Complete Megapolis Coin Making Guide

Money makes the world go around. And you will need as many coins as possible to advance your Megapolis City on Facebook. In this guide, we will go over everything that you will need to know about making the coins. Please share this guide with your friends and Megapolis neighbors so that everyone can advance fast in the game. We have ordered the effectiveness of generating the coins in Megapolis.

Please check out the rest of our Megapolis Facebook guides under our Facebook game guides section. You can also check out our beginner’s guide for more newbie hints of the game.

Production Building and Contracts

The best way to make lots of coins in Megapolis is through the use of Megapolis Production buildings. Not all buildings and contracts are made equal. In general as a rule of thumb, you want to aim for the shortest time frame contracts that are unlocked later.

By consistently able to start and collect from your contracts. You will make more coins in the game. The production buildings and contracts are the best Megapolis coin making method in the game. In addition, make as many buildings as your population allows. We personally like to keep a couple of the Household Goods Facility and start many of the short blinds contract.

Notes About Contracts Speed
You do not want to use speed up to finish your contracts faster. Doing so is not cost effective way to spend your Megapolis cash.

Megapolis Quests and Level Up Coin Rewards

A huge chunk of your coins are earned when you level up in the game. It is especially true at mid game when you hit level 20′s. Dedicate your resources and buildings to complete the quests. You will find that the extra coin boost rewards will help you greatly.

Infrastructure and Tax Collection

Early on in the game you will realize that some businesses can be collected for taxes. We have included a sortable table to help you understand the relationship between businesses and taxable coins that you can collect. In general, it will take many times of collection for you to make the money back. And the tax collection time frame are sometimes too long. It will usually take almost months of taxing for you to earn back the cost. However, one way to look at it is that these infrastructure buildings also boost your population cap. Population cap in Megapolis allows you to construct additional production buildings.

The best building for coins is Office Building. It takes the least amount of coins to make back your investment, while still offering a good amount of collection coins. To make the most coins in the game for the long run, we would recommend building a good amount of office buildings toward beginning / mid game.

Tax Building Slider Adjustment
As a rule of thumb, you should always slide the bar toward +15% tax. The extra coin earned through more tax is well worth the Megapolis population penalty. If you build your city with a few residential houses, you will find that you will consistently hit the cap with no extra room to grow.

Setting Up Auto Tax via the City Hall

The automatic taxes and census will “collect” your population citizens and taxes whenever they are available. However, they will still collect from your low end buildings. This method of generating coins can be helpful if you are going on a long vacation. Remember to store away your low and fast collections. The City Hall in Megapolis is count by “action”, you will be wasting your cash if you have weak buildings in your City.

Selling of Megapolis Friend Gifts

You should know that you can send your friends some free gifts everyday. These gifts can be sold for coins if you do not need them. Although the coins are not worth much. You are typically better off saving the different items for your future special buildings like the water dam.

Buy Megapolis Coins with Cash

We have placed this method at the end of coin money making method in Megapolis. This is by far the worst way of spending your money in the game. Never ever purchase coins directly with your hard earned money. However, if you are loaded and do want to spend money to further advance your game. Your best bet is to buy the different Cash buildings and land area upgrades. Some of the cash buildings can cost hundreds of thousands of Megapolis coins, however, you can buy them at a huge discount if you opt for Cash purchase.

Megapolis Infrastructure Reference

Police Station95002465
Cafeteria5000112795 Minutes454
Office Building11000222951115 Hours48
Fire Station9000034650
Burger Joint400052325 Minutes800
Mini-Market45008625512 Hours52.3
Radio Station390002287186015 Hours135
Thai Restaurant23/190000228774406 Hours662
Tax Office100001
Basketball Court3000139
Movie Theater150001727445 Hours87.2
Tennis Court40000311419068 Hours350.9
City Hall250003
Football Stadium62500428729769 Hours217.8
Gas Station5000692798 Hours72.4
Climbing Wall65000111429295 Hours
Warehouse Construction Site300001
City Centre Office26/880001287353414 Hours
Art Gallery22000222910697 Hours
Pizzeria1000011451118 Hours
Bernhoft Business Center7000019227904 Hours
Swimming Pool1300002287604520 Hours
Skatepark21/3050004459120908 Hours
Zoo26/25000045751023010 Hours
Pub120002060412 Hours
Sushi Bar6000049228362 Hours
Center of Nuclear Medicine27/300000411625
Water Park25/36000056901302010 Hours
Bowling2000017297612 Hours
Billiards Club231700002919651024 Hours
Italian Cafe240006911166 Hours
Highrise300000511501116024 Hours
Capital Tower29/29000038041134612 Hours
Confectionary5000016923256 Hours
Night Club25/180000222965104 Hours
Taipei 10130/3200003575120908 Hours
TV Tower20290000623001255524 Hours
Casino223100006287125555 Hours
Green House1000004650
Tailor Shop31/10000028035344 Hours
Archaeology Museum31/4400005575148806 Hours
Burrito Joint2000017297610 Hours
Travel Agency28/140000331060458 Hours
Car Wash33/250000245983708 Hours
Pearl of the Emirates Hotel33/660000436792185514 Hours
Service Station17000039079055 Hours
Supermarket4500022921398 Hours
Post Office35/230000234574406 Hours
District Office28/25000045751116012 Hours
Bank403000002115088358 Hours
Plaza Minion37/590000329891674012 Hours
Biker Club7000013837206 Hours
Department of Motor Vehicles29000011532
Stonehenge26/33000032291348524 Hours
Bookstore500005724189 Hours
Business Center35/20600000528751720012 Hours
Amphitheater21/300000172119007 Hours
Eiffel Tower30/2235000037471302010 Hours
Drugstore32/2211000033453720020 Hours
Observatory32/2522000041437790536 Hours
Statue of Liberty34/27450000411501488024 Hours


