Complete Mutants: Genetic Gladiators Breeding Guide

With so many breeding guides or tools, it’s important that you start with one that works with easy to access information. This complete Mutants: Genetic Gladiators breeding guide will help you with just that. We will go over the basic of mutants cross breeds, and help you to breed all the mutants in the game.

We will organize by the different genes and walk you through potential cross breeds and their recipes. For more MGG guides, please check out our Facebook game guides list.

MGG Complete Breeding Guide Index

Mutants Breeding Combinations
Basic Generation Genes
Second Generation Mutants
Rare Mutant Breeding Methods
Specific Generation Mutants
Star Breeding Upgrades

Mutants Breeding Combinations

Basic Generation Genes

These are you basic of the basic genes that can be obtained via the shop.

Saber Gene: Warrior
Necro Gene: Zombie
Cyber Gene: Robot
Zoomorph Gene: Beast
Galactic Gene: Alien
Mythic Gene: Demon

Second Generation Mutants

When you cross breed the different genes together, you have a chance to get the original mutant or you can end up with completely different mutants breeds. Below is a list of of all the cross breeds when you succeed. To obtain the “rare” breeds with higher chance, you should substitute the double gene mutants in place of single gene.

For example, you can substitute Nordic Nightmare in place of Warrior for any of these breeds and increase your odds at obtaining the rare mutant breeding. Any kinds of first generation has a chance of getting normal breeds or rare breeds. However you can increase your chances at getting a “specific” rare if you use this the specific rare breeding combo utilizing firs tier pure breeds.

Pure Double Gene Breeds
We have summarized the list of the double gene pure breed with this list. You can use this to double reference your cross breeding preference from the game.

Saber Gene: Nordic Nightmare = Warrior + Warrior
Necro Gene: Leech Lord = Zombie + Zombie
Cyber Gene: Android = Robot + Robot
Zoomorph Gene: Kaiju Kitty = Beast + Beast
Galactic Gene: Astro Surfer = Alien + Alien
Mythic Gene: Pit Lord = Demon + Demon

Saber Gene Cross Breeds
Warrior + Warrior = Nordic Nightmare
Warrior + Zombie = Blade Banshee (Rare) or Dire Despot
Warrior + Robot = Enforcer or Stealth Bot (Rare)
Warrior + Beast = Honey Bunny or Rakshasa (Rare)
Warrior + Alien = Martian Marauder (Rare) or Bounty Bug
Warrior + Demon = Valkyrie or Gandolphus (Rare)

Necro Gene Cross Breeds
Zombie + Zombie = Leech Lord
Zombie + Warrior = Dire Despot or Blade Banshee (Rare)
Zombie + Robot = Zomborg (Rare) or Dead Bot
Zombie + Beast = Undead Dragon (Rare) or Cerberus
Zombie + Alien = Ghostmonaut or Tutti Gooey (Rare)
Zombie + Demon = Baron Lundi or Grim Reapress (Rare)

Cyber Gene Cross Breeds
Robot + Robot = Android
Robot + Warrior = Stealth Bot (Rare) or Enforcer
Robot + Zombie = Dead Bot or Zomborg (Rare)
Robot + Beast = Beetle Bot or Reptoid (Rare)
Robot + Alien = Colossus or Planet Cleaner (Rare)
Robot + Demon = Deus Machine (Rare) or Techno Taoist

Zoomorph Gene Cross Breeding
Beast + Beast = Kaiju Kitty
Beast + Warrior = Rakshasa (Rare) or Honey Bunny
Beast + Zombie = Cerberus or Undead Dragon (Rare)
Beast + Robot = Reptoid (Rare) or Beetle Bot
Beast + Alien = Parasite Queen or Xenos (Rare)
Beast + Demon = Dracus Nobilis (Rare) or Medusa

Galactic Gene Cross Breed
Alien + Alien = Astro Surfer
Alien + Warrior = Bounty Bug or Martian Marauder (Rare)
Alien + Zombie = Tutti Gooey (Rare) or Ghostmonaut
Alien + Beast = Xenos (Rare) or Parasite Queen
Alien + Robot = Planet Cleaner (Rare) or Colossus
Alien + Demon = Nebulon or C’thlig (Rare)

Mythic Gene Cross Mutant Breeds
Demon + Demon = Pit Lord
Demon + Warrior = Gandolphus (Rare) or Valkyrie
Demon + Zombie = Grim Reapress (Rare) or Baron Lundi
Demon + Beast = Medusa or Dracus Nobilis (Rare)
Demon + Alien = C’thlig (Rare) or Nebulon
Demon + Robot = Techno Taoist or Deus Machine (Rare)

Rare Mutant Breeding Methods

The game states that you will have increased chance of getting rare mutants if you breed with double gene mutants. This may mean that you can potential increase your odds at getting a specific rare gene combination if you use 1 double with 1 single of the targetting gene. However, this breeding theory needs more testing. However, below is a list of mutant breeding combinations for the rare mutants, in their specific primary gene category.

This also means that you can take advantage of rare cross breeding if you are looking for both of the rare aliens in the same category. For example: If you are new and trying to breed both Blade Banshee and Martian Marauder. Your chance is the best if you breed together Nordic Nightmare + Either Tutti Gooey (Rare) or Ghostmonaut. This is because if you breeding a double Saber gene together with Zombie/Alien combination.

Blade Banshee: Nordic Nightmare + Zombie
Martian Marauder: Nordic Nightmare + Alien
Bushi: See Specific Breeding.

Zomborg: Leech Lord + Robot
Undead Dragon: Leech Lord + Beast
Terrordoll: See Specific Breeding.
Dark Seer: See Specific Breeding.

Captain Wrenchfury: See Specific Breeding.
Stealth Bot: Android + Warrior
Deus Machina: Android + Demon

Rakshasa: Kaiju Kitty + Warrior
Reptoid: Kaiju Kitty + Robot
Dracus Nobilis: Kaiju Kitty + Demon

Tutti Gooey: Astro Surfer + Zombie
Planet Cleaner: Astro Surfer + Robot
Xenos: Astro Surfer + Beast

Gandolphus: Pit Lord + Warrior
Grim Reapress: Pit Lord + Zombie
C’thlig: Pit Lord + Alien

Specific Generation Mutants

The mutants breeds in this section can only be done when you breed certain mutants together.

Saber Specific
Bushi (Rare) = Stealth Bot + Zomborg

Necro Specific
Terrordoll (Rare) = Undead Dragon + Reptoid
Dark Seer (Rare) = Bushi + Captain Wrenchfury

Cyber Specific
Captain Wrenchfury (Rare) = Terrordoll + Bushi

Zoomorph Specific
None at the moment.

Galactic Specific
None at the moment.

Mythic Specific
None at the moment.

Star Breeding Upgrades

Star upgrades can make your mutants stronger via breeding and ranking up.

Obtaining Ranking Stars
You can obtain stars through the following methods:
Bronze Star: Level up, mystery gifts, and magnetic keys.
Silver Star: Shop item as well as elite league rewards.
Gold Star: Shop item as well as elite league rewards.

Using Stars Through Breeding
You can breed stronger star ranking stars by putting together mutants. Below are the methods to breed and upgrade the mutants’ star ranks.

Bronze Star: 2 Level 10 mutants + Bronze Star (10% Stronger)
Silver Star: 2 Level 15 Bronze Star mutants + Silver Star (30% stronger)
Gold Star: 2 Level 20 Silver Star mutants + Gold Star (75% stronger)


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  1. I bred a undead dragon and a reptoid for a chance for a terrordoll, its taking 24 hrs, does that mean i will get a terrordoll

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