Best Marvel Avengers Alliance Heroes to Buy and Use

In Marvel Avengers Alliance, because there are multiple classes that you can use for each of the heroes, we will give you a listing of the top choice of the heroes. Please note that with ISO-8 boosts for individual heroes, you can make your MAA team stronger as well. Please share this list with your facebook game and Marvel Avengers Alliance friends if you have found this guide helpful. Please remember to always link back to us and show your support! In addition, we will list a few must have heroes because they are required for you to unlock Marvel Avengers Alliance epic boss mission requirements. Also check out our other Marvel Avengers Alliance guides as well.

Top Marvel Avengers Alliance Heroes in Each Class

The list of top heroes will be included here as our best recommendation for the different MAA heroes for you to get in game. It should really be noted that because each heroes have different skills and their own specialties, you may find our opinion differently. The top heroes listed here are based on the best public player opinions that we can find. You want to have 3 heroes of each classes as you progress through the game, this will ensure that you will have no difficulties throughout your Marvel Avengers Alliance game play. If you have trouble collecting these heroes, please take a look at our MAA CP farming guide.

Please note that these rankings of the best heroes in Marvel Avengers Alliance may change because of future updates and rebalance.

Best Blaster Heroes

Dr. Strange
Ms. Marvel

Best Infiltrator Heroes

Kitty Pride
Invisible Woman

Best Scrapper Heroes

Iron Fist

Best Bruiser Heroes


Best Tactician Heroes

Captain America
War Machine

Notable Best and Top Must-Should Have MAA Hero


Spiderman - Unlock various Epic bosses.

unlocks an Epic Boss in chapter 5.3
required to unlock the Golden Katana

War Machine
required to unlock the Golden El Diablo

Required to unlock Golden A.R Spectre

Human Torch
required to unlock the Golden T.Q. 5000

Black Cat
Chance to unlock an epic boss

Chance to unlock an epic boss

Luke Cage
Chance to unlock an epic boss

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Best Marvel Avengers Alliance Heroes to Buy and Use — 108 Comments

    • Scrapper: Get Iron Fist, at Lvl 6 unlocks the Healing ability which can heal an ally up to full health and also his Iron Fist technique nearly always do criticals.

      Bruiser/Tactician: Captain America is basically a tank. But you’re going to need about 190cp to get the best out of him.

  1. Wow, this list is totally garbage. No (Blaster) Sif? No Black Cat? In their alternate costumes, they can destroy ANY 90cp guy. And daredevil, really?

    • Definitely Daredevil. Wolverine sucks A LOT. Black Cat’s alternate uniform leaves him in the dust.

    • saw this and got interested in black cat’s alternate. is she really that powerful? and the game lists two alternates. which should i get? they both kinda look the same. uniform 2 or 3?

    • Simon get spidy first, if your planning to main spidy you should pair it up with storm, they both synergize each other utilizing dodge strategy, also gamit is as good as spidy however gambit isnt a team player at all,., in the end its your call…

  2. I reccomend having a defender on your team whoever you verse. Some heroes that defend are WW2 Captain America with the Sheild guard, Thing with the stonewall, Storm with Protective Shroud, and Collosus with Steel Curtain. You should also put on a good attack Hero with em.
    In PvP i use Storm and Black Widow (+Agent), Widow is great with Momentum Generator and Avengers uniform.
    Does anyone have any advice on who i should get pls, ive got alot and soz but anyway, Iron Man Mark 5 Armour Tactition, Avengers Widow, Avengers Hawkeye, Black Cat, Cap WWII, Collosus, Cyclops, Dr.Strange, Torch, Invisible, IronFist, Cage, Original Ms.Marvel, NightCrawler, Pheonix, She-Hulk, Modern Bruiser Armour Sif, Spider-W, Storm, Thing.

    This is alot of reading but can someone help me on how to defeat Emma Frost and Scarlet in PvP, they are hard to beat. Some aagent have these ‘immune to Psychic’ buff things on em and if u know how to get em pls tell me.
    Thank You and reply if you want.

    • just whack scarlet witch with some tactician like cyclopse and she will die easily and for emma frost keep attacking her, use low powered attack to make her have some organic recovery thing then hit her hard and that should kill her. both easy. My big problem is with Spiderman in his fantastic four suit with all the awareness thing he can literally dodge 99.99% of all my attacks…..

  3. this isnt totally a bs post in my opinion wolverine and she hulk dont deserve to be on the list instead i would place colossus and quick silver should replace wolverine now when deadpool is unlocked think he will be better then all the other scrappers storm is a great blaster but think ms marvel should be out and phoenix be in. also might want to try out hercules he sounds like he might be an interesting gamble to pick up if you have the extra command points.