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Complete Megapolis Coin Making Guide — 31 Comments

  1. Art Building is the most Efficient low cost building in the game.

    The article says that the Office building is the most productive but it’s actually the Art building. Art building costs twice as much and produces the same coins per collection as the Office building but you have just over twice as many collections (7 hours vs 15 hours) so hour per hour you come out with slightly more for art galleries. It does have double the number of collections to break even, but those collections come twice as fast so both take about 28 days minimum.

    Plus you have to get two Office buildings to get the same as one art gallery which both take up one space of land so the art gallery is more efficient and you have to collect from half as many buildings each time. Not to mention that the more efficient art gallery also uses less than half of one office building of which you have to have two so it’s literally 4 times more efficient for that.

    The only thing that makes the office building better is you have to check-in less often (which arguably does make up for the better efficiency unless you use tax collectors) and you get more experience per building you build.

    I did the math….

    1 Art Building =
    .547 Coins per minute
    95.6 Collections * 7 Hours per collection = 27.9 Days to break even

    2 Office buildings =
    .511 coins per minute
    47.8 collections * 15 hours per collection = 29.87 Days to break even


    Actually, cafeteria easily beats out both of these…

    454 collections * 5min per = 37 hours 50 min….

    2.2 coin/minute.

    • I thought that about the cafeteria at first too, but I realize that that only turns out to be true if you sit there and hit the coin button every 5 minutes. If you don’t collect the coins, for any building, right on time then the coins just sit there and once you do collect the pay cycle begins from minute 1.

      So, you can actally make more coin from buildings that pay out in greater amounts across a longer timespan. So,even if you checked back in on your city every hour over the course of, say, 15 hours in a given day, then you’d have made $165 from your cafeteria, while the office building would give you $230 and you’d only have to check in once.

      Although, I’m not trying to suggest that I think the office building is the best. I think that the best building is more or less dependent upon your personal gaming schedule.

    • BUSINESS LEVEL COIN cost CASH cost coin population col. time cpc cph Brk+x
      Pearl of the Emirates Hotel
      33/ 660000 4 3679 21855 14 1.71 262.79 179.40
      Plaza Minion
      37/ 590000 3 2989 16740 12 2.00 249.08 197.39
      Business Center
      35/20 600000 5 2875 17200 12 2.00 239.58 208.70
      40 300000 2 1150 8835 8 3.00 143.75 260.87
      5000 11 279 5 12.00 132.00 454.55
      way down list is Art Building
      Art Gallery
      22000 2 229 1069 7 3.43 32.71 96.07

      cpc coin per cycle
      cph coin per hour
      Brk+x break even cycles

      Taking the data listed above it seems that there are many other money makers that are way more profitable than any mentioned here.

    • And the Bank beats out the Coffee House

      Coffee House
      11 coins / 5 minutes = 2.2coins/minute at 288 actions per day
      1150 coins / (8 hours x 60 minutes) = 2.396coins/minute at 3 actions per day

  3. If you’re thinking about long term coin making aim for buildings with collection times above 6 hours or else you become a slave of the game.

    In time most get fed up and change production to collections of over 8 hours. I started mine a couple of days ago, currently 28 and fed up of collecting. I’ve moved all my collections to 1 hour minimum and sometimes to over 12 hours. If you have enough buddies, long collection times for your production buildings isn’t much of a problem. Each building help removes 10% of the current timer, so if it’s at 24 hours, it’s 2.4 hours off or 2 hours and 24 minutes, and that’s just one help from a friend who will give you 5+ at a time.

  4. And for some coin boost in the beginning of the game, ignore the quests asking for long term contracts and do the 3 or 5 minutes ones until you reach 50 contracts, doing so will easily get you over 250k coins in less than one hour if you build another household goods store at the beginning, and can be done as you build other things so the 3-5 minute clicks won’t take any of your time.

  5. I have been playing for a while and I keep getting Cables. I have them in my Storeroom and waiting to be accepted as Gifts from Friends. However, I have yet to see any building construction that requires them. Do any of you know when I will get to use all of these Cables up?

    • I know, Cables are the most useless gift, but you’ll need them again once you start building your other bridges. For me, that was around level 35.

    • Go to wiki megapolis and you can type in cables to find out every building and how many each of theose building require. One of the best sites out there.

