Get Red and Gold Ninja in Pockie Ninja Social

Red and Gold Ninjas are powerful and rare ninjas with high aptitude to play in the game. These ninjas have high growth and power potential and are necessary if you want to stay competitive in this game for the long term. In this Red and Gold Ninja getting guide, we will go over the best methods of getting these strong and rare red and gold Pockie Ninja Social ninjas. If you have found this guide useful, please check out the rest of our Pockie Ninja Social guides.

Ninja Obtain Method Overview

The basic information how to get Pockie Ninja Social can be found. However, to obtain Red and Gold Ninja specifically, you will have to do more and play smarter to get them while using the least amount of Pockie Ninja Social ryos and chakra energy. Thus we have compiled this better guide to help you obtain these rare ninjas.

Ninja School Upgrade and Unlock Slots

Invest your money into your ninja schools to have higher chance of getting red ninjas. Put all of your ryos into unlock additional ninja recruit slots whenever possible. With more chances to recruit, you will have more chances to get rare ninjas.

Start Ninja School Refresh Timer on Time

You will not be able to start the timer for additional recruits until you actually press refresh. If the ninja inside the ninja school are purple and blue, refresh them timely so that you can maximize the amount of refreshes that you can get per day. Time is of essence for you to obtain the red and gold ninjas in Pockie Ninja Social.

Avoid Blue and Purple Recruits

A couple days into the game, you should avoid hiring blue and purple ninjas, instead save the Ryos for the ninjas that you are training with Pockie Ninja Social enhance system. Only if you have spare ryo, you can consider hire purple ninjas and synthesize them for a chance of Red and Gold. Avoid Blue ninjas at all cost because you will most likely lose money on those Pockie Ninja Synthesize attempts.

Power Up to Pass Trials

Power up your ninja team as much as you can so that you can go through additional levels of Pockie Ninja Social trials. By passing the trials, you have chances of drawing Red and Gold Ninja packs which will net you 100% of the red and gold ninja, however the chance of drawing the pack is still pretty rare.

Level Up and Boost Synthesis Ninjas

The percentage of your Red or Gold ninja synthesis is based on the total force of the ones that you put into the roll. You should consider boosting a couple of red ninjas while training your main team, and use those trained ninjas to synthesize to achieve increased chance of Red and Gold ninja synthesis. Use higher forces ninjas to synthesize increase the possibility of you getting gold ninjas in Pockie Ninja Social.

Ninja Saga for Red and Gold Ninja

This method is not that really until later in the game which you reach level 50′s in Pockie Ninja Social village level. The levels and rarity of the Ninja Saga is unlocked as you level up in game, thus if you use this method to get gold ninja, you will only get them until way later of the game. However, this method is pretty much 100% that you will receive your Pockie Ninja Social gold ninjas.

Special Events and Money Consideration

Lastly, another great way of getting rare red and gold ninjas are through events and special sales. Follow closely with Game321′s announcement on the latest events or shop items to get the gold ninjas. Most of the time you will have to spend some really money as their marketing process, however by spending the money, you can get the Pockie Ninja Social gold and red ninjas for sure.

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