Winning Marvel Avengers Alliance PvP Strategy – Power of 4 + Deep Field Cannon

Gamelytic will monitor the latest winning strategies in various fights for Marvel Avengers Alliance. Use these combos and tips to help you win more easily in the game. Although we do provide some tips and hints, some of them may be considered as cheap or cheating. However, our purpose of sharing these guides are for informational purpose only, we do not judge whether these tactics are ethical or not. We will only share them when these combinations are effective to help you become stronger in Marvel Avengers Alliance.

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Power of 4 Combo Plus Ignore DEF

This is an effective PvP combination now being applied by many gold PvP players inside the game. With these weapon combinations, you will be able to kill your enemies within your round of moves.

1# Power of Four(Taking four extra turns)
2# Chrono Overdrive (Double Damage, quick action, so you don’t lose a turn)
2# Deep Field Cannon (AOE/Ignore Defense/No cool down)
3# Deep Field Cannon (AOE/Ignore Defense/No cool down)
4# Deep Field Cannon (AOE/Ignore Defense/No cool down)

Analysis and Countering Strategies

The setup of this is similar to the Marvel Avengers Alliance Infinite Loop strategy (now nerfed). To counter Power of 4 + Deep Field Cannon setup, you basically will have to stop and disable the enemy agent before this move combo starts in the place. If your enemy’s turn starts first, you will most likely lose.

Thoughts About This Combination

Depending on the popularity of this current combination in the community (as well as the number of players that buy into gold), this combination may not get nerfed like the Infinite Loop did. However, as more players are using this combination, it should be expected that some sort of Cool Down or weapon use limit to be applied to one of the gears to stop this overpowered Marvel Avengers Alliance PvP strategy.

If you do have spare money, buy into this combination early to get the most use of this tactic because it may not last long.


Winning Marvel Avengers Alliance PvP Strategy – Power of 4 + Deep Field Cannon — 14 Comments

  1. i got real far using as weapon
    heave ion beam (extra turn) and the tesla-SP arc
    my teammates are the she hulk and hawkeye

    she hulk 2 turns and stun
    hawkeye pinpoints and stun (tactision get 2 turns agains blasters)
    ion beam is 2nd turn and tesla stuns

    i keep stunning opponents so if the not get a turn the cant attack :)

  2. Try this one and be prepared to hit 10000-15000
    Agent + Daradevil lvl 6 + any hero
    Use Power Of Four + 4 times Momentum Generator on Daredevil.

    You can M. G. on mission 6 chapter 6, Phoenix needed, it increases the damage on melee attacks (Daradevil’s Snap Kick)

    Just make sure you use Radar Sense before so your evasion and accuracy gets doubled and then hit every single enemy with Snap Kick

  3. if anyone could PLEASE help me. I’m a level 11 and my PVP rating is about 750, but the opponents I can choose from at are all level 11-13 and their ratings are much higher. I keep getting my ass handed to me over and over again. I don’t have a credit card so I can’t buy gold to get amazing weapons, i just have what any non-paying player of the game has, iron man, hawkeye, black widow, agent, and iron fist. PLEASE HELP! How do I win as just a normal joe without anything special? or is there any way to choose easier opponents?

  4. Here’s my winning combo that took me from 248 to 1283 in just 2 weeks.

    ***2 hits
    ***possibility of stun

    ***pinpoint accuracy
    ***3 shots
    ***very high possibility of stun
    ***arrow volley (in case someone like storm uses an evasion cloud, I still have a chance of hitting someone, than missing completely)
    ***AND he gets a bonus attack against blasters

    ***Tactician Tech suit w/ Powerful+Focused fragment

    ***Stark Industry Isotope Cannon (I love this baby. Fires four shots to all three opponents, everyone is damaged everytime, and afterwards – everyone is left with Iso-8 poisoning which bleeds out 40-50 health points every turn; after three turns/rounds of being shot by this bad boy, you will automatically be bleeding 120-150 health points every turn in addition to whatever else you might be suffering, for the duration of our match. All I have to do is survive, from this point, because you will eventually die – as if I would just just leave you like that – though I could.

    ***Tidal fist – a some brass knuckles that can wield up to 100 points of damage – just to rub in the Iso poisoning that you’re already suffering.

    ***Cryo-Tonfa – I never attack with it, but when you attack me, there’s a good chance of reflex hit that will wield up to 50 points of damage, and leave you suffering with a chill; so it’s like a free turn, almost everytime you attack me.

    Both of my heroes will generally get 2 turns per turn. They will both have a chance to stun you, and they are both guaranteed to leave some kind of damage on every turn.
    Plus, I have a Bruiser and a Tactician which levels out the playing field to compensate for each other’s weaknesses, rather well.

    My Iso-Cannon will permanently trickle everyone health by 40-50 points per shot, per turn, up to 150 points per turn. As long as I can survive, I could just leave you at that, and wait out the win. I have a punch that can (and has) knock out She-Hulk or Colossus in just 3 or 4 hits. And I have a backup attack that keeps me fighting back, even when it’s not my turn.

    Now, I’m not invincible, and I often get smashed by guys who are 1500+. I’m only at 1287, but like I said. I went up 1100 ladder points in just 2 weeks with this combination.

    • Try captain america+spiderman combo, it rocks…shield guard and great responsibility are simply awesome…almost no damage is taken usually as most attacks are dodged…

  5. Personally, I don’t think there IS any such thing as a cheat. If it’s coded into the game and you use it to your advantage, then by all means use it. It’s just annoying that everyone has begun to use this method with the Phoenix flare from special ops 3: Avengers Vs. X-men. I was content just sitting in the top ten on the ladder every PvP season, but now the world knows this nifty little trick, So, it’s literally fight fire with fire or get out of the way.

    This IS a beatable combination, but I don’t see how unless you have a Traumatic Post with chaos shield/combat reflexes, or the obvious; You got to go first and do it yourself.

    I’m confident that whomever posted this tip (if they’re competitive at all) is sorry that they did. It reminds me of the two rules of success: 1) Never tell anyone anything you know. and 2)

  6. can the deep-field cannon be replaced with the golden batstone 2.357 minigun/cosmic ray bomb? which one is better or recommended?

  7. try this combo..
    1st – sinister scepter
    2nd – gamma gadget
    3rd – sudden support
    4th – pheonix flare..

    this is for those who dont have gold to purchase stronger weapons..

  8. i have a ton or items and weapons but on use what to use i started during spec ops 4 and im using sighpost, digital decoy, scroll of angolob,and golden eagle.

    i have capt wwii tact and dr strange modern tact. i cant seem hit 3% or better any ideas?

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  10. I have found that having a credit card is very helpful however when playing pvp I try to put all the weapons and gear in the armory that I can spare be patient when you have golden weapons they will get better when your agent gets better also I seem to have the best luck when using phoenix tactiction and another tactiction like iron man they both get bonus turns when attacking blasters my agent has colsons revenge scroll of melasam golden needle gun and trans cranial stimulator when an ally is attacked by psych weapon automatically counters good luck patience pays off!

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