Pockie Ninja 2 Social Active Points System Guide

The active points system in Pockie Ninja 2 Social can help you gain levels and more ryos faster. The active points system itself is pretty easy to follow, however, in this guide we will go over each of these active points to give you some insights on how to achieve them easier to receive the activity bonus boxes easier and faster. Please check out the rest of our Pockie Ninja 2 Social guides if you have found them useful!

Pockie Ninja Social Activity Point List

Below is a complete list of all Pockie Ninja Social activities and activity points that you can obtain from doing various actions. Some actions are fairly easy to complete, while others can take some time such as the trial. Most of the actions can grant you one active point in game such as enhancement.

Active Point
Per Action
Total Points
Harvesting in Village155
Harvesting in Story155
Send Ninja to Work133
Invade Friend155
Assist Friend11010
Send Gift to Friend155
Invite Friends155
Collect Tax155
Reset Skill155
Train Ninja
(EXP House)
Pass On EXP155
Create Legion133
Use EXP Pill3515
Use Gold3515
Continuous Login Pack111
HP Enhance166
Attack Enhance166
Grand Total134

Available Pockie Ninja Social Active Points Rewards

Depending on the amount of Active points that you have received, you will be able to claim various rewards at the Active Points screen:

0 Active Point: Continuous Login Pack
30 Active Point: Primary Active Chest = 2500 Ryo, 1 Ninja Pack, 1 Purple Gear Piece
60 Active Point: Medium Active Chest: 5000 Ryo, EXP Pill A, 3 Purple Gear Piece
110 Active Point: Advanced Active Chest = 12500 Ryo, Aptitude Pill A, 6 Purple Gear Piece, Salvage
150 Active Point: Ultimate Active Chest = 20000 Ryo, Altar Stone, 2 Red Gear Piece, 1 Salvage

VIP Bonus and Max Active Points Reward

If you have looked through our Pockie Ninja Social Active Points list, you will find that you will not be able to reach 150 points unless you have the VIP. Thus, if you are really serious about the game, getting the VIP status is essential to make lots of Pockie Ninja Social Ryo through Active points reward


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