinjutsu
Terumi MeiPurpleNinjutsu
Deva Path of PainPurpleNinjutsu
2nd HokagePurpleNinjutsu
Asuma SarutobiPurpleTaijutsu
Uzumaki NarutoPurpleTaijutsu
Momochi ZabuzaPurpleTaijutsu
Kisame HoshigakiPurpleTaijutsu
Hyuga NejiPurpleTaijutsu
KoyukiPurpleNinja Tool
Hyuga HinataPurpleTaijutsu
EbisuPurpleNinja Tool
Nara ShikamaruPurpleNinja Tool
KankuroPurpleNinja Tool
Chūnin KabutoPurpleNinjutsu
ChiyoRedNinja Tool
Sasori of the Red SandRedNinja Tool
Uchiha ItachiRedTaijutsu
Hatake KakashiRedTaijutsu
4th RaikageRedTaijutsu
4th HokageRedTaijutsu
3rd HokageRedTaijutsu
Killer BRedTaijutsu
KonanRedNinja Tool
DeidaraRedNinja Tool
3rd TsuchikageRedNinja Tool
Sage NarutoGoldTaijutsu
1st HokageGoldTaijutsu
Kazekage GaaraGoldNinja Tool
Orochi KabutoGoldNinjutsu
Uchiha MadaraGoldNinjutsu
Uzumaki KushinaGoldNinja Tool


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  1. Why not all ninja can be pass on EXP? It is the number of revive with affect or the lvl of ninja will affect? i need a good answer thanks~~

  2. how can I get a Sasori?

    I know about Koyuki + Naruto + Shikaku
    But I don’t know which level they need ://

    and sorry my English is bad…I’m from Germany..

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