  4. Well Storm and Hulk Combination Will be Deadly… I can’t Say whose the best scrapper right now because every month their are a new heroes release.. like beast, hercules .. But rogue is one of the deadly generalist she can kill anyone.. she can copy the ability of scrappers, blaster, tatician and infiltration which will be use in you.. She’s one of the best killer of all ………… why does generalist heroes are so expensive…

  5. I use Wolverine with Ms. Marvel. She’s basically a damage magnet. This leaves wolverine to do his thing and stack a bunch of bleeding on a couple of opponents. I also have an infiltrator for my agent so everyone on my team is covering each others weaknesses as best as possible. Although Wolverine is a bit too underpowered, he is definitely a MASSIVE help when it comes to battling infiltrators. His Adamantium Claw move takes out a pretty good chunk of health which he then follows up with the Berserker Frenzy. This also leaves the infiltrator (or any other character susceptible to bleeding) in pretty bad shape. And when Ms. Marvel’s taking energy damage and attacking bruisers it makes for quite the pair.

  6. hi guys i want your help
    first of all plz tell me a technique to earn cp faster as i am able to earn only 5 cp in a day and it takes a lot of time to earn 90 cp
    i am in top 15.3% in pvp and i am not able to increase my rating as every time i battle i lose that
    i use quicksilver and black widow in combat
    my heroes are as follows
    all the heroes of 15 cp
    ff spider man – lvl 9
    black widow – lvl 8
    quicksilver – lvl 9
    human torch – lvl 6
    iron man – lvl 9
    luke cage – lvl 6
    colossus – lvl 6
    sif – lvl 2
    strange – lvl 3
    hawkeye – lvl 7
    my agent level is 83
    plz tell me which heroes should i use in pvp and which hero to recruit first and also tell the technique to earn cp fast

    • I would suggest saving up to purchase the Annihilus costume for human torch (preferably the bruiser type), pair him up with your FF Spiderman and you’ve got yourself a very powerful balanced offense/defense.

  7. I have played this a while… lvl 89 and i have a few characters and i have listed who i think is best from my experience, although there is none i do not use and each have their own uses:
    tactician- captain america, cyclops(phoenix)best, hawkeye, war machine
    blaster- dr. strange, human torch(annihilus)best, iron man, phoenix, storm
    bruiser-colossus, Hercules best, thing, thor (best before herc was introduced)
    scrapper-ghost rider best, iron fist, luke cage, wolverine, quicksilver (was best)
    infiltrator- black widow, invisible woman (future), kitty pride, spiderman (future foundation) best
    generalist- mockingbird (haven’t got others yet but being able to always have a counterclass is amazing)
    cyclops is powerful with more att and acc and flames of destruction makes anyone you put him with devestating
    human torch has great att, add iso eva and health to keep him alive and the fight is quick
    hercules will probably get nerfed soon because he is by far in my opinion the best hero yet being able to buff himself crazy, blocking and countering with gift of battle and doing incredible damage while never having to worry about stamina. he needs health, att and acc isos
    ghost rider has great stats, adding sin to all and penance stare demolishes. his other skills are amazing as well. with more health att and acc, i demoish spiderman or any other infiltrator with ease.
    spiderman, everyone knows he is a pain with his compounding eva and protecting others. may i say more? only issue i have with him is his att sucks so i increase his att and acc as much as i could.
    mockingbird critical intel and mockingblow makes her awesome but she can’t hit very hard… i’m sure other generalists are better but she is good.
    right now i’m using hercules and cyclops for PvP with … was using invisible woman and cyclops (stayed at about top 2% with them) but now i’m at top .8% and trying to make it to .5% see alot of spiderman’s and human torchs and capt americas and dr. stranges

    • I would 5-star missions, and fight epic bosses, besides that, not much else you can do.

  8. captain america with the shield guard uniform because of inspiring leadership to raise stats and thor so he can raise your stats even more with his second uniform so he has 2 might of malor dont know how to spell the other one and you with power of four cosmic ray bomb staff of odin and something else works for me

  9. I have found HT Annihulus outfit in blaster is by far one of the most powerful heroes out there, especially if you match him up with a infiltrator or scrapper.

  10. I have 107 CP and looking for my next character. I am looking for a 90 CP character. I am in need of a Tactician, bruiser,and blaster. Thoughts?

    • Get Captain America and Hulk, if you haven’t done that already. Save 40CP more for WWII Captain cuz he’s a tank with the initial Shield Guard.
      I’d recommend Hercules his combo of buffs at level 9 is so imba especially with the debuff on the enemies.
      Try Scarlet and Panther they can be good PvP heroes

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