  6. Is there a comprehensive list anywhere of what assets are required for each building contract? I would like to know which assets I should hold onto and which I should sell, I really have iron beams, cables and concrete blocks piling up and I’m not sure if I will need them again.

    • Save them all for sure. You get such little coin for selling them, yet to buy them costs 1Megabuck each. But if you,want to see a comprehensive list, Google “megapolis wiki” and it’s all on there.

  7. In need of fast coins at the beginning? Interested in making 70k coins easily?

    Go check the Achievements you will find the Efficient Manager title. It requires 25 Contracts and you will get 70k coins and 650 experience from it. In Household Goods Facility, Venetian Blinds will take 3min to complete and producing 25 of them will gain you extremely free coins fast!

  8. I am neding a list of what assets are needed for what jobs or building, etc. I have been keeping all my gifts, but don’t know what I don’t need.

  9. OK, I have a two-part question:

    1. How do I tell which buildings raise my population cap, and which ones just add people? There is obviously a difference.

    2. Also, what’s the most efficient way to raise my population? Which building has the best payout?


    • Buildings listed under Residential, and some of the buildings you win from playing the mini games under Extra, add people the rest all add to the population cap. The easiest way to tell IMO is that if they have a tax amount listed or if they have a population number but no time listed then they add to the population cap. The ones that add to the population will always have a time listed next to the population increase icon.

      For the buildings listed under Extra I think the only way to tell before building them is if you’re playing on facebook. They have an info tab for each building listed but it’s not on the iphone version (I don’t play on the ipad so I don’t know about that

      As far as the best way to raise your population I would say the 5 star hotel just because it gives out 12 experience and 40 people and I think that’s the best ratio in the game (the ratio is important because of the population cap, you want to maximize the experience gained per population added as you move towards the cap so that you’ll have access to better buildings and possibly more megabucks to raise the cap when you reach it). And it lets you collect every hour so that adds up to a ton of experience per day if you build a lot of them.

    • Though if I completely misread that and you mean the best pay out to raise your population cap then I’d suggest googling the megapolis wiki they have a full table for the infrastructure buildings.

  10. Don’t sell any gifts, you will need them all eventually.

    The art gallery is the best building for low to medium level players followed by the office building. If you want pure coins per hour there are better ones, but how long does it take to break even? Something that costs 600k, with say a 6000 per day return is going to take 100 days to break even. Something with a coin pick up required more frequently than 5-7 hours will tire you, try doing that for over 100 days. In addition the art gallery only takes one spot. Do a test if you don’t believe. Build whatever you want, then fill equal number of squares with art gallery’s.

    Always grab free coins from “add friends”
    Play stock market once everyday, it’s free
    Helping your neighbors pays you 300 coins for each assist
    Build your manufacturing plants near each other. No one will search your map, you can move anything where you want.
    If someone gives you an item you don’t want, sell it before placing it for more cash. Keep all resource gifts though.
    Always keep your request gifts area full at 10 items, cycle them around if you are not receiving much.

    Have fun!
    Memory Lane on Megapolis

  11. All this talk about office buildings, cafeterias and art gallery is a bunch of malarkey. The best way to get coins and experience is to visit your neighbors and help with their contracts. Early on, your own contracts will make a difference, but soon is wont be enough. You will need many neighbors to complete the timed quests (I have over 200 and it is still a struggle). Visiting 100s of neighbors takes time, but you’ll gain coin, experience, and gifts/assets. Above level 30 for popularity, I get 700 coins per click and can help each neighbor 11 times per day – that’s 7,700 coins and it takes about a minute (or less) to do.
    If you are new to the game, don’t just click on what you need and think its added to your wish list – after ten items are on there, they wont come off and more wont go on unless you proactively edit your list (build/asset/sort/alpha/+). Maybe that’s why the poster above had tons of cable and concrete blocks?
    Please do NOT build a bunch of the same building hoping to gain coins and level up faster. This may work, but its not the point of the game. Its a social time/asset managing game. Build your city like a city. Install roads, trees, parks. Complete the quests as you can, but you should enjoy how your city looks – your neighbors do not enjoy seeing rows and rows of the same dumb Dinosaur Pet Shop! Enjoy Megapolis, and please play responsibly.

    PS I am sure he knows by now, but you are not done at level 99, they are making new quests and expanding the map (tourist island?).

  12. Hey! Have you tried the app from this page ? I ran into it accidentally, but it looks like it’s not like the other scam neverending-survey websites. There is a direct download page and manual for everything.. The app really (like said in manual) plays Megapolis like me and it helps my neighbors completing contracts! Because I’ve got quite a lot neighbors it’s a really help for me.

  13. This design is incredible! You obviously know how to keep a
    reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost
    moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Wonderful
    job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that,
    how you presented it. Too cool!

  14. A new version of the Megapolis Assistant is available (2.1.1) They added support for the 1600×900 resolution. I’ve try it and it works! Great! There is also a new Megapolis Assistant Forum – a place to get know about new versions and to talk about the application. Here it is:

    Watch this movie to see the Assistant in action and get it here